Best guide on Lake Texoma! Cast & Blast Trips Although Morone is of unknown derivation, saxatilis is Latin meaning “dwelling among rocks.” As with other true basses, the dorsal fin is clearly separated into spiny and soft-rayed portions. This is the traditional top-water sight fishing. We cast the 6-inch top-water plugs on the feeding fish. Two days of value-based, action-packed, rod-bending Lake Texoma Striper Fishing action plus two nights in the best lodging on Lake Texoma – does that sound good? Steve Barnes Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide. They were fun to be with. I could not have chosen better. We also share the best campgrounds, restaurants, hotels, Lake Texoma Fishing Guides, and much more. Marty is a true professional, the service is exceptional and we always catch our limit! My son and I had a ball and it was a very rewarding experience for a 10 year old to know he helped bring food to the table for the first time! and truly cares about his customers having a successful day and a great experience. The fish can range from 1 pounder to double digits; 10 pound plus stripers are common. I went with 3 other co-workers and all I can say is WOW What a Great Day it turned out to be. Texoma T Striper Fishing has been fishing on Lake Texoma for over 30 years combined. Very good time. OK. border, Texoma is considered one of the premier Striped Bass fisheries in the world. About mid-June, the fish start surfacing. Guided Striper fishing on beautiful Lake Texoma Larry Kessler Book a trip today by calling 800-490-2986 . Texoma has a massive population of stripers due to historical reproduction. Finest Striper boat on Lake, New quality tackle provided. He was friendly, offered advise, told some great stories and did i mention he put us on the fish? Your email address will not be published. Donnie was the best very nice and got us on some fish 30 in all had a blast will use again. If you figure in the cost of boat ownership, equipment cost, invaluable time on Lake Texoma experience, and cleaning a pile of Lake Texoma Striper, the rates are well worth every dollar. Stephen Andre's Lake Texoma Fishing Guides Prices are a very good value. Sign In; Bookings; My Account; World Class Striper fishing. The striped bass is a voracious feeder. Home; Guided Trips; Contact Us; Our Story; Account. The stripers are schooling under the birds. Experience this top-rated fishery with the best Artificial Lure Striper Fishing Guides today. It is estimated that the economic impact of striper fishing in the Lake Texoma area alone totals well in excess of $20 million. What is happening in the schools of fish find huge bait balls. Yep, year-round fishing. We limited out fairly quickly and had stop fishing. In Texas, stripers in excess of 50 pounds have been landed. Striper Express, the premier Lake Texoma Fishing Guides since 1983.  One of the few Artificial Lures only Lake Texoma Charter Fishing Service, and a multi-boat outfitter.  Lake Texoma is the Striper Capital of the World, come catch the excitment with Striper Express today. When we say structure, we target main lake points, mouths of creeks, ditches, and humps. Captain Marty was great to spend the day with! You can see the fish busting shad from long distances. The shad can run, but it cannot hide. Bill Carey Striper Express Lake Texoma Fishing Seasons. Bill Carey Striper Express Lake Texoma Fishing Seasons, Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Tips-September Topwater, Lake Texoma Fishing Guide-Late Winter Journal, Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide-Winter Journal, Striper Fishing Lake Texoma-Winter Weather, Lake Texoma Fishing Guides-Winter Journal. About Cpt Marty Captain Marty put us on the fish and if they weren't biting he moved to keep the action going. Here we go. Corporate Fishing Trips Lake Texoma doubles down on Striper each year, and anglers enjoy catching large numbers of fish, and the lake gives up 10-15 pound pigs too! Stripers Inc. is a striper fishing guide service on Lake Texoma that is dedicated to providing the best possible experience to its clientele with brand new state of the art equipment and a lifetime of experience. Reserve your Striper fishing adventure! September is a great month for numbers of fish. The same patterns continue through December. The Captain took us to a location he said the, fish were going to be waiting for us and he was right. This is not for the faint of heart. Lake Texoma is known as the Striper Capital of the World. Fish up to 20 pounds can be captured in the winter.