If you’re interested in improving your customer service skills or want to work in a thriving customer-focused role, then take a look at the customer service courses we offer. A good Assistant knows that making the impossible possible comes with the territory. An administrative assistant with a working knowledge of the ins and outs of social media is a huge asset for an employer, too. Executive assistants provide high-level administrative support, including preparing reports, handling correspondence and scheduling meetings. There are many qualities which make a good and effective leader; a good leader is … The patience to deal with all types of customers is vital. What makes a good sales assistant? A manager manages time and money, they are the gatekeepers taking an organization from where they are to where they want to be. The position requires leadership ability and good people skills, the ability to communicate well and the knowledge and experience to take initiative. And coffee makes people happy. What it takes Skills and knowledge. Develop Good IT Skills - A good corporate Personal Assistant is expected to have the following IT skills: Microsoft Word (Advanced); Microsoft Excel (Intermediate); Microsoft PowerPoint (Advanced); a good working knowledge of an email package like Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, or Eudora. Sales Assistant Job Interview Questions and Answers. I hate walking into a store where the sales assistant jumps on you straight away or when they ask if im alright and i say yes but they still hang around. I’m EA to the CEO at Perfection Farms in Victoria and I was thrilled to receive the 2016 Page Personnel Executive Assistant of the Year award. Good customer service assistants know the power of positive language. Also, never take a sales job if you don't have confidence in the marketing department (if applicable) or the current marketing structure and tools. Effective account managers are genuine, good at relationships, and naturally possess confidence. Qualities of a good sales assistant. Let’s see what makes a good manager. Once the retail sales assistant becomes familiar with a customer’s needs and wants, it will be easier to move onto selling a product. Take care of your pitch and tone. What Actually Makes a Great Sales Rep? Retail assistants with thorough product knowledge and training can boost sales by recommending products to a customer. Behind every executive is an executive assistant who makes business happen. If you aspire to be a great EA, here are some solid starting points. The Top 5 Qualities an Assistant Manager Needs. An assistant manager works with a head manager and performs a number of supervisory duties. Countless books, articles and studies have attempted to identify the characteristics of a high-performing salesperson , but a consensus has yet to be achieved. What makes a Good Retail Sales Assistant to you? Though, having one might sometimes be required depending on the nature and culture of the organization you are working for. Tags: See More, See Less 8. Good Communicator. Literacy Skills: Being a good sales associate does not necessarily require a university degree. The Top Five Characteristics to Being a Good Executive Assistant. Some stores, like mobile phone or DIY shops, may expect you to have good knowledge of their products before you apply. Recently has shown that hundreds of applicants apply for each advertised role. You can cancel your email alerts at any time. Everyone will appreciate the good coffee. What Makes a Good Administrative Assistant As the 'eyes and ears of a company', administrative professionals handle the day to day administration for an individual, network or team. Answer. Answer. Whatever one’s business, hiring the right assistant managers can only increase the likelihood of long-term success for all concerned. Nerds may be particularly good at the specific tasks they perform, but seldom do they rise to positions of real leadership within a company, particularly that of assistant manager and/or general manager. What Makes A Good Personal Assistant? Where is a Sales Assistant likely to work? Want to be a good retail manager? Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate. A good job in customer service will require that you have a general appreciation to customers. A human resource assistant is the person that will assist the human resource manager or generalist in the HR department. Relevant experience in a customer service or retail role would be an advantage, and may be necessary. Answer. Go-For Management: You'll be the Go-For; go for coffee, for copies, for … One of the Exec Assistants there got a request from her boss around 10 A.M. on a Friday: When you’re working with a good team and you’re meeting your sales targets, this job can be really good fun and exciting,” says Catherine Garragan, a shoe shop Sales Assistant in Chester. After all, they are the ones who will be providing … An assistant manager must have good people skills because he acts as a liaison between the manager and lower-level employees. A good general education is required. Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Qualities of a good sales assistant. In order to be a really good personal assistant to your senior manager or director then you need to make... What Makes A Good Leader? They may not know everything, but instead of saying "I don't know" they'll say "Let me find out." They must be capable of running an efficient store, scheduling employees, enforcing company policies and more.A combination of transferable, hard and soft skills are necessary for a successful retail management career. They use language to give customers positive strokes, interjecting things like "Good question" or "I'm glad you asked" into their conversations. One of the most impressive EA feats I’ve ever seen was a few years back at an LA tech company. What makes a good sales assistant? Plus many employers will offer staff discount, especially in clothes shops where you’ll be expected to buy their stock to wear as a uniform. A good agent knows that a property is more than just bricks and mortar, it’s about people. Today’s sales managers need a complex set of abilities to succeed and here, we list the 10 most important skills needed to turn a good sales manager into a great one. Ability to multitask:Sales associates have to juggle customers and their questions and needs, and at the same time attend to their other store duties. Basic IT skills will be required. Sales target attainment stats disappoint, while over-the-roof turnover rates (especially at the VP of sales level) are sending a staunch rippling effect through the industry. Ultimately, the assistant will accurately anticipate what goes next. This is a job title to be found in many different industry sectors – as a quick search on Jobsite will show. A sales professional must be a good communicator for the desired impact. 3. A great personal assistant has mastered the skill of remaining polite while stressed; he or she is also able to seamlessly balance courtesy with assertiveness when the situation demands it. Most employers ask for at least English and Maths at National 5. Being one of the largest UK sectors, sales assistant jobs are in demand. What Makes a Good Manager? Patience: Dealing with people means that you will have to take the good with the bad. In sales, just as in life, you can't sell something that you don't believe in. Occupations. A good manager is seen by what it manages, if it is a successful enterprise, then it means it has good management managed by a good manager. Management. A poorly written, poorly programmed website makes for a hard sell, especially if your competitors have new ones. In account management, you need to love people and the dynamics of relationships. When an assistant understands the direction his or her boss is heading in and the strategy behind every move the executive or manager makes, the assistant will be able to have a greater impact on this growing partnership. Other assistants have gone on to become vice president of sales and product manager at our companies. If you aren’t a people person or tend to get caught up in drama, account service isn’t the career for you. What are some of the things you like and dislike about sales assistants? Small and midsize companies, in particular, sometimes need help managing a Facebook page or Twitter feed and may not have the resources to hire a social media specialist for the office. Experience working in a retail environment would be useful. If one wants to get more involved in this career, but has limited experience, this is a great way to get your foot in the door, learn the ropes and move up with the company. It’s important to generate a good reputation and making a positive difference to a customer’s experience. Flexibility: A personal assistant’s job is naturally more hectic than most. Add Tags. Interview Answer. Many agree on a few indispensable skills but otherwise recommend disparate skill sets and desirable qualities. Knowledge of the merchandise allows the assistant to easily show customers items they are interested in. Tags: See More, See Less 8. A good retail manager needs to wear many hats, without compromising any part of their role. Interview question for Christmas Casual Sales Assistant in Melbourne.What makes a good sales assistant? A sales professional ideally should spend his maximum time in field to achieve targets in the best possible way. They’ll understand that while the sales process can be complex and trying at times, it’s their job to act as a support, an impartial expert and always be trying to get towards a great outcome for all parties. However, having a good training in marketing, sales, and networking puts you in a good position to succeed in this post. Because managers and employees at times do not see eye to eye on issues, an assistant manager should be able to help both sides see the reasoning for the opposing viewpoint. Customer service skills are necessary to a successful business. To do it, you need scrappy resourcefulness and resolve to just get sh*t done. Over the years, I’ve learnt some valuable lessons about what it takes to be an exceptional executive assistant. Our friends at Gong.io have done some analysis into this and have called for an investigation into closing the sales performance gap . Even with a large pool of jobs to apply for, positions are competitive.

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