It is used on rock damage on windshields. All scratched glass repair is not the same. To apply, simply spin a buffing wheel on a motor or … There are now legal building codes that mandate where tempered glass must be installed. It is used by over 70% of high rise building owners and sky scrapers internationally. Nancy. I am not a polisher, only saw it done a few times, but you "dress the wheel" with the buffing compound. The basics are the materials. Clean as needed. I now use those things on everything. The drier the rouge, the brighter the finish. from Abe Books A high-fired hard mozaic tile makes a good grinding tool. ", where we don't even know what it is you're arguing over :-). If you have any ideas how to smooth this glass out, I would appreciate it. :) Jeweller’s rouge polishing compound Jeweller’s rouge is a jewellery polishing compound, used especially for achieving a high shine with precious metals such as silver and gold. A. I have a shower mirror that had gotten to the point that it was unusable due to the hardness of the water in our area. However, if you're talking about scratches from sandpaper, fabricating debris, window washers scrapers, etc., then No, it's not going to work. BROWN. using a spray bottle to keep the glass wet and also cleaning the debris from the glass as you sand, you start with the largest grit you feel is necessary, usually around p800 for scratches you can feel with your finger nail. Below are simple micron to grit and micron to inch conversion calculators. This green rouge bar is semi-wet meaning is not too greasy and not too dry. Often known as jeweller’s rouge, an excellent all-round finishing compound. A. Hi, Aida. I am going to try the jewelers rouge and the buffing kit with my dremel. Secondly, if you bought powder, mix it into a watery paste to make the Cerium Oxide compound, and if you bought a prepared compound, start shaking the container vigorously until all the sludge is thoroughly mixed. Jewelers rouge will take forever, tooth paste will leave a haze, and rookies beware. Do I rub it on the glass first? BLACK. new LazyLoad({ IT WILL BE CHEAPER AND EASIER TO REPLACE THE GLASS IN YOUR STOREFRONT. High-grade = more money, I'm afraid... :( It may be a good idea to ask at a hardware/polishing supply store or a polishing company if they can help you in your quest. Jeweler's rouge (rouge is the French word for red...) is ideal for soft metals because when you polish someone's gold ring, you want to keep the gold on the ring, not buff it away. Work through finer and finer grits, ending with #1200. One of the most effective methods was to use a razor blade, the sharper the better. Make sure you check their references. And, buffing wheel or by hand? Unfortunately, what we are finding is that people can say whatever they want on the internet and there is no policing to confirm their claims. If you want to learn the trade, be prepared to fail several times. 1. A. A. Hi, Peter. #1200 carbo wet/dry paper is hard to find in California (I assume you are in California because you are a victim of vandalism), but I have found it in Colorado. A. Hi, Lisa. According to jeweler's rouge manufacturer Schaffner Manufacturing Co., white "produces a clear, brilliant, mirror-like finish" on aluminum. More water, better than not enough. A. I have been in the glazing industry for 30 years now and I have polished deep scratches out of float, toughened and laminated glass for years. Whilst using the Cerium Oxide compound (referred to as A. A. Hi, Joseph. Glass can be restored, even tempered glass. Hope this helps. Keep applying the water and cerium oxide to the glass; as the glass gets very hot and may crack or shatter, so try to keep it cool. Directions: You can use loose silicon carbide abrasive if that is what you have. There are plenty of scratch removal kits available but, it is cheaper to buy the items that you'll need individually, tailored to your particular job in hand. That often leads to a race to the bottom as shills, even posing as satisfied customers, try to out-claim each other. Use a spray bottle to keep it wet. info on Amazon. If so, what about using it with or without glycerin. })}); Not a lecture hall ! Exceptions to this would be laminated or tempered glass, which might accidentally break but would pose less of an injury threat. 