Â. striped bass are a coastal species that moves far upstream during spawning migrations in coastal rivers. We cast the shallow banks at first light in the early mornings. Sitting on your backside dropping live bait twenty pulls is not our idea of Striper Fishing! Although specimens exceeding 100 pounds have been caught in saltwater, to date a 67.5-pounder was the largest individual reported from inland waters. The topwater fishing will continue till mid-November. This action will last for a couple of hours then they sound. CAPT Marty’s Lake Texoma Fishing Guides service is highly recommended and it has become a fun recurring family experience for us! Got us on some fish! It had been several years since he had been fishing so I gave this is a birthday gift. Lake Texoma Fishing reports updated frequently. He’s referring to the awesome striper fishing that occurs during the winter months at Lake Texoma. This is an A+ organization in every way. He cleaned our fish and had alot of filets. Our Approach is … March is the beginning of Spring fishing on Lake Texoma. We had an outstanding trip. Thank you so much for making our family vacation a memory of a lifetime! M J made it a totally enjoyable and great trip. Stripers are often captured using artificial lures that imitate small fish, such as silver spoons. The fish were big and healthy and there was plenty of activity. We will definitely come back. We cast big 6-inch plugs on the shallow banks and the stripers explode on your offering. We cast jigs and bump the slabs on the bottom. We enjoyed our trip so much. Contact Us, Had a father and son team for guides. The Best Last Minute Christmas Gift – A Fishing Trip!. Striper Fishing on beautiful Lake Texoma! The striper strikes so hard they can take the rod out of your hands. One of the first Lake Texoma Fishing Guides with a multi-boat fleet that caters to Artificial Lure Anglers.  Bill loves to Striper Fish Lake Texoma and enjoys sharing this famous reservoir with clients.  Bill handles all day to day business matters such as booking trips, coordinating group events, quality control, reserves lodging, and handles marketing-advertising. As a full time Lake Texoma Striper Guide since 1984, I have been providing my clients the best Texoma striper fishing adventures available on the lake. And see why this grand lake is a natural phenomenon. The dam, spillway, and outlet works were started in August 1939 and completed in February 1944. Striper Express-Lake Texoma Guides 512 Mill Creek Rd. A Trip to Remember . Daily bag limit for striper on Texoma is 10 but only two can be 20 inches or longer and most of the fish we are catching this year are over 20 inches. Your plug simulates a crippled bait on the surface. Deep running lures can also be effective, as may live bait, or cut bait. Thank you guys for an amazing trip. Can’t wait to go again. The Summer season begins in June on Lake Texoma. Had an amazing time and had no problem catching our limit. Striper Fishing Lake Texoma We are one of the few Lake Texoma Striper Guides who simply says no to live bait fishing! Hire the Best Lake Texoma Fishing Guides at Striper Express and put trophy fish in the net with artificial lures today! If you like to throw Alabama Rigs for trophy size striper, we are your outfitter! The best fishing lake in the whole wide world.  Thanks for reading our blog post, Bill Carey Striper Express Lake Texoma Fishing Seasons.  For more information please follow Lake Texoma Fishing Guides. Lake Texoma History The history of Lake Texoma is very cool! The larger stripers are rogue fish. The fish move up on the flats in September. They are like a big buck deer; they don’t run with the crowds. Capt. Earlier this week, my good friend Jeff Rice and I joined Bill for an awesome day on the water. Fall Striper Fishing Lake Texoma (Mid-September to Mid-November) Follow Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Seasons for more information. Striper Fishing Capital of the World-Lake Texoma. If you’re looking to land a hefty catch, come and harvest Striped Bass with a seasoned captain. There may be up to 5 big fish holding on to the structure, and they ambush baits. we are planning to book another one soon. December is our second favorite fishing month on Texoma. According to Lake Texoma Striper Guides, you must have some knowledge regarding the seasonal fishing patterns. Required fields are marked *. Jerry Smith’s Lake Texoma Striper Guide Charter Service runs year-round, and we put clients on big fish with big numbers. The winter months are trophy months. The stripers are grouped up and roaming the lake in search of shad, the main food forage of stripers. These waters offer some of the finest Striper fishing grounds, so you’re likely to have your bags filled. Booking was quick and easy. We were there for an hour we pretty much had our limit by then. Hundreds of thousands of hungry fish begin running all over the lake. Late April is the beginning of the top-water action. We drop the slabs over the side of the boat, let it fall to the bottom, and reel up fast. He was patient and didn't yell at anyone for missing a fish. We took 10 out, 5 per boat for Sunday morning Striper fishing and true to his reputation, both. After the top-water action is over we switch to jigs and or slabs. Striped bass have two sharp points on each gill cover, and white bass have one. Lake Texoma Striper fishing guides are used to accommodating guests of all ages and skill levels, which means they’ll hook you up with all the gear you need for a successful day. Awesome adventure and highly recommend him and look forward to our next trip in the next month or so. Striped bass are the fourth most preferred species among licensed Texas anglers. We had an amazing time! For 2/3 of our group of 6 it was their first time. There have also been introductions as