Finding out why your Check Engine Light is on may help you save gas and avoid more problems down the road. If the transmission fluid begins to leak, your car will start to rev to higher levels (due to torque converter or gearbox band slippage).This may be accompanied by delayed or erratic gear shifts. Why is the battery light on in my car? Why is my ‘low engine power’ light coming on? RPM Fluctuations And What They Mean The smaller parts of your vehicle might not seem like an issue, and most of the time, many people don’t even notice when an issue is present — but these small quirks might be the predecessor to a larger issue. Hey in one way I do not care. It is also used to lubricate the various parts of your transmission system. Does it bother me. The AutoZone Fix Finder. Thats good! Totally normal. No not really but just cannot believe I can be eco driving all the time. I’ve basic care maintenance, air filter, spark plugs, oil change and all of that taken care of. Recently, while I am driving, my check engine light will start blinking and my rpm will go up and down when it shouldn't. when you take you foot off of the brake and press the accelerator/gas, the rpm should go up depending and how hard you are tapping the accelerator/ gas. My traction light turn on and engine went off. This causes the warning light to falsely come on. If this is the case, pay it no mind. I can disconnect the battery and clear the computer but the problem returns after 5 miles & 35 MPH. My check engine light pops on but not all the time while that is happening. Thats just means its running through its list of sensors. the harder it's pressed down the quicker you go. In automatic vehicles, transmission fluid is used to carry power from the engine to the transmission. Airbag Interference. a well -tuned car should be at 600-800 rpm when completely stop with a warm engine on. The light is on. If it hunts like that it could be a lot of things but most common would be. One of the most common reasons the airbag light turns on is because there is an interference happening with the seat belt and the sensor. When you start it and the light goes away. Need to replace all four of them , he charge big money now my car is not starting without easy start once stops after ten minutes again cat start, Air Bubbles are coming in feul pipe. Get in the Zone. We only need to worry about the check engine light when it … There are a few reasons why the SRS light turns on. This is eco light that shows up on the rpm gauage. Obviously something is wrong. John Paul, AAA Northeast's Car Doctor, answers a question from a reader whose Buick LaCrosse loses acceleration while driving. But my eco light appears to always be on. I … I had a spark knock a while ago and changed the plugs and wires thinking the knock was an ignition problem. Sometimes the battery light will come on when you start your car, but then the light will quickly flick off. Really could I be always be driving in eco manner? If the machine isnt running but the key is on, it will throw the check engine light. I was able to start it again after few minutes and drive to machanic he said that injectors are faulty . First things first: if the battery light comes on in your car when you turn it on, you probably have nothing to worry about. I just cannot believe it. I've looked up some things and I keep getting results for misfiring cylinders and possible spark plugs issues. Also, I have slight "slipping" when shifting from 1st to 2nd. I have the same light problem on my 2000 xlt. Fix Finder is an easy-to-use tool to troubleshoot why your Check Engine Light is on using an extensive database of repair solutions from ASE certified mechanics to help you find the most likely fix. I mean if I am going 65-70 mph. When it starts acting up, I usually smell somewhat of a gas smell, not sure if that's related. yea if it's reading 0 then that means your engine is shut off. My engine power seems to jump around with the rpm gauge causing my car to shimmy or surge at times.

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