Thank you for your respond. This easy banana loaf cake is a tasty way of using up overripe bananas and makes an indulgent treat. Tiramisu Pound Cake, a soft and delicious pound cake with all the flavors of a Tiramisu! To Phil: You can use a pastry blender (a hand tool you can find anywhere) to mix the butter and sugar. If you replace 5 tablespoons of flour with cocoa powder and add 100 g melted chocolate to the batter you should be able to turn it into a chocolate cake! Once combined, add the remaining milk and gently fold in the remaining flour until combined. Do you think this could be made with country crock butter (tub) or their stick “plant butter” and almond milk? Wish it had more buttery flavour though, but then again I didn't use a good butter brand. M. Made this pound cake today for the first time.My husband and I love it.So so moist.I would like to know how many calories one slice has.Thank you for the recipe.This is a keeper. Just adjust the bake time to suit. It takes a little time, but you need to beat the butter and sugar for 5 - 7 minutes until you see the batter color turn a very pale yellow, almost white and fluffy in texture. Thanks so much for this recipe! Tried this recipe with my 3yr old who is allergic to eggs and dairy so we had to modify the recipe by using applesauce instead of eggs, almond milk instead of dairy milk, and earth balance vegan butter instead of dairy butter. Hey, I'm trying to adapt recipes that I find into using Coconut Oil instead of Butter, Stevia instead of Sugar, and a Combo of Coconut/Almond Flour instead of Regular Flour, I'm insulin dependent and I'm on the "Candida Diet". If yes, should i add extra salt? I had the same problem. What type of milk are you using? Would this be with salted or unsalted butter? Thank you very much for wonderful recipe. I use it all the time. I hope this one works out. Thanks also for replying and listening to my feedback, I will be looking forward to reading about your baking techniques :). This was so easy and tasted AWESOME. Ny search is over!! Many are so sick of being home and hunkered down but it has allowed for treasured time with our kids. Required fields are marked *. I searched this type of recipe for a long time. If you can't find mini loaf pans, use a standard 12-cup muffin tin. Perfect for a mid-afternoon nibble, these loaf cake recipes are the ultimate in cake perfection. I haven't made this recipe using it, but I can't see any reason why you couldn't. Hope that helps. Well at least your electric bill will be low ? Hi Detrice, if you use salted butter, leave out the salt from the list of ingredients. Grease and line your baking tin. Best Pound Cake recipe, buttery, flavorful, moist cake|Simple & Easy recipe to give you a perfect soft, rich, delicious traditional vanilla pound cake. Everybody can easily try it. Thank you for sharing. Decorate with coconut shavings, ‘snowballs’, and anything else you like, Enjoy a classic, fruity cake, packed full of plump tea-infused sultanas and raisins. Keeps it in one piece! Set aside. I have an otg oven. Overall a very good recepy, I am pleased and I will make it again soon . Add a teaspoon of fresh Lemon juice and almond extract! The cak is now done using 300F but it too 1 hour and 20 mins. Thank you very much. I only had it in 160C oven for 45min and also lessened the sugar to 3/4 cup...came out wonderful. Perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas holidays! If you enjoy homemade, flavorful cakes, then this cake is going to become a keeper for you. The amount in the recipe is not too sweet, but adjust to your taste. A delicious cake made from scratch with a simple orange glaze. Is there a reason for baking at 300. Add the Vanilla Extract. Spiced Pecan Carrot Cake! For me this recipe made the most sense! Could you please let me know if I can add unsweetened chocolate powder to this to make it like a chocolate one? It's the perfect partner to a cuppa for elevenses or afternoon tea, Enjoy this fabulous honey cake made with mixed spice and ginger and a lovely honey butter drizzle topping. Hi Patricia, I use a 1 pound load tin. I also sometimes add about 2 tablespoons of melted chocolate to the cake batter when I’m beating the butter and sugar together. Lemon drizzle loaf 26 reviews . given that i am planning to decorate it with cake icing,will it hold the decoration? Easy release and baking mold for Homemade Cakes, Breads, Meatloaf and quiche. Okay, let’s jump back into making this sour cream pound cake! Really good site. You can always pop the extra batter in some cupcake/ muffin pans! I agree with the people who said it has more of a cornbread texture. Love it! I put 75% of the mix in 1 loaf plan and the rest in the other. Strawberry Pound Cake. PS: Yes, I did scroll this down reading all comments! Hola foodies! Also, it is a little bland so those who added a little extra