far west as the Colorado River in Arizona, and at various sites in California. It is estimated that the economic impact of striper fishing in the Lake Texoma area alone totals well in excess of $20 million. Striper Fishing Lake Texoma-Season Patterns Lake Texoma is known as the Striper Capital of the World, anglers catch quality fish year-round. Decembers aren’t as cold as they used to be, And it’s Fall-like temperatures. Had a great, Very knowledgeable guide. That is when an angler yells, “I got one,” and it dominoes down the boat and everyone on board has a hungry sassy striper on the line. One of only 8 lakes in the U.S. where Striped Bass or "Stripers" are known to spawn succesfully. satisfied. A guided Lake Texoma striper fishing trip for trophy stripers with Striper Master Guide Service will be a true adventure that you can't wait to get home and tell all your friends about. Striper Fishing Lake Texoma and History Lake Texoma was impounded in 1944 as the Red River was dammed up for flood control. Will Definitely go back, We fished with Charles and he took care of us. We have stories of fish attacking your plug at the side of the boat. Striped bass are the fourth most preferred species among licensed Texas anglers. Your trip will last up to 6 hours. Striped Bass on Lake Texoma . This was the first time we have fished with them. He works very hard to put you on fish. Younger fish may resemble white bass.striped bass have two distinct tooth patches on the back of the tongue, whereas white bass have one tooth patch. The boat was clean and well outfitted, the guide was friendly, personable, and professional. After that we caught for fun until. This wonderful lake offers world-class striped bass fishing year-round. Bookings; My Account; Sign out. All four seasons offer some exciting action. Then in October, we cast the shallow banks with top-water plugs like in May. I had heard great things about Captain Marty. Located on the TX. Steve is a Premier Lake Texoma striper guide and has been a professional amongst elite striper fishing guides for over 24+ years. That means the fish will stay grouped up and keep feeding. I will definitely, We have duck hunted with Marty's team a couple of times previously and have always been very. Striper Fishing Trips They group up in large schools, and it starts with slab fishing. This is when we locate the fish and vertically fish. Some schools of fish can be a quarter of a mile wide and a mile long. We couldnt have asked for a better experience and will definitely fish with Captain Marty's Guide Service again. Home » Bill Carey Striper Express Lake Texoma Fishing Seasons. Yes, too big Striper and yes, too 50 fish days! We will definitely do it again. Limited out on stripers w/ a 3-4 nice sized ones. Bruce is a professional licensed fulltime guide who has dedicated his life since 1984 to learning the habits of Striper bass. Get your favorite drink. March, April, and May are the primetime Spring months. A schooling fish that roams the lake ambushing the food forage. Being on the boat with him was like fishing with your best friend. Your host for … Striped bass on Lake Texoma are back in full force after big floods last year! There must be a zillion seagulls on the lake locating fish for you. Captain. We tip it with a 9-inch white worm trailer. Texoma Striper Fishing runs highly specialized fishing trips on Lake Texoma. We won a guided trip to fish stripers on Lake Texoma and got on an INSANE BITE! My husband is originally from California and owned his own charter boat. We will use our staff of guides and turn neophyte anglers into Striper catching machines. Lake Texoma is approximately 1.5 hours north of Dallas. The striped bass’ native range is along the Atlantic coast east of the Appalachian Mountains from New Brunswick south to Florida and west into Louisiana. We drop slabs and “rip” them up. Book Online. Good quality equipment and boat. Get all the great information on Bill Carey Striper Express Lake Texoma Fishing Seasons!  Ask any Texoma fisherman a question. Hence, big baits = big fish. Amazing guide, we limited out within 1hr if being in the water. They come from the deep water and chase shad in shallower depths. Your email address will not be published. Our guide put us right on the fish in 3 different locations over the course of the day, and we had a great time on the water. Bruce's Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide Service. Let’s travel through a year of fishing. Even though the striped bass isn’t native to Texas, the species has been stocked in a number of reservoirs, Lake Texoma being the biggest. January and February, we trophy hunt. The fish begin to gather in schools. You may get different answers. He had us on fish quick. All you need to focus on is getting your fishing license. This 89,000 acre lake is famous for the amount of fish it produces. Pull up a chair. Also very knowledgeable about the lake and had top of the line equipment, we will book him again for sure. Multiple hookups are common. It is a border lake on the Texas and Oklahoma border with about 80% of its 93,000 acres located in Oklahoma. A slab is a lead spoon you fish vertically. Here is a FoxSports Outdoors