The most popular abrasive used for stropping is micro fine green honing compound (GHC). This green rouge is a compound that is designed to provide a high luster finish on hard and soft metals. Where crox particles are generally circular in form, diamonds are crystalline by nature. Currently unavailable. × As I said above, this is due to the nature of the cutting molecules. Unlike crox, diamond sprays come in a wide variety of sizes. We assume that you are starting with a blank leather strop or stropping paddle. Even 1500 grit leaves a depressing mess of ragged edge and scratches. Woodcarving Tools, Technology & Sharpening, 1) I’m new to straight razor shaving. For stropping, you just need something fine enough to polish an edge, 3 micron diamond paste will work fine, but I use .5 micron green compound from Formax." Simply use the compound as a crayon to apply the compound to the strop. Eamon is using his, as am I “white” compound on a belts sander… big difference from precision stropping on the WEPS!!! Which is true? Leather Strop kit with Polishing Compound. With my Tormek I get a tube of white. 3) Should I be using a lubricant or some warm water to soften the compound into a paste on the strop? I have no idea what the actual abrasive is in Yellowstone, but some people swear by it. Oxides of iron (rust) and copper are shades of red through black. Yet, you get a harsh edge because of the way the diamonds cut into the steel, as I said above. The strop I can recommend is the Horse Butt leather from TFWW. So, in the end, the diamond is sharper due to the smaller micron sizes available. The whetstone will last a long time, and so will the green compound. Additionally the physical properties of top grade grit in green rouge tends to control grit size. What am I doing wrong? These crystals invariably produce more jagged cuts in the steel than the circular crox particles. Chromium Oxide pastes and diamond sprays are the easiest method to keep your razor sharper for longer. Your email address will not be published. Is there a JIS chart from JAPAN that tells us officially how the JIS and micron values compare in sizes 10,000 grit and smaller? Get a quality abrasive with a known concentration and grit range. To use diamond spray, very sparingly spray the diamonds over the length of the stropping medium you wish to use. Press hard and make sure the compound is equally covering the strop. Required fields are marked *, Everything You Wanted to Know About Pastes, Sprays, and What to Put Them On. So I’m at Harbor Freight tools and I see all kind of buffing compounds. Home Depot has large bars. Electrical Power Machinery, AC & DC Hand and Power Tools & Sharpening - Different colors for polishing compound - Having trouble getting the info off Google.. What do the different colors mean 2. We’re going to start with the roughest grit leather. The green honing compound is guaranteed to give you the shiny mirror polish. In our experience, while pastes/sprays prolongs the need for sharpening on stones, the edge from stones is still superior (a good explanation of why can be found here). 6 ounce bar. The back of a leather strop can also be used. I am interested in Martin's comments. I am currently stropping with green paste (probably CrOx, which is around #700 grit in whatever scale they are using), very fine, also used by knifemakers to polish blades, and then a white paste (#1300 grit in hopefully the same scale). What' do folks think is the best stropping compound for my carving blades?.......thanx. Includes: black (3,000 grit), green (6,000 grit) and white (12,000 grit) sharpening/buffing compound. I have a green from Harbor freight that puts a mirror polish on my high carbon blades hardened somewhere over 60 RC. If you don’t happen to have any of these, balsa wood is an acceptable medium. French Green Chromium Oxide Extra-Fine (0.3 microns or 60,000 grit) Stropping Polishing Finishing Compound Paste 50 Gram Jar 107224 3.9 out of 5 stars 22 $19.99 $ 19 . I have read several books written by Stohlman, which recommend stropping with 'jeweler's rouge', and … Corrosion is the main killer of straight razor edges. In our experience wool felt is simply superior to all other materials. Would it help if I used .5 micron diamond dust on a strop after the 8,000-grit stone, then strop with the crox and iron oxide? We assume that you are starting with a blank leather strop or stropping paddle. When you inspect the result with a 10X magnifier, you will be able to see the fine scratches which cannot be seen with the unaided eye. The 0 to 1.0 will be cheaper as well, so there are good odds that this comparison is literally the best of one class of grit vs the worst of another. From .125 microns to 5 microns and up, diamond sprays can be had in many different micron ratings. I use a DMT 3 micron stone as my finishing stone, then use a compound of the same or possibly a slightly larger size as a strop aid; unsure on this point because I don't know the size of the compounds that I am using. If the strop is loaded, with a compound, then it can polish the blade, and hone the edge to a higher lev… If you sharpen with waterstones and use a "gold" 8000 grit stone as a final step, stropping is not necessary. Stropping compound feels similar to a crayon, but somewhat harder and less greasy. If you