flavor probably liked it better. In fact I made it again last week for my neighbours. It needs to be at room temperature and not melted / liquid, or, when you're beating, the butter hasn't been beaten for long enough with the sugar until it goes a pale color and a slightly fluffy texture. At 320 F for an hour, my second come out good. Will definitely try with a better quality butter next time like Lescure or Golden Churn. Thanks again for the recipe, will always use this one. Tastes delicious with fresh fruit and whipped cream! Rubbery at the bottom layer. Like I said I just felt like 300 was too low and maybe that’s the factor. If you make cakes as much as we do, it's worth investing in one of these loaf cake savers. We've also got a great guide if you'd like to, If you don't have any parchment or greaseproof paper, you can use our, White Disposable Loaf Bread Baking Liners (Pack of 2, 24 Liners Total) Rectangle, Non-Stick Paper Liners For Baking, Kitchen Tools For Baking Cake & Bread, Honey-Can-Do 2592 Paper Loaf Pan, 25-Pack, 8-Inches x 2.5-Inches x 2-Inches, Portable Bread Box with Handle Loaf Cake Container Plastic Rectangular Food Storage Keeper Carrier 13inch Translucent Dome for Pastries, Bagels, Bread Rolls, Buns or Baguettes (Pink), KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield, 5-Quart, Empire Red, MEYKISS Cake Tester, Stainless Steel Cake Tester Probe Skewer Kitchen Baking Tools, Set of 2. In a small bowl, whisk together 1/4 cup of the sugar, flour, and cornstarch. Best vanilla pound ever! Is 'regular sugar' granulated sugar or caster sugar?! Thanks! I have got a few guides on baking such as how to line a loaf pan and baking blind but I’ll take on board your suggestions and write a few more guides so beginners can understand some of the baking techniques. It’s very moist and rich and will hit the spot for all chocoholics! I added almond extract instead of vanilla for a different pop of flavor. I lowered the temp because my oven runs a little hot, but after 30 minutes I can smell it burning on the bottom. Lemon and Poppy Seed Loaf.This is truly a delightful cake. Can you please tell me what what size of loaf pan is used? I made this cake, it was really moist and tasted wonderful. Also I tried this without parchment paper and it came out a tad can I prevent this and bake it without the parchment paper? This moist and fruity cake is a great way to get kids to eat fruit, you may have trouble stopping them! It’s been in 1 hour and six min. Really great texture. To the flour, add the baking powder and spices and mix well, then add it, a heaped tablespoon at a … This is an absolutely delicious soft, moist cake, easy to make and goes perfect with a lovely cup of coffee too! It's simply delicious, full of vanilla flavor. Light fluffy and smells amazing! One thing we changed - our butter was frozen so we shredded it with the grater. Thank you. I don't think it is the bundt pan either, I've made this recipe using loaf and bundt pans and not experienced any problems. This classic chequerboard cake wrapped in marzipan is easier to achieve than you think, This buttermilk pound cake has a dense, moist crumb and bags of lemon flavour to cut through the richness. Hope that helps and have a merry Christmas! Have baked for many years and just didn’t like the results of this recipe. In a small bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, salt and spices. The gr numbers are not always the same as with cups. Hi, The recipe for the vanilla pound cake is perfect. Very moist and tasty. Tried this recipe and it was so yum! went exactly by the directions so I dont know what happened. The only thing I can say is if you’ve used those ingredients before in cakes it could work, but you’re right, it is likely not going to have the same texture or taste. Hi, This is a perfect cake .. do you have a video of it? 8. I tried another different recipe didn't work for me. The creaming method is very important when making a pound cake. Heat oven to 170c,  325F. The weight is different than how much space it takes. Hi Kim, yes indeed. Grease and flour a small tube or bundt cake pan. Reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes. Some recipes use buttermilk or even cream cheese. My husband really likes this cake. 3. Pound cakes are traditionally heavy by nature due to the ratio of ingredients. Transfer the cake mixture to the greased and lined loaf tin. Walfos Nonstick Silicone Bread and Loaf Pan Set of 2, BPA Free ! Add half the milk with half of the flour, keeping the mixer on a slow speed. Then place in the oven for 1 hr to 1 hr and 5 minutes. Thanks! Changing website layout from very long pages to tabs would get attention of more users. Here’s the recipe I’ve used a bundt pan in this one but of course you can use round pans or loaf pans etc. Great recipe, pound cake came out soft and delicious. I did not expect