Compare this with the Active Voice. Which sentence contains an infinitive? Which sentence best creates emphasis specifically on water safety through the use of a split infinitive? While, in general, the active voice is preferred in writing, the passive voice is essential in certain situations. Calm music played quietly in the dentist's office. Jennifer made her father sell their house. Frankly, I have a different opinion. c) No prizes were actually given out by the contest organizers. Three Steps to Determine Active Voice "Use the following three steps to write in the active voice: 1. ... Let’s have a look at the things how the Causative Verbs can be used with the Active & Passive Voice. In the active voice, the subject of the sentence performs the action or causes the happening denoted by the verb. 0 0? .) 1. michelcecilia michelcecilia The correct answer is: The long-awaited victory was earned by every player on the team. A)The crops were damaged by the heavy rainfall. First, I'm gonna show you how to use the active voice in your writing. The promotional poster was designed by Zach a. English . Let’s explore why the passive form demands more effort. 6. We arrived early for our annual dental check-ups. d) Unfortunately, the big dance was not enjoyed by most of the students. The subject of this sentence is refreshments Parallel sentences are balanced and easy for readers to understand. First of all, what is the active voice? The winning goal for the Tigers was scored by Sean. For example, in sentence (3), the verbform ate indicates the active voice. Which sentence uses the active voice? With the passive voice, the subject is acted upon by some other performer of the verb. Jodie caught the bouquet at the wedding.C. Choose which sentence has the best parallel structure. He wrote me a letter. Let’s look at a couple more examples of the passive voice: I’ve been hit! This means using strong verbs, avoiding turning verbs into nouns, and keeping the subject of your sentence and the main verb close together at the beginning of the sentence. I was written a letter by him. #1 The causative verb can be used with the verb and along with that, it will be used with the base form of the verb. Get your answers by asking now. (This active sentence has four words and 12 characters.) Which sentence uses an active structure? 7 years ago (B) is active voice. Generally, try to use the active voice whenever possible. Ask Your Own Question. time was away and somewhere else. The subject is acted upon by the verb. The subject is something, or it does the action of the verb in the sentence. A letter was written me by him. Example: Paul was bitten by a mosquito. a. Some writers detest the passive voice and advise against it, others embrace it throughout their texts. The criticism of passive voice. There are rules for changing the auxiliary for each tense which can also be studied on this website. Passive voice uses the verb to be (am, is, are, was, were) plus the past participle form of the verb in the main action. Active or passive voice that is every English writer's dilemma. The active voice describes a sentence where the subject performs the action stated by the verb. More Active And Passive Voice Questions. (In case you weren’t paying attention, the previous two sentences use the type of voice they describe.) It is normal to make mistakes. a. past perfect in the passive voice b. past continuous in the passive voice c. an infinitive in the passive voice Answer a 2. 4 years ago. 2. A meeting was called on Tuesday.D. 3. The auxiliary verb will be changed in Passive Voice depending upon the tense of sentence in its Active Voice. It eliminates ambiguity about responsibilities. In everyday life, we often prefer to build sentences that have an active voice. Answers: 3 Show answers Another question on English. Subject may not be always mentioned in Passive Voice. Source(s): b. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. "A decision was reached by scientists about when the experiment would begin." Which revision changes the sentence so that it uses the active voice? No change. Active Voice. Which Sentence Uses Active Voice. 18.20 Which of the following sentences uses active voice? Can You Answer. If you're used to passive, it will take a lot of practice. Rule No. English, 21.06.2019 19:00. Active voice makes it clear who is supposed to do what. 0 0. The crops were damaged by the heavy rainfall.B. Your reader will spend valuable working memory on making sense of the sentence. Scientists reached a decision about when to begin the experiment. Only one experiment per layer is selected by the Frombus system. This decreases the likelihood of you getting your message across. Which sentence uses active voice?A. b. A letter was written for me by him. jval5766 jval5766 The answer you are looking for is B! … C)A meeting was called on Tuesday. Lv 7. Sean scored the winning goal for the Tigers. 4 years ago. The insistence that writers should always avoid the personal pronouns (or the first person) has lessened and the use of active voice is increasingly encouraged.Key criticisms of passive voice are that the reader does not know who or what was responsible for the action described in the sentence and that passive sentence constructions are often wordy and vague. Here are five good reasons to use active sentences: (Reason 1) Active sentences are shorter. In a sentence written in the passive voice… **** English. Ask Question + 100. Which sentence uses passive voice? b) The test papers were handed out at the beginning of class. The game was won by Sean, who scored the last goal for the Tigers. In the passive voice, the noun or noun phrase is used as a subject of the sentence whereas in active voice it is used as the object of the sentence. We were given new toothbrushes by the hygienist. It’s more natural sounding than passive voice, which has a tendency to sound pretentious and convoluted. (#1 is an active voice sentence. If the subject of our sentence gets or receives something – something happens to the subject of our sentence – we can use the Passive Voice. Which of the following revisions would you make to keep the meaning of the sentence and use the active voice? Then I'm going to talk about writing with verbs. c. The pack is led by heavy-parts manufacturers who show innovation. Secondly, the passive voice uses a sentence structure which requires more cognitive effort. (For a refresher on when you won’t use the active voice, see “The Voice”.) Active vs. passive voice In a sentence written in the active voice, the subject of sentence performs the action. 