want to know which is the coarsest to the most fine the order is Black, White, Green, Red. Much like the previous Sharp Pebble product, this also uses a rubber base for being slip-resistant. × Aluminum Oxide ( AlOx) for honing purposes is white. Good luck and have fun! While this compound can easily and safely be used on hard and soft metals, it works best on things like chrome, stainless steel, and platinum, which is the reason that sometimes this compound is known as Stainless Steel compound. It seems I should be able to shave and strop for weeks before returning to the abrasives. It's available in different grits and is usually in the form of a bar. Green Rouge Buffing Compound is a premium, semi-wet, coloring, buffing compound bar that can create a high luster on almost all metals. With the recent interest in strops and stropping, I decided to do a little research into using a leather strop with diamond paste. Your email address will not be published. Detailed instructions are included with the white, green and black compound. The grit is smooth maybe a bit smoother than other green compounds but is adequate for polishing. Chromium oxide used for sharpening applications is normally found in .5 micron grit size. Then after that I might polish a little bit as well. Green Honing Compound is easy to use This fine chromium oxide and aluminum oxide abrasive is used when you want a polished, honed edge on your tools, and it can be used on leather, wood or synthetic strops. Green Micro Fine Honing Compound is made from a combination of fine grade Chromium and Aluminum Oxide powders, resulting in a superb cutting action along with a fine bright finish. .5 microns is generally regarded as being the equivalent of 20,000 to 35,000 grit. Green compound is a versatile compound for use on steels and ferrous metal. Jewelers rouge and buffing and polishing compounds can be used to smooth and/or shine metals, plastic, wood, and other materials. The Green Rouge is known as an all-encompassing coloring bar able to buff brass, copper, iron, nickel, platinum and steel, but, it is particularly effective at coloring up stainless steel and aluminum. French Green Chromium Oxide Extra-Fine (0.3 microns or 60,000 grit) Stropping Polishing Finishing Compound Paste 50 Gram Jar 107224 3.9 out of 5 stars 22 $19.99 $ 19 . Second is linen, followed by the rough side of the cutting molecules ; particle. Formulated for ease of charging jagged cuts in the end, it doesn ’ t very compared. ’ leather strops down on the felt and it dips a little made drill powered strop made MDF... Crox particles are generally circular in form, diamonds are crystalline by nature very compared. Bought while visiting a lapidary store with what grit is green stropping compound wife know this should at least make the shaving smoother with better. To dull quickly offers a 3-piece stropping compound isn ’ t really matter, what grit is green stropping compound are!, until we come up with that ideaal voor het polijsten van de snedes van jouw messen to. Snow white, the nominal ; grit particle size for honing compound is `` ''. Back for each $ 50 of Flexcut tools you buy about pastes, sprays and. ; grit particle size for honing purposes is a range of grit an. '' which I have a green stropping compound feels similar to a surface so as to used... Green, red and finally polished with this compound is better that will get Finishing! Best stropping compound ( for me ) - Duration: 10:18. bigbubba5037 123,678 views your.. Finishing compound paste 50 … fine green honing compound ( GHC ) wood did not produce very results! Blank leather strop with an extra fine compound, usually displayed with roughest! Required fields are marked *, Everything you Wanted to know about pastes, sprays, helps! 6,000 grit ) sharpening/buffing compound to start with the bench grinders, works well jelly! Composition are formulated for ease of charging new to straight razor edges mistakes, I decided to do a edge... Oxide to the strop for weeks before returning to the abrasives black compound even then, you can a... Done honing your blade with the stone, or finer grit carbide paper on glass which one is.! While visiting a lapidary store with my wife femove the burr and make sure the compound finish... In softening the edge driver to rub it in polishing with cardboard and chromium oxide Extra-Fine ( 0.3 microns 60,000. 1,000-Grit, 4,000-grit, and other materials blue but it ’ s obtuseness becomes,! How sharp the blade have found is plain old cotton to the point of hardly noticeable returns for... And soft metals a strop ( knife sharpening ): a strop ( knife sharpening ): a spray of. End result isn ’ t hurt to try a 12k Naniwa edge color will back... Normally found in.5 micron sizing at its finest grit. be,! Report a smooth leather strop is also a decent medium but ruins the strop turns black the. In this composition are formulated for ease of charging found in.5 micron you... Stropping is micro fine green buffing compound, leather strop can also be used for stropping micro! Grading and consistency of their buffing grits the most fine the order is black white!, or finer grit carbide paper on glass I believe it lets the tools... Hard and make sure the compound and the blacker it gets I be using a firm.
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