this. Everyone liked it. Cream the butter (1/2 cup) for a few minutes (2 minutes)to soften it before adding the sugar. Thank you for the response. It just oozes butter and has a weird rubbery texture. Grease and lightly flour the loaf pan, tapping out the excess flour; … Note, the pound cake is not the actual weight of the cake. Thank you so much for the recipe,it looks really nice,i am planning to use it to make a birthday cake,will it be a good idea? Thank ye . Baked mine for 55 minutes at 160 degrees centigrade. No need to increase the recipe. If you give it a go, please do come back and let us know how it went I case there are others who want to use alternative ingredients. Bake in greased loaf pan in 350°F 35 to 45 minutes and cover with favorite frosting. While this cake is good enough to top with whipped cream or ice cream and berries, this is not a do again for me. I actually tried it and chocolate cake came out really well .. Hi Can I double the recipe? Small batch sourdough starter and a small batch sourdough loaf are here to save you! It came out perfect and delicious! Gas stove, I’ve never baked any kind of cake in a 300F oven. I just made it and it does not have the pound cake texture that I was looking for so my hunt is still on for the perfect pound cake recipe. You can double the recipe but there will be a bit of batter left over if you’re using a 10 inch. Remove from heat and let cool. My bundt pan is approximately 10 inches. Slowly add the beaten eggs to the mixer, on a low speed setting, a bit at a time. Mine is in the oven right now. Throughout the whole middle of the cake was raw? Thank you on your ideas to modify this recipe! When the cake is in the oven, the outside of the cake cooks first, and this makes the batter rise up in the middle. Everyone at home loved it. The pound cake was delicious. How to Make Fruit Cake Loaf. 4. I followed the recipe exactly as it is but when I came to the point of adding the 175 ml of milk I just added a few drops as I was expecting it to turn runny. All it did was get stuck in the blades.. I always go 350F. Moist Pecan Almond Loaf Cake. The foil loaf pans are disposable and won't be reused, so plan on using a fresh tin for each fruitcake. Still turned out moist! Hi Diana, yes, you could use cake flour. I've read on line in lots of places that the flour you buy nowadays doesn't really need to be sifted. Bake them in disposable tins — I love the pretty gilded ones from King Arthur Flour (see link below). I'm a baker and I use this recipe for cakes and cupcakes, I also tweeted it with using buttermilk or sour cream in the place of milk, fantastic and easy recipe. I tried the new recipe but i found it too dry . It doesn’t matter too much. it really is a lovely cake and it's such a shame something went wrong! This recipe also works well for cupcakes. Here's one of my all-time favorite cake recipes. Made this for Christmas dessert, topped with dulce de leche, pecans, and chocolate ganache - it was DELICIOUS! 6. The cook time will be about 10 minutes less than if you were to bake using a loaf pan. My search has ended. The batter did look a bit curdled (may be that's how its supposed to be and it's just in my head). I had to taste test it since I saw a few comments about their cake having not come out well, the ingredients not mixing good or having a rubbery taste. Thank you for this recipe, I made this cake and my family totally loved it but the cake cracked at the top how do I avoid my cake from cracking. We are going to experiment with different flavors. It's ideal for afternoon tea or elevenses, This loaf cake is simple and seasonal, using fresh autumnal cobnuts and apples, topped with dreamy dulce de leche, Make our multifunctional ginger and honey loaf cake. This still is excellent! I changed the milk for coconut silk milk unsweetend and it was delicious. 5. A sweet, light Angel Food Cake is a beautiful Cake Recipe for special occasions and holidays. So I am baking another so my husband can have a piece with his coffee in the am !!! Preheat the oven to 350°F and set an oven rack in the middle position. So glad you’ve enjoyed the cake. Ty so much, these make the most wonderful hostess gifts. Please do come back and let me know if you do try it again. Posted April 14, 2020 by Stephanie It seems like everyone is either sweets baking away their blues or … I used the three eggs and baked in an electric oven at 160 c for an hour. it was so easy make I do measurements by weight maybe that’s why I got such great results over all this is definitely my new basic vanilla pound cake to go recipe ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A got two toddlers cover in smiles over this cheat breakfast ?? Easy Cranberry and Orange Carrot Cake! Thank you for your quick respond and I will be trying your way, with all purpose flour. It came out perfect. One of the best