Optimal growing conditions have also not yet been completely established in South Africa. Saffron is the quintessential season for paella and other delicious Mediterranean dishes. Enough variety to fill your garden and all the pots you can lay your hands on. Last one. The Van Zyls use their existing vineyard staff for farming Saffron as the requirements fit into their normal schedule; no additional workers were employed. Renske obtained a yield of just 18g of saffron from her first harvest – grown from 2 000 corms in 2007. Renske says that she has witnessed its efficacy. We have noticed this opened up a whole new window of opportunities to supply Saffron bulbs now also to a big market in the Southern hemisphere. A C. sativus flower bears three stigmas, each the distal end of a carpel. “I’m told that great variance in the yield is common and it sometimes doesn’t yield at all,” she says. Roco Saffron has been supplying Saffron bulbs to Australia, South Africa and even South America and we also see possibilities in New Zealand. The most common saffron bulb material is soy. Each year, they are replanted. The most popular color? 2 watchers. Keep reading to learn how to grow saffron. Alibaba offers 49 Bulbs Saffron Suppliers, and Bulbs Saffron Manufacturers, Distributors, Factories, Companies. Free shipping. Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of the saffron crocus (Crocus sativus). Crocus sativus bulbs : Various Strains. Second hand Flower Bulbs for sale on South Africa's largest auction and classifieds sites Page updated : 21 Sep 2020, 05:02. August is the best time to plant in colder locations (zones 3-6). There are 26 OEM, 23 ODM, 2 Self Patent. The flowers have to be protected from the sheep and small antelope on the farm, but moles are the only actual pest encountered so far. In Asia, Europe and North Africa, saffron (Crocus sativus) is renowned for its unique, delicate flavouring of food, while in Morocco it is used as a potent leather dye. Saffron has often been described as a spice that is worth more than its weight in gold. A white ‘spear’ is the first part of the plant to appear above the ground. The blooms pucker up at night and re-open in the morning. When you are ready to use your saffron, steep the dried stigmas in hot liquid (such as milk, water, or broth) for 15-20 minutes. From our award winning customer care to growing sheet downloads for all items stocked, we are with you on your exciting growing journey! Saffron bulbs are sold out and will next be available in mid December 2020. About 40 days after planting, purple flowers appear at ground level. Please note our offices and contact center are closed till Monday 4 January 2021. However, through extensive cooperation with the company Roco Saffron, our saffron bulbs are now available in the USA. Leave a space of 15cm between each bulb and 50cm between each line. Potted Amaryllis Red – Merry Christmas 2 potted bulbs with pots R 346.00 R 198.00. Indigenous and Exotic Seed Traders. This is followed by the leaves. From the start, it proved a challenge for Renske and her husband, Jan, who have a wine farm near Vredendal in Namaqualand. Many more years you can enjoy the Saffron in the Fall! Watch; S p o n H F s o r G Z e d 6 6 0 8 X C V. $19.99 $ 19. Subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals. The drip irrigation rate is 4l/h, with drippers spaced 0,6m apart and the plants are watered when necessary. Free shipping. After flowering care: Simply plant and leave - these bulbs will easily naturalise in the garden. Buy It Now. “Back then, they were about R12 a bulb,” recalls Renske. The soil must remain damp – not wet. Use saffron in recipes. “Just three strands of saffron brewed into a tea with 50ml of water cured a baby overnight,” she claims. Jay Ferreira reports. Amaryllis Sonatini – Assorted 3 bulbs per pack. The bulbs (corms) don't store well and should be planted soon after you receive them. Drying. Non irradiated . Rich in taste, aroma and history, Saffron is … Plants are checked daily to ascertain those that can be picked. The Saffron Crocus Bulb is a beautiful autumn blooming Crocus (Crocus sativus). The answer is yes, you can grow saffron in your home garden. Well you're in luck, because here they come. Crocus Sativus - Saffron Flower Bulbs Available from mid December 2020 Pricing for the 2020 Saffron bulbs will only be available when we have to stock in late 2020. Make sure to plant Saffron Crocus bulbs at least 6 weeks before chance of frost. Saffron Crocus Bulbs Grow the most expensive spice in the world! The entire flower is picked and the stamens carefully removed. The internet site of Bloembollenbedrijf J.C.Koot. Saffron can be used for rice, soups, sauces, potatoes, baked goods, and other dishes. The soil on the farm, too, was well-suited to the crop, which demands well-drained, sandy soils. Saffron sells locally for about R120/ g and for far more overseas. Various strains of Crocus sativus are available on the market. While saffron is used as a leather dye and hair colourant in certain countries, it is also believed to have medicinal properties, and