... With Coupa, we are able to visualize our expenditure and generate reports across multiple currencies to show the strategic value of our Procurement team. Seamlessly convert winning bids to contracts and catalogs so you can easily turn negotiated pricing into realized savings. Post December 7th, 2020, you can submit your invoices through Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) or Supplier Actionable Network (SAN). Supplier receives PO in ERP None None Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) • PO flip is when the supplier is not fully integrated, and the supplier must go into Coupa and generate the invoice • Invoice is electronically sent through the CSP, and an invoice can be generated directly against a contract or against a PO • Host and manage their own catalog Host and facilitate bidding of suppliers competing for your business. Sello Maake Email: Sello.Maake@sibanyestillwater.com Tel: 011 278 9726 Login to the Coupa Community and join the conversation! CBRE will provide an additional invoice channel that supports e-invoicing. Note: CBRE is currently transitioning to Coupa in phases. Contact us for assistance on the Coupa platform, payment requests and invoice submissions. Request for Information (RFI) Supplier and vendor management. Start the conversation now. It reaches roughly 799,350 users and delivers about 1,758,600 pageviews each month. As one of Coupa’s longest standing alliances, our teams have delivered over 50 implementations in more than 80 countries across 20 industries. supplier.coupahost.com uses Google Analytics, Ruby on Rails, Ruby web technologies. Switchboard Tel: +27 11 278 9600. As a Coupa Global Elite partner, KPMG has more than 300 Coupa-certified professionals across the member firm network. Watch Us. If you need any support managing your Coupa Account or Public Profile, click on the ‘Help’ tab in the top right hand corner of the Coupa SupplierPortal and select ‘Online Help’ This will take you to the Coupa Success Portal, which contains a host of guides and support materials. The Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) is a free tool for suppliers to easily transact electronically. The Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) is a free tool for suppliers to easily do business with customers who use Coupa. Suppliers and Risk Manage Suppliers & 3rd-Party Risk Treasury Management Optimize Liquidity & Reduce Risk Supply Chain Design & Planning Smarter Supply Chain Decisions. The Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP), available free to all Solar Suppliers, provides several benefits including Supplier Information Management, electronic Purchase Order delivery and payment, and real-time monitoring of invoice payment status. ℹ️ supplier.coupahost.com receives about 53,252 unique visitors per day, and it is ranked 18,155 in the world. supplier.coupahost.com was launched at June 8, 2007 and is 13 years and 174 days. The Coupa Supplier Portal, where you sign in to flip a PO to create an invoice 2. cXML, where you can automate the process of sending an invoice file using Coupa's standard cXML format 3. We wanted to work more collaboratively with our suppliers. Razaro Jele Email: Razaro.Jele@sibanyestillwater.com Tel: 010 001 1166. If this is not possible, contact supplier@coupa.com. COUPA Supplier Documents Deployed globally, in phases, from 2017 through 2021, Coupa is now our indirect procurement and online payment software. Full-integration capability for high-transaction suppliers; Online, 24/7 access to invoice status in real time, in addition to existing help desk numbers; Ability to submit advanced shipment notifications; Minimized invoicing errors . ask them to check your supplier record or your supplier user in the system. Supplier Actionable Notifications, where you create an invoice directly from PO email . Your customer has probably deactivated a setting on their end. Why do I get the "unauthorized or expired account" error? LOGIN. With the introduction of Coupa, an exciting and innovative cloud-based platform, our past processes have been transformed. Our community initiatives seek to create enduring value for our host communities beyond the operating lives of our mines. What are cookies? Supplier contacts. Supplier approvals, application status, accreditations. 4. A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site. Depending on your specific Coupa configuration, you can manage content and settings on … The CSP simplifies the management of multiple customers orders, relationships and documents. Supplier collaboration and innovation is the frontier of the supplier relationship management space, according to Vizibl. To come out of disruption, like those of the COVID-19 crisis, companies must have alignment between innovation and business objectives. Connect with Coupa And connect with savings. Focused on minimizing supplier risk, their training aims to create more respectful, inclusive and safe work environments from a physical, emotional and mental standpoint.

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