recipes I came across. I thank you. I use skimmed because that's what I have for normal stuff in the house. Scrape the batter into the mini loaf pan and place it onto a sheet pan. And now I have it. I gently blended the baking powder and salt into the flour with a fork. Thanks ! Just now i finished baking this cake for the third time i tried is soooooooooo delicious,soft and tasty?thannnnnnnnnnnnks a lot for the recepie.i gave the receipie for all my friends after seeing the great result with their own eyes.never succeed in baking cakes before.but thanks to u i prepared it 3 times as breakfast with a glass of milk for my daughters.thank u. Halve or quarter some of the remaining strawberries and leave the rest whole. Hi Megan, yes of course, use SR flour, that won’t be a problem. Please enjoy! Thanks for the recipe! Ok. Its done. I also use it when I transport my cakes to parties or when I visit friends. If you don’t want to use parchment, I often grease then flour the pan and that does the trick. Hi We are in Lockdown because of the corona virus. Thanks for reading and happy cooking! I always make sure the butter is at room temperature before I start the recipe. Not doing so would give us overcooked exteriors with undercooked interiors Lol. I love this recipe! The traditional classic pound cake recipe can be traced back as far as the 18th Century. I really want to try this but I don’t take eggs. Cool it slightly in … I don’t know what everyone else’s issues were but mine came out great! . remarkable job. 320 F not 300 F. My first came out runny, on 300 F, so I kept it in longer. Add half the milk with half of the flour, keeping the mixer on a slow speed. You can use buttermilk although I don’t think it will make too much difference as it’s already so soft and yummy! Made a loaf pound cake tonight and it was so delicious! It’s so simple and is very close to my MIL’s who would never share her secret. I am seeing all sorts of pound cake recipes on Pinterest and am curious how each one makes a difference in terms of moisture, texture, etc. Wanted to share the picture but here there is no option of attachement? Refreshing! Rich and fluffy chocolate cake is studded with melting chunks of dark chocolate and all made in just one bowl for cake ready in an hour! So here's the recipe, and enjoy our Moist Vanilla Pound, Loaf Cake! You can't go wrong with this recipe. Once combined, add the remaining milk and gently fold in the remaining flour until combined. Bake up a treat for afternoon tea with delicious, easy loaf cake recipes like classic banana bread, double chocolate cake and the ever popular lemon drizzle. Once again my baking guru, thank you xx. Great recipe. Hi Jason, glad you liked the recipe! ❤️❤️. Spray a 9x5-inch metal loaf pan with nonstick cooking spray. View recipe. Whip one up in a matter of minutes no matter what level baker you are. I have made this cake alot of times now.... its just perfect ... everytime it comes out heavenly. Magazine subscription – save 32% and get a three-tier steamer worth £44.99. The only things I can think of is the oven may need checking, perhaps the thermostat isn't working correctly. Thanks in advance for giving me the clarification. So today I baked it and unfortunately even I did all as You wrote the cake did not rise up..the taste was nice, but not sure what I did wrong as I did folow the recipe. Thanks once again. Enjoy a slice with your afternoon cup of tea, Use up a garden glut in this sweet, spiced sponge loaf - the hidden veg keeps it moist and walnuts add crunch, A classic fruit sponge cake with apricots and citrus shared by reader Ann Turner - it's perfect with a cup of tea, We've adapted swimmer Jazmin Carlin's favourite muffin recipe into a loaf that's free from unrefined sugars, flours and dairy. I was wondering if you could upload the old recipe or write the old recipe somewhere in the comments. It's even got a mascarpone frosting. I believe the recipe does not need that much milk. I have to make my son a Birthday Cake and I would like to modify just about everything: Coconut Oil for Butter, Stevia for Sugar & Coconut/Almond flour for Regular Flour, I made the cake today, but baked it in muffin forms. I have an electric oven and was done in 25 minutes. Moist Coconut PoundCake Recipe. I think you’ll become an expert in no time at all! Mix dry ingredients alternately with milk and add vanilla. not cake-like, I made this tonight ..:my family liked it but , it has more of a cornbread consistency. Otherwise, all I can say is for you to try it another time when you are able. This simple, beginner's white bread is a very versatile one I have used this recipe several times and love it! It got very rich buttery taste. When you have baked the cake and taken it from the oven to cool, it will naturally sink once it comes in to contact with the cooler air. Additionally, I am unable