is touted as a cure for jaundice. Pricing for the 2020 Saffron bulbs will only be available when we have to stock in late 2020. Special Sale: 10 Rare Largest Saffron Crocus Sativus Corms - 10+ cm Giant Corms. Drying Harvesting takes place early in the morning after the dew has dried but before the sun wilts the plants. The pricing will be : 3 Bulbs - R 170.00 - 56.67 per bulb … Go to bidorbuy and discover online shopping at its best! We offer our bulbs and all our other plants through mail order within South Africa. Yields But first, you need to know a few things for buying well. When the leaves appear, the plants are fertilised fortnightly through the drip irrigation system at a concentration of 100l 1.0.1(14)/ha until the plants reach maturity. Closed flowers are also picked as they open quickly thereafter. Saffron Bulbs - Not SEEDS . Saffron sells locally for about R120/ g and for far more overseas. 20 Very Large Saffron Corms - 10 cm - These Crocus Sativus Corms Produce The Saffron Spice It is no less famed for being the world’s most expensive spice. 50 Very Large 10 cm Corms Bulbs - Saffron Sativus Crocus - Fresh from Holland - Instructions Will be Included. “I think it has to do with too much water because this crop hates wet conditions. 99 FREE Delivery Shop online at fixed prices or bid on auctions. 99. © 2020 Farmer's Weekly Magazine | Caxton Magazines Digital |, A Guide to farming saffron in South Africa, Canola: the crop that requires perfect planning, Nature-friendly farming reduces costs for potato farmer, Building a mega business through egg production, Growing garlic: a golden opportunity for SA farmers, Good wheat year ahead, but climate uncertainty prevails, Land beneficiaries’ 20-year struggle for government help, Table grapes yet to experience full impact of COVID-19, Avocados remain buoyant amid ‘insatiable demand’, Breeding seasons in summer rainfall areas, ‘Consumer spending will determine poultry sector’s fortunes’. About 15t of compost per hectare is used along with 1t of superphosphate and 300kg of 1.0.1(36). Fl owering at a time in the fall when there is little in bloom, these fill an important spot in the garden; many are species and can be variable in color and growth habit, depending on site; best planted in protected, well-drained, sunny location like a rock or herb garden or blooming through light mulch, chemical free lawn, or ground cover; 10 per sq. About 50 - 60 saffron flowers are required to produce about 1 tablespoon of saffron spice. Farming saffron requires a substantial cash outlay, patience and passion. Seeds for Africa offer the most diverse online range of Indigenous and Exotic plant seeds in South Africa as well as a large range of growing aids . 5Pcs Saffron Bulbs Flower for Garden/Terrace/Pot Planting Fragrance Perennial Crocus Sativus Bulb Rare Spice High Germination Rate £6.99 £ 6 . Many South Africans do not seem to know this but most bulbs are waterwise (with similar requirements to that of succulents) and are thus ideal for our increasingly dry and hot climate. Its so expensive that you may wonder Can I grow saffron crocus bulbs and harvest my own saffron? After harvesting, dry the stigmas in a dry, sheltered spot for 3-5 days; store in an airtight container. Allow 30 bulbs per m2. ... Saffron Exotic Bulbs - Crocus Sativus. The corms are hand-planted 10cm deep and about 25cm apart, and 40cm spaces are left between rows. Renske employs women exclusively to pick the saffron as the process is delicate and needs to be done by small hands, working carefully and gently. The orange red Saffron stigmas are highly prized and used in cooking and as a dye. Saffron / Crocus sativus ... Tulbaghia is a monocotyledonous genus of herbaceous perennial bulbs native to Africa belonging to the family Amaryllidaceae, subfamily Allioideae. This is not standard practice, as they can remain in the ground for up to five years, if the area is mole-free. We supply the biggest bulbs on the market, 9/10 cm. ft; whz 5-9 unless otherwise noted. Plant bulbs approximately 15cm deep to encourage flowering. Saffron, long the world's most expensive spice by weight, is native to Southwest Asia. Saffron Bulbs Crocus Sativus Saffron Flower Best Organic Spice Healthy Plant Top. Saffron's bitter taste and iodoform- or hay-like fragrance result from the chemicals picrocrocin and safranal. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Yield / sale price. Contact us on leigh@thesabulbcompany.co.za to find out which indigenous bulbs are currently available. For Renske, growing saffron is likely to remain a hobby, albeit an expensive one. The feedback was surprising and gratifying: everyone said it was the best quality saffron they had ever tasted. 9 ads • Refresh. Growing saffron in the home garden is not difficult given a sunny position and a well drained soil. R 110. Saffron bulbs now available in the USA. The SA Bulb Company is primarily a bulb export business but we do have retail nursery at Hartbeespoortdam and sell bulbs, irises and daylilies via mail order within South Africa. Find saffron for sale on bidorbuy. $17.07 to $31.31. Product code: Thousands of corns yield just a few grams of saffron. From China. A crocus sativus flower bears three stigmas, each the distal end of a carpel. The soil is softened and aerated and then composted and fertilised. You guessed it: red. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 29. For export customers, please refer to the dedicated export page. 50 Fresh Saffron Crocus Corms - Saffron Sativus Crocus Bulbs. blog money-back guarantee delivery australia-wide call us on 1300 606 242. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about our latest offers, growing tips and products! Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of the saffron crocus (Crocus sativus). The saffron corms are planted during the first week of March. The first crop was planted in 2007. Saffron can also withstand frost and even occasional snow, though this is seldom a consideration. Crocus Saffron Crocus sativus, produces lilac flowers with dark purple 'veins' on the petals in Autumn. You will need 8-10 acres of land for 10 000 bulbs. Saffron also contains a carotenoid dye, crocin, which imparts a rich golden-yellow hue to dishes and textiles. 5 Saffron Bulbs Crocus Sativus Easy To Plant and Bloom Purple Flower In Autumn. Contact Renske van Zyl on 027 213 2312 or [email protected]. Ideal for dishes like Spanish paella, and bouilabaisse, saffron risotto and pilau rice. Fascinated, she began researching how to grow it on her return to South Africa. Buy It Now. Ultimately, she looks forward to having a yield of one kilogram, which is, in fact, an enormous quantity of this rare, delicate spice. It begins blooming in September and continues through October! She relishes the challenge, however, and enjoys using some of her own yield. Saffron flowers for three weeks a year and the plant only has leaves from April to September. Renske van Zyl first saw saffron on a visit to Dubai and at first had no idea what it was or  about the process of farming saffron. The genus was named for Ryk Tulbagh , one time governor of The Cape of Good Hope. All orders and queries will be attended to in the first week of January. 3.9 out of 5 stars 10. Saffron Exotic Bulbs - Crocus Sativus. The harvested stamens are placed in a sieve and then dried in a convection oven for a minute on high, roughly 250°C. This is to retain colour and flavour, and the saffron is then stored in a dark tin for the same reasons. Only 6 left in stock - order soon. The purple flowers have deep purple veining! Crocus sativus Bulbs for Sale : Learn how to buy Saffron Bulbs SUMMARY. On offer are 10mm(minimum size) bulbs. She gave it to chefs and friends to try, as she was unsure of the quality. No one had ever considered the process of farming saffron in South Africa, and there was no advice on offer. $63.99. Crocus is a genus in the family Iridaceae. From China. From China. I’m currently cultivating corms to naturalize on our non-profit farming project in Zambia, but we’ll also have to establish trade with richer nations such as South Africa, or the Zambians won’t make any profit. Year End Trading, Shipping and Customer Care Info -, 500 Bulbs - R 17 000.00 - 34.00 per bulb -, Covid19 Processing & Delivery Time Frames. Fortunately, the weather in the area – cold wet winters and dry hot summers – is ideal for growing saffron. Growing saffron in the States means adding labor costs or taking a huge profit cut if you attempt to compete with foreign rates. Free shipping. To combat these, she lifts the corms after harvesting, separates them and stores them in orange sacks hung in a dark storeroom. For indicative pricing please see 2019 prices below. C $16.81 to C $41.40. Get latest info on Saffron Bulbs, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, wholesale suppliers with Saffron Bulbs prices for buying. You should expect between 1 to 3 flowers per bulbs and a 180 flowers for 1g of dried saffron. Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of the saffron crocus (Crocus sativus). The flower stigmas are the world's costliest spice. Amaryllis Sonata Single – Top Choice – 2 bulbs p/pack quantity. Our company is committed primarily to the cultivation and sale of crocus Sativus, the crocus which is necessary for growing saffron, the most expensive spice in the world. 3.7 out of 5 ... FREE Shipping by Amazon. The number of bulbs will multiply by two each year. It's orange-red stigmas are the source of saffron, the worlds most expensive spice! Renske says that on some days, there are just one or two flowers ready for picking, while on other days there may be dozens. Saffronshop is a South African based supplier, importer, distributor, and retailer of high quality saffron and niche food products. Crocus sativus Crocus Sativus or Saffron crocus Commonly called ‘Saffron Crocus’ the botanical name is Crocus Sativus, and bulbs are readily available for sale online from specialist nurseries. C $22.09 to C $40.52. For indicative pricing please see 2019 prices below. South Africa’s first saffron farmer, Renske van Zyl, explains the process of growing this delicate spice. Today, Renske has about 12