video on striper fishing on Lake Texoma: Again, you can slab the fish vertically or cast jigs for great action and multiple hookups. By the time the morning was over, the fish were cleaned, bagged and we had enough for a 15 member family, 3 generation family fish fry times four. Lake Texoma Is Shared By Both Oklahoma and Texas Lake Texoma certainly provides an outdoor smallmouth bass and striper fishing environment that Dan affectionately declares a national treasure. fish. You will find Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, White Bass, Spotted Gar, Alligator Gar, Black Crappie, White Crappie, Flathead, Carp, Buffalo Carp, Channel Cat, Drum, Threadfin Shad, and Gizzard Shad, Spotted Bass and of course Striped Bass, which we call Striper. We had a great experience and plan to be back. Spending the day with him is a fun way to catch a lot of fish. Call today and book a … The boys loved it. Book your Striper Guide today! Lake Texoma boasts one of the most liberal striper limits in the United States and is located just 70 miles north of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and 2 1/2 hours south of Oklahoma City. Book Online Now It was an awesome experience and we will be back. Whether it is the first time angler or the expert fisherman who are looking for the best fishing spots for an extreme challenge. Want to Striper Fish with the Best Artificial Lure Lake Texoma Fishing Guides?  Read our blog posts and book your dream-trip today! Captain Ron, took us out to the Oklahoma side away from the brown / rusty muddy runoff water and once we were anchored, he put us on the fish all day. Striper Fishing Photos Spring may be the most popular of all four seasons. Lake Texoma Fishing Guide Rates 2020. The striped bass is the largest member of the sea bass family, often called “temperate” or “true” bass to distinguish it from species such as largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass which are actually members of the sunfish family Centrarchidae. The BIGFISH SPECIAL brings them together for the best fishing experience you can find. Lake Texoma is 4-star striper fishing and 4-star Lake Front Cabin Lodging. Hopefully, this will help you get out on the lake and catch those big ones. The species has been introduced at scattered locations throughout the central US. Get out into the fresh air, enjoy the beautiful lake scenery and wildlife, watch the sunrise and harvest these delicious stripers for meals at home with family and friends. We had Donny as our guide and he was great. We run routes and fish structure with a big RoadRunner jig. Striper Fishing On Lake Texoma Lake Texoma is home to many types of fish. They come back from up rivers and are entering the main lake. The top-water fishing will last for an hour or longer depending on cloud cover. Very personable, Johnny on the spot helpful, and just made our trip! We are definitely planning on returning. Fishing Trip Videos Come fish with us and you will see why most of our business is repeat business. The Spring season will last till the end of May. North Texas and Southern Oklahoma's premier Lake Teoxma Striper Guide Service. Donnie was an awesome guide and me and my son had a blast! We have a new fishfinder in October. Granted, the weather was terrible, at least from a striper’s point of view. Home » Bill Carey Striper Express Lake Texoma Fishing Seasons, by Bill Carey | Dec 28, 2020 | Striper Fishing Lake Texoma | 0 comments. I will definitely be coming back. from friends. The lake starts warming up. Our fishing trip with Captain Marty was Exceptional. Guiding on Lake Texoma since 2007! Below are some of the best videos that we could find on striper fishing on Lake Texoma. Anytime your plug is in the water you are in the strike zone. Captain Larry Kessler would like to be your striper fishing guides on beautiful Lake Texoma, "the striper capital of the world". Thank you once again for an amazing fishing trip for my father and I ! Capt. With a lifetime of fishing knowledge and over 3 decades as a Professional Texoma Striper Guide, you can have confidence that you and your group are in the right hands. Captain Marty is hands down the best guide on lake texoma. Surcharge Pool (Elevation in Feet) Flood Control Pool (Elevation in Feet) Conservation Pool (Elevation in Feet) Inactive Pool (Elevation in Feet) All storages based on a contributing drainage area … What happens is the bait moves in the shallow water and the fish follow. Jerry Smith is one of the premier live-bait Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guides since 2014. Lake Texoma is regarded as the ultimate destination for striper fishing and thus while catching some of the palatable bass stripe (which is impossible to get anywhere in the world) it is usually recommended to get a helpful guide, who can maneuver your angling positions and also provide you valuable tricks to hook some of the largest and the heaviest striper. Pottsboro TX 75076 PH 903-786-4477 MAP, Lake Texoma Winter Striper Fishing Season, Lake Texoma Spring Striper Fishing Season, Lake Texoma Summer Striper Fishing Season. -The Ledbetter Family, This was my first time ever to go on a guide trip. Signed in as: They are