8 inch White Buffing Polishing Wheels for Bench Grinder with 5/8 Inch Arbor Hole Grit Fine (70 Ply) 2 PCS 4.5 out of 5 stars 206. The idea is to use an abrasive that is so fine that it leaves no scratches; that means the softest rouge (which I believe is actually cerium oxide rather than jewelers' rouge). Thanks so much. The process of "Polishing glass" is an art, i.e., you need lots of practice. The last method that I've tried has given me the best results. You can polish out scratches with cerium oxide or rouge in about a billion years, or you can grind them out in ten minutes. What is the grit or micron equivalent of different types of jewelers rouge ? Q. If you over-polish the scratch in one small area then you can create a bullseye effect which distorts the vision through the glass. The red rouge compound is commonly referred to as jeweler’s rouge because it is used extensively by jewelers and because of the unsurpassed level of high quality polishing it provides to gold, silver and many other precious metals. "If the scratch can be felt with a fingernail, it is probably too deep to remove by polishing alone. Do your homework, check the references and check their pictures. It just makes it less noticeable by making it clearer again. I used a small piece of moist cotton jersey with a dab of Ultrabrite, a dusting of baking soda and more than a little elbow grease. However, I would not attempt to remove a scratch from any piece of glass thinner than 3/16". This is the same system I use, it can also remove scratches on mirror glass. 2. "background": "#237afc" Thanks! Q. I am a store owner and someone "scratched" graffiti on my window. What I learned was that the first abrasive must be somewhere in the realm of being able to make scratches almost as deep as the one trying to be removed. Thanks for your opinions and suggestions! I am very happy that the mirror won't have to be replaced. ©1995-2020, Inc., Pine Beach, NJ   -   About   -  Privacy Policy If you make the initial choice to start scratching something with an abrasive, you might be making the problem much worse. Call a professional. One side is impregnated with red jewelers' rouge for polishing and cleaning surface oxidation. A. I have read with interest many of the entries in this blog; many are incorrect. Mit dem Ziel, dass Sie zu Hause mit Ihrem Jewelers rouge grit nach dem Kauf auch zufriedengestellt sind, hat unser Team zudem eine große Liste an schlechten Produkte bereits aussortiert. Cerium Oxide - whether in powder form or already mixed into a compound. There are 20 of these windows 30" by 7' tall, so buying new glass is probably out of the question. link to info/product on Amazon] tool or electric drill if not an actual buffing machine. It is used to polish glass and stone, amongst other things. We have done acid graffiti repair, weld burnt glass repair, Scratched glass repair of every type of glass commonly used in commercial and residential buildings and much more. Anyway, large areas of glass cannot be fixed quickly by just any scratched glass repair guys. Good luck. The method below works on etched glass as well as scratched glass. I've never polished scratches out of glass myself, but considering the need for flatness, I'll bet it isn't easy, and requires experience. :) Thanks, A. Hello one and all. If anyone who has done this is willing to explain the steps, we'll be happy to post it here, but we don't have a store to help you. Contact a local glass supplier, they all have shipping damage of all sorts to new glass or handling mishaps, and they use a glass scratch system to repair their own inventory. People come and go from forums like this. They both refer to a mixture of a fine abrasive and greases. Thanks,Marsha. A. It is widely used to polish ophthalmic lenses (mass production and prescription) and optical lenses. I think it is available in the US, but if not, look for a high-grade product. A. I agree with much of what Richard wrote. The border police did not confiscate it when I came home. Thanks again! This stuff is really great, but as we're using it ourselves and we're not experts - on the most part ;) - then we have to take some precautions during use. "Amateur Telescope Making" By the way, CEROX 1663 has, according to the manufacturer, three main advantages; 2. fine grinding. It MAY take out SUPERFICIAL scratches and thats it. Ed. I have your answer. The hardness of the abrasive and the amount of binder to abrasive you get will make a difference. Jewelers Rouge High Grade Buffing Compound, Red Red Rouge High Grade, Bar, also know as "Jewelers Red Rouge", deep red in color this material is for the most demanding operations. A local engineering inspector assessment of damage may determine that replacement is the only allowable remedy. I would start with #400 black carborundum wet-or-dry sandpaper. I have personally done repairs on windows and glass that others have tried this toothpaste remedy. 