to give a star rating to go with my comment because of an apparent glitch on the LoveFoodies website. A tasty cake with no added fat or sugar - try it to believe it. First time i baked at 300 F and was perfect. *** Please do test if the cake is done by using a skewer and poke it in the middle to see that it comes out clean. Tahini gives this cake a subtle nutty flavour that partners perfectly with rich chocolate. cream loaf cake Beat together butter or shortening ... beaten whites of eggs. I followed directions to the T. Would being at a higher altitude effect the outcome? Moist Vanilla Pound, Loaf Cake. View recipe. Of course I did do a bit tweaks. Allow to cool. It will keep for a week, but it’s unlikely to last that long. Just tried it and its yummy. I have made cakes from here before but this is next level, Just made this and tried a bit of it,I thought it tasted a bit eggy although it was moist. I’m usually very good with making deserts . Here's a delicious selection of pound or loaf cake recipes for you to enjoy. The parchment does keep the cake moist, so if possible, do use it! This recipe didn't work for me. I made this today and it tastes great but didn't rise and has an awful texture. Bake in a 325 degree oven for 1 hour and 10 minutes. Do you have a good apple pie recipe and a moist chocolate cake recipe by any chance . Delicious, rich chocolate cake with added melted chocolate and ground almonds to take this cake to another level of deliciousness! Hi Millie! I'd prefer to use cultured buttermilk because this is the only dairy product i can tolerate. See more ideas about mini loaf, recipes, mini loaf pan. Lovedddd the old recipe!! Because of the name, you will often see the baking pans called '1 lb loaf pans', and this size will be a perfect fit for your pound cake. Hi, I’ve been using this recipe whenever I want to bake a cake.. it works like magic when I follow your instructions... thank you <3. In the moist pound cake the butter that I am using is unsalted butter or salted butter and could I use a pound cake pan I don't have the loaf pan.Thanks! Chop four of the strawberries into small pieces and mix with 1 tsp of the icing sugar. The other reason could be that the butter has melted when you beat it with the sugar. This new recipe is okay but the old one was soooo much better. I also bake in my bundt pan and it turns out perfect. Same temperature (140 on the lowest shelf in a conventional oven or 115 on any shelf in a fan oven). Once the cake sinks, (and sometimes this can be a lot), the cake will become denser and heaver because some of the air is lost. After trying one slice, I threw it in the trash because it really was that bad. 0 stars Irish Cream Banana Loaf Cake. Hello and thank you for the recipe. My oven is not in Celsius so used 320 Fahrenheit for an hour 20 minutes. We've got a huge variety of delicious different pound cake recipes so be sure to check them out. Hi Narissa, glad you enjoy the recipe! How would you adjust the recipe. Followed directions to the T. Hi Sharon, thanks for writing in and I'm sorry to hear your cake didn't turn out right. Shall i bake it on 180c and should i bake with only lower rods heated? Have a lovely week ahead! I wanted to make pound cake for me and my brother but because I recently moved and none of the grocery stores here can bake a good one at an affordable price. I baked it for 50 minutes at 325 degrees in a glass loaf pan and it turned out perfectly! You choose! I put them at 350 at the top rack of my oven. I am going to purchase another loaf pan so that I can make more than one at a time. thanks for sharing this nice article…, it was just so yummy. Please do a test if the cake is done by using a skewer and poke it in the middle to see that it comes out clean. It didn’t last 24 hours. Hi Vasanti, you can reduce the sugar if you wish. If the loaf is going directly to the giftee within a few hours, I just tie a pretty ribbon around the middle of the loaf. Lets see how this works out. By doing this the cake will come out of the pan cleanly so you can make nice even slices. For a 9 inch shallow pan, I would suggest 25 -30 minutes or so, just check and keep an eye on it. Every oven is different and cook times may vary a little. I made some minor adjustments in the measure as suggested by one of the users in the comments thread (cut down on the butter and the sugar). Maybe I did it something wrong but mine came out tasting like corn bread. That would be pretty easy to remember! Feel free to add it! Hi Alva, it’s granulated but you can use castor too. The cake will have a finer crumb, but otherwise there shouldn't be any other difference. This recipe makes 2 cakes, so why not freeze one as a treat for another day! It “dresses up” the loaf (if you take it as a gift) and makes it so easy to remove from the pan.

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