a lot of fun! This is a long blog post so use the table of contents above if you get lost Captain Marty was very professional and personable. Lake Texoma Fishing Guide Striper Express specializes in Topwater Striper Fishing on Lake Texoma. There are times the fishing can be so good; you have to be here to believe it! You will see recreational anglers from all over the world chasing Striper on Lake Texoma. Smallmouth bass fishing is an avid angler’s little slice of heaven. The water cools and we follow the birds. We Stalk and Play Lake Texoma's feisty Striped Bass using Lures Only. As the lake warms, the fishing heats up. Definitely recommend using this tandem. Denison Dam and Lake Texoma were authorized for construction by the Flood Control Act approved June 28, 1938, (Public Law 75-791) for flood control and generation of hydroelectric power. Thousands of seagulls migrate to the lake for the season. We also help seasoned anglers with excellent Lake Texoma striper fishing tips. The weather started out pretty rough, w/ whitecaps and 20+ mph winds, but Captain Marty's partner. Marty is the best guide on Texoma! ! We will book every year for sure! Got our limit of very nice fish in a couple of hours. Marty was our guide and is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, funny and friendly. We locate the schools with our electronics. But, one thing they will all agree on is, Lake Texoma is a natural phenomenon. The stripers have finished spawning. Thanks, Tony Garcia. We hit our limit within an hour and then fished for fun. by Bill Carey | Dec 28, 2020 | Striper Fishing Lake Texoma | 0 comments Bill Carey | Dec 28, 2020 | Striper Fishing Lake Texoma | 0 comments Call 405-990-4351 today to book your reservation! Have hired him before and will definitely again. Ron was a pleasure to have as our guide. Striped bass are silvery, shading to olive-green on the back and white on the belly, with seven or eight uninterrupted horizontal stripes on each side of the body. I guess it’s a good problem to have but in reality we should be harvesting more of the larger fish this year. boats caught a mess of fish. My Father and I have been out with CAPT Marty four times now and each trip has been OUTSTANDING! Lake Texoma is the number one rated Striper fishing destination in the world! The stripers bite year-round and fatten up in the cold months. Steve Lake Texoma Striper Guide 24+ Years Experience guiding in Texas Will work hard to put you on fish every time out Licensed Professional Fishing Guide Service Fine Boat & Quality Tackle Furnished Fish Cleaned & Bagged Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide Lake Texoma is famous for the quantity of striper so we are able to catch a good amount of fish in the 3-10lb range and there is always the … The Summer action will last until the first of September. Capt. Great experience! Enjoy a day Striper Fishing with one of the top-rated Lake Texoma Fishing Guides out of Alberta Creek Marina; Jerry Smith Guide Service. We went down there this last weekend 10/12/19, our guide Donnie (I highly recommend him) was. Lake Texoma gets stocked with Striper each year, then in April, fish run up the Red and Washita Rivers and spawn. We offer a wide range of Charters with fishing guide rates that are just right for you and your group. Fishing on Lake Texoma has been an absolute slaughter this spring for big fish. The birds, as we call them locate fish when the stripers push the shad to the surface. Three of us went out with Marty on Sunday. Striper are an anadromous fish, so their upriver spawning migrations led some individuals to become landlocked during lake dam constructions. A complete guide to Striper Fishing Lake Texoma will show anglers when, where, and how to catch fish year-round on this North Texas impoundment. They scare the bait to the water’s surface and explode on the shad. Fishermen have cabin fever and are ready to get outdoors and catch some fish. Captain Marty's guide service is the best we had Mike as our guide and he put us on some nice big. absolutely an amazing guide, he took good care of us, was knowledgeable about everything. There is a year of fishing the seasons on Lake Texoma. with a guide. The Fall fishing on Texoma is as popular as the Spring season.  The lake is cooling down from the heat of Summer, and the fish love it. We highly recommend Captain Marty’s Guide Service! You can experience an unforgettable fishing day in and day out and month in and month out all year long. Lake Texoma is known for stiper fishing. Said another way, enough left overs for three more fish fry's and a lot of wonderful memories with our grand kids. after a finding an abundance of them. He did a great job cleaning the fish. He was so great with our 9, year old son and we caught a lot of fish!! the bait was empty. Lake Texoma is called the Striper Capitol of the World. This is the most exciting fishing of all. Striped bass fishing on magnificent Lake Texoma, Texas is safe and provides quality time for families. Had a ton of fun with our whole family. Stripers are often captured using artificial lures that imitate small fish, such as silver spoons.

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