5. If you're working on a large pane of glass at home it is more likely to break than a car wind-shield if you put excess pressure on it. You can barely tell that is has been repaired, basically, you have to know where to look. A. Hi, Nancy. } Many upstart companies copy content and pictures from others websites. "palette": { A damp cloth, and a dry cloth - to clean off the affected area from time to time to check on your progress; Q. 'compound' from now on) you must not let it dry out! More of the grit will be at about 0.5. It "ate" the algae up in no time and the glass looked clean again, but then algae started growing again and now I have all those little green points on the glass. Experience in this is definitely required. Then I tried cerium oxide wet on the opthalmic polishing pad; same result. or It would be time consuming, but certainly the least expensive on a hard goods purchasing standpoint... DO NOT USE SCOTCH SCRATCHING PAD 9, THE GREEN AND YELLOW ONES WITH THE SCRATCHING SIDE IS GREEN AND THE SPONGE SIDE IS YELLOW. How Google uses data when you visit this site. Call the professionals, or; My neighbor told me to try jeweler's rouge This will depend on the condition of the material being polished. Q. I have read the posts as I am looking for advice to fix scratches on a mirror that I accidentally made while sanding the wood around it. Obviously, if I was there, it didn't completely work. By reference thereto many localities have adopted the International Property Maintenance Code as may be found online. Inspect the glass surface with a magnifier to be sure that each grade of sandpaper has removed all roughness from the previous grit. I have a Dremel, with buffer wheels, and a block of red rouge. Red is the classic color for jeweler's rouge. All Eastwood buffing kits include the basics: Spiral and loose sewn polishing wheels, plus Tripoli, gray stainless, white rouge and jeweler’s rouge compounds and more. Log in, Whether you‘re making earrings, pendants or brac, From all of us to all of you, we wish you a very M, Day 21 of the Cooksongold Advent Calendar,, Top 7 Essential Casting Tools For Beginners. I put a water paste of diatomaceous earth on a power buffer and was able to achieve a high degree of polish. Flat glass is the easiest to master. 4. Made for polishing extremely soft metals like gold and silver, red rouge can also be used on copper, brass, pewter, nickel, chrome and thermoset plastics like Formica. But you can't cut & paste an article from one website to another -- it's a copyright violation (and takes revenue away from the author). $10.00. I'd certainly practice on an old piece of glass first. Dremel You will need to grind out the scratch with progressively finer grit. So we abbreviated your posting and note that the article you quoted was You can put in a new window for the time cost. We hope this helps. Sämtliche der im Folgenden beschriebenen Jewelers rouge grit sind unmittelbar im Netz im Lager verfügbar und zudem in weniger als 2 Tagen vor Ihrer Haustür. Stainless compound are a cut compound used for harder metals. Start with #400, and don't go to a coarser grit unless you really need to because you will have to do more fine grinding to get rid of the coarse grit pits. We are talking microns here and grit is not the only factor. Fine Powder: Available as a fine Fe2O3 powder. As to other posts regarding hard water and mineral stains on shower and other glass. The graffiti will still be there unless you sanded the rest of the glass even with it. A. Hi, Lisa. [last name deleted for privacy by Editor], -- this entry appended to this thread by editor in lieu of spawning a duplicative thread, Owner / Operator since 1986 - Spokane,Washington, glass restoration - Sarasota Florida USA, Optical Propulsion Laboratory - hawthorne california usa, Shine Glass Renewal - grass lake, Michigan, usa, ©1995-2020, Inc., Pine Beach, NJ, How Google uses data when you visit this site. The calculators approximatly convert particle size from micron to grit and micron to inch. Best Wishes. Do it yourself... Or, is there a store in Houston that will provide this service? It is a highly technical job that takes serious time to master, and that is why so few people restore scratched glass professionally. NOTE: Minimum order of $50.00 applies. And I have heard that you can't polish tempered glass: see the reply from Sharon of Delray Beach. All information presented is for general reference and