3 0. jenna. See answer imhyper imhyper The answer is B because every other subject is having the action done to them. Not “It must be done,” but “You must do it.” Passive voice obscures who is responsible for what and is one of the biggest problems with government writing. The last goal for the Tigers was scored by Sean, which led to their win. My house was cleaned yesterday. The others are passive voice sentences. Don’t confuse passive voice with past tense. Is #1 wrong or right as . Passive voice sentences often use more words, can be vague, and can lead to a tangle of prepositional phrases. why are all the answers so dull and short these days? He ate the pie. Read the sentence. answer choices . Most of the SHSAT revisions for voice will be turning the passive voice into the active voice. Here, was is in the active voice.) The sentence uses past tense verbs. Passive Points: 0 / 1 Close Explanation Explanation: In active voice the subject is the doer of the action. Which sentence uses active voice? Which sentence uses active voice? Because to be has other uses than just creating the passive voice, we need to be careful when we identify passive sentences.It’s easy to mistake a sentence like “She was falling.” or “He is short.” for a passive sentence. The active voice is more direct and vigorous than the passive. A decision was reached by scientists about when the experiment would begin. Because Active / Passive Voice is an indispensable part of academic articles. Examples of Active and Passive Voice With passive voice, the subject is acted upon by the verb. c. My supervisor made a decision about my promotion. Only part of certain sentences are in passive voice; ensure that all parts end up as active voice: The flags were not parsed by the Mungifier. Dr. Gomez greeted us warmly and took X-rays. Use Active Whenever You Want to Be Clear and Direct. In the English language, the active voice is basically used when the subject of the sentence is the doer of the action. We were surprised by his views. This challenging position provides substantial career rewards. Rewrite the following passive voice sentences as active voice. Still have questions? Locate who or what is doing the action. The pie was eaten by him. Current stylistic conventions dictate that authors should use the active voice in most forms of writing. However, in “She was falling,” was simply indicates that the sentence takes place in the past.In “He is short,” is is a linking verb. Locate the action (verb) of the sentence. This is the doer (subject) of the sentence. Which sentence uses the passive voice? Passive voice sentences are not technically incorrect, but it’s advisable that you use active voice in your copywriting because it’s direct, concise and authoritative. What is the word "what" in this sentence? (#1 is an active voice sentence. In general, the active voice makes your writing stronger, more direct, and, you guessed it, more active. The dog was hit by a car. It was found by the committee that profits had been affected by the new industry guidelines. Battleaxe. But, if you are new to revising you might not sure what the best route is to getting to clear writing in the active voice. Use active voice. A wrapper is generated by the Op registration process. In fact, sentences constructed in the active voice add impact to your writing. The dou had been given the second best time slot. It follows a clear subject + verb + object construct that's easy to read. d. Several different techniques for water-color painting can be used by the artist. What does water came out from a rock mean in this poem and why is it compared to the radio waltz? 1. A mosquito bit Paul. In the simplest terms, an active voice sentence is written in the form of “A does B.” (For example, “Carmen sings the song.”) A passive voice sentence is written in the form of “B is done by A.” (For example, “The song is sung by Carmen.”) Both constructions are grammatically sound and correct. If the doer is implied and not written in or is being acted on by the action, the sentence is In passive voice the subject is acted upon. We were given new toothbrushes by the hygienist. Which sentence uses the active voice? Topics Related To Active And Passive Voice. Think of this way: active voice, appropriate enough, is all about action. 0 0. 4. What is the passive voice? Whenever you're trying to convey a clear message, your writing and speech should be direct, simple, and easy to understand. When we describe the situations and actions we will tell from the perspective of the person or object that acts, it is often correct to use active voice verbs.In such sentences, the … What is a passive voice in a sentence? When to use the active and passive voice in your writing. (This passive version has six words and 20 characters.) identify tenses. What are the main rules of active and passive voices? D)John was dragged to the baseball game by his dad. The subject performs the action stated by the verb. The active voice is the most commonly used in many languages and represents the "normal" case, in which the subject of the verb is the agent. This means you'll have to use active and avoid passive voice as much as possible. 2. a) Rico's mother was once the president of the neighborhood association. B)Jodie caught the bouquet at the wedding. Lv 4. : Military vision documents are written in the active voice, with strong verbs and modifiers. In this first module, I'm gonna focus on the active voice. Select one: a. : The few statistical studies we have seen or heard of indicate that you are likely to use the active voice most of the time anyway. the waiter did not come, the clock forgot them and the radio waltz came out like water from a rock: time was away and somewhere else.

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