_g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-img'); try { if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { Period of Stay: 1 year, 6 months, a period not exceeding the 1 year designated by the Minister of Justice The applications cannot be sent via postal services or submitted at the embassies outside Japan. Technical Intern Training (i) (a) for your first year in an implementing organization. As soon as Ministry of Justice in Japan update Information on other nationalities, we will be add it. If you are currently a student who have stayed in Japan (with student visa, not short-stay visa) and holds the JLPT N4 certificate, here some information for you, this flow is for those who live in Japan now. A training plain explaining the substance of training, its necessity, location and duration, as well as the conditions of one’s stay as a trainee in Japan. A J-1 training visa is a cultural exchange visa issued by the U. S. Department of State that allows foreign students or recent graduates to intern with an American organization for 3 weeks to 12 months. If you are currently as Technical Intern … ○A person who intends to conduct technical intern training shall prepare a technical intern training plan for each technical intern trainee, and shall submit it in order to seek accreditation. With Japan’s initiative to promote international cooperation by transferring skills, techniques, and knowledge to developing regions, the Technical Intern Training visa or Ginou Jishuusei visa has been granted to over 285,776 foreigners as of 2018. Although there is no official regulation demanding these documents to be submitted in Japanese, it is advisable to consider Japanese translations done as they may positively influence the quality of your application and somewhat shorten the processing time. For example, agriculture, construction and machinery work, food processing, etc. Japan International Training Cooperation Organization (JITCO) officially administers the program. It will take approximately 1 to 3 month to receive a COE, and another two or three days to exchange the COE to the Japan training visa. Materials describing the organization that sends a trainee to Japan. Japan Market Entry/Mergers and Acquisition, Company Incorporation in Japan – a summary guide, Banking and Finance (Bank Account in Japan), Japanese Trademark and Patent Registration Guide, Accounting for Japan Ski Resort Properties, Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning Property in Japan, Japan Property Consumption Tax Calculator, Property Owners – Personal Income Tax vs Corporate Tax, Japan Property Income Tax and Depreciation Calculator. The applicant must have sound both physical and mental health. Pakistani citizens have two ways of obtaining the new skilled work visa for Japan: Pass an exam which measures Japanese language ability and the skills needed in the industrial sector where the applicant intends to work. Take the technical examination of the industry you want to work in. Also there is Technical Internship Program which enables trainees to sign the employment contracts with the companies and continue learning the technology and skills after they finished the trainings if they meet the requirements including satisfactory result of the assessment which is conducted after a period of training … These flows are for those who live in Japan now. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-img'); It is recommended to apply for prolongation or renewal at least one month in advance. Your SOR will be indicated on your residence card. For applicants residing in Japan at the moment of application, it is possible to switch their status at the immigration service office. The First time, Pakistani young talent will be able to get international level training in Japanese companies under this program. Japanese Companies Use AI in Recruitment Process, Remote Workers May Help Boost Dwindling Local Economies, Government to Offer Funds to Companies Involved in 5G Development, The New Normal Involves ‘Connected’ Face Masks from Donut Robotics, Foreign Student Accommodation Rising Opportunity for Investors. Construction workers under the Foreign Construction Workers Acceptance Program (FCWAP) 9. If you are Nepali: At the moment, please going back to Nepal once to get permission to work in Japan as a Specified Skilled Worker from the Department of Japan in the Ministry of Labour, Employment, and Social Security of the Government of Nepal. Work with Japanese affiliates to sell your online products. This requirement will be determined by the implementing organization. There is no skipping the level. The internship visa program is free of cost and students/professional workers will be able to earn while they learn new techniques in Japanese companies. London, United Kingdom. FAIR Japan 1,029 views. For this reason, there are two separate lists of prerequisites that must be met in order to receive a training visa: one for the applicants themselves, the other one for the implementing company. The first one takes trainees directly into the company from overseas companies, joint venture companies, and business partners. We provide expert Japanese business advice to both individuals and businesses. Obtain the training status of resident (hereinafter SOR) by exchanging your COE for SOR. } Contact us for more details. Dedicate some time to research the areas you are about to enter and prepare to adjust yourself to those. Those include learning and acquisition of the technology, skills, and knowledge from a public or a private organization in Japan. It would be best if you achieved at least an N4 level to get a Specified Skill Worker visa. Copies of the implementing company’s registration, a statement of profit and loss, a list of full-time employees, as well as the list of trainees. For consultation on technical training for foreigners, please contact Cynthia International for the first time. you can find your industry who fit with your background and skill-set from the 14 industries (check-in which industry you want to work from. Under the Technical Intern Training program which was introduced in 1993, interns from developing countries have been accepted by Japanese firms nominally to help them acquire job skills, but many cases have been reported of trainees being subjected to illegally long work hours and not being paid proper wages. Make sure that both you as an applicant and the implementing company meet all the requirements set by the program. Degree Apprenticeship - Technology. What kind of organizations takes trainees? Mailmate Japan - your personal and virtual mailroom. - Duration: 3:31. During the process, you need to take a medical check (the result will be shared with the Immigration Service Agency of Japan), If you are Cambodian: You have to ask Cambodian agencies that are authorized by the Cambodian government. Intern visa is granted to the employees of organizations that have agreements about the training programs with the partners in Japan. Thus, it is impossible to apply for this kind of visa as an individual without the support of the company with established business connections in Japan. Japan Visa: Why Technical Intern Training Program the Worst Visa in Japan? The implementing organization should provide a trainer, who is a full-time employee of this company and has minimum 5 (five) years of experience in the technology, skills, and knowledge that a trainee wished to learn. (If you cannot submit certification of technical exam number three or a recommendation letter from the company, let your new company knew that). An application for a Japan training visa COE can only be submitted in person and only at the regional immigration service office in Japan. Foster City, CA. This visa is granted for a maximum of three years and presumes that after the training the trainee will bring the newly acquired skills and knowledge to their home country. Japan is going to grant internship visas to Pakistani youth through technical intern training program which is known as TITP Japan.

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