does not represent a professional opinion nor the policy of an author's employer. In a shop window, just for aesthetics, I would recommend a replacement, unless it's a recurring problem. There is, in my mind, only two ways of getting scratches out of glass, whether it be automotive or household: I used to use a Scotch-Brite type scrubbing pad that had a course side and was used for cleaning Teflon coated pans. My situation is that the wiper washer on my newly acquired used car seems to have been inoperable for several years and there is a VERY fine but also very noticeable hazing to the window where the wiper blades went back and forth. This is a more specialised (and tedious!) That was a very helpful exposition! We will see. These were installed 15 years ago. Google search "scratched glass repair in Tampa" and you will find us. I hope I've been as informative as I can but, if not, then post a question and I will endeavour to answer as soon as possible. The Aluminum Oxide grit is uniform in size, cutting clean and sharp. If all else fails, I buy my supplies from Auf dieser Seite finden Sie zuhause absolut ausnahmslos die Produkte, die unseren enorm festgelegten Qualitätskriterien gerecht werden konnten. Do your homework. wouldn't this make it worse? Slower the better, more control; You can catch a nail on 1/4 that depth. Hi Richard, Barry. Jeweler’s rouge is made with ferric oxide, which gives it the red color. 1. grind out the scratches. 3. polishing. WINDSHIELD REPAIR IS FOR A STONE CHIP THAT HAS CRACKED THE FIRST LAYER OF THE GLASS. Please feel free to link to this page. try to find a technique chart for grinding optical glass. Great on nickel, brass, nonferrous metals, 2.75 lbs. You can do it wet or dry. Another form of vandalism is the use of hydrogen fluoride etching solution. I suggest that you read a book on amateur telescope making. In addition, I would not try to remove a scratch from a piece of glass that was not supported fully underneath the area I was working on. Then the best solution would be polishing. The names buffing compound and polishing compound are used interchangeably and refer to fine abrasive fillers combined with greases which are formed into solid bars or liquid.Jewelers Rouge (also known as polishing rouge or jewellers rouge) is a very fine compound originally developed by the jewelry trade for buffing precious metals. For any job, you will need: Amazing! note: Thanks very much, Charles. Peace. I know I have to put the ammonia in the water; but what do I do with the jewelers rouge? Andy, Q. I also have a question about polishing mineral deposits out of glass with red jewelers rouge.I have clear glass shower doors and have tried everything that I've found posted on all sorts of web sites about how to get them crystal clear again. As long as you keep moving the felt pad over the glass and by that time it would probably be prudent to check on your progress. I WAS IN THE AUTO GLASS BUSINESS FOR 25 YEARS AND STOREFRONT GLASS FOR OVER 10 YEARS. [affil. Using SILICON CARBIDE WET OR DRY sandpaper. I have been professionally polishing glass for the last decade over at and can honestly say this is some of the most in depth stuff out there on Cerium vs. Jewelers rouge. I pushed the blade into the dullest part of the mirror. There is really only one way of doing these procedures properly and should be done by an experienced professional. Lisa V's posting is from long ago, so I don't think we should await a response from her personally. To apply the the face of the wheel, simply turn on your buffing machine and hold the compound to the wheel. A STOREFRONT IS EITHER ONE PIECE OF PLATE GLASS OR TEMPERED GLASS. A pitch polishing tool did the trick and cleared up the frost. On my dad's windshield I used a wet pitch lap because I was working on a telescope mirror at the time. Backing pad - 2, 3 or 5 inch depending on the job in hand; You progressively move to finer grits, i.e., 800 then 1000, to 1500, to 2000, then CERIUM OXIDE powder. Jewelers rouge grit - Der absolute TOP-Favorit der Redaktion. Buffing/Polishing compounds and Jewelers Rouges can be used to polish, smooth, or shine many different materials. from Abe Books Consider making a tool out of a battery powered hand drill. But this site is for technical discussion and we don't do testimonials that one brand is better than their competitors. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Disclaimer: It's not possible to fully diagnose a finishing problem or the hazards of an operation via these pages. And I agree with all of the above! Jewelers Rouge and Polishing Compounds . Jewelers Rouge (also known as polishing rouge or jewellers rouge) is a very fine compound originally developed by the jewelry trade for buffing precious metals. new LazyLoad(); * A high polishing efficiency which permits use at low concentrations. A. Also, make sure the repairs are viewed in the afternoon or evening sun. Many claiming to have knowledge have none. Keep it wet when you are grinding. If this is the case, drop a post and say 'Hi!'. or. Good luck. Also, if you are going to use it on a wind-shield for instance, do not allow any of the compound to get on the paintwork, as it's an abrasive little beast! GREEN. Bricks: Jewelers rouge is available in 1 oz., 4 oz., and 1 lb. Though glass scratches can be repaired, jewelers rouge is not ideal. affil. It is really quite significant, but there are no "deep scratches". Start with the more aggressive wheels and compounds for step one, then move to step 2 and the final polish of step 3. link * A very high cleanliness which gives polished surfaces without any scratches. ---- 3. Apparently, some of the scale was calcium sulfate. The most common materials being metal, plastic, and wood. ---- Ed. "Is Not! DO NOT apply too much pressure to the glass! The powder is made up of fine, very pure red iron oxide. All traces of the scratch must be removed. DO NOT allow the glass to overheat! DO NOT USE THOSE ON GLASS! :D ) is 'CEROX 1663 Cerium Oxide'. To DIY, you need just one 'magic' ingredient; Cerium Oxide. Quite a versatile little substance, is our little Cerium Oxide. Watch videos of polishing windshields YouTube to see demonstrations. Note: There are several types of felt pad on the market but, in this case, you'll need one that's preferably made of Rayon fibre and impregnated with resin on one side to give a faster cutting action and quality finish; 2000 rpm. Wow, awesome thread guys. Crystal, your glass is probably OK. What you are likely seeing is just a concentration point for the algae. Jewelers rouge will bring out the maximum luster and a mirror like finish in jewelry and other items made of soft metals. is only a website about metal finishing, not a store. Alles erdenkliche wieviel du letztendlich zum Thema Jewelers rouge grit recherchieren wolltest, findest du bei uns - genau wie die besten Jewelers rouge grit Vergleiche. Blue all-purpose polishing compound is one of the most versatile compounds available and can be used on plastic and all metals. Grind until all traces of the scratches are gone. If the wastewater runs off milky from powdered glass, you are doing it right. "Save money by fixing scratches and cracks in your car windshield yourself with these instructions ... [deleted by editor]". The other side is a cloth for final polishing. 99% of them will not look too great. You can either add a little more of the compound mix or add a little water to the felt pad to reactivate. link to info/product on Amazon] tool or electric drill if not an actual buffing machine. I would like to know how do I do this, I read something about jewelers rouge, electric buffer with lamb's wool buffing pad, 2 ounces of ammonia, 2 quarts of water. "popup": { But, maybe more importantly, I'd bet that the patio door is tempered glass (the very hard stuff that shatters into a million pieces to reduce the danger of someone being badly cut. This will offer nothing but more problems and serious distortion to the glass. You can get the rouge through Amazon or a jewelry making tool supply company. Be careful when reading the book on amateur telescope making. The rouge can be applied as a dry powder or as a thick paste. That is what scratched my windshield by using the green side to get bugs and oil off my windshield and hence why I'm looking here to fix it!! }, Go back through the grits, finer and finer. I will follow up when I am finished. But I have not attempted it, wouldn't, and don't really know that this can be done by amateurs even on easy glass, let alone specialty glasses. I have tried every product available in comparison to one another and the ideal repair solution is a combination of critical temperatures, pressure and keeping the product between the glass and the buffing wheel providing the correct amount of water, temp and pressure and not to remove glass via sanding and buffing. I built it on a real silver dollar, but you can use any foundation you like. Q. I wonder if Lisa V. can expand on her reply to the question about polishing out scratches on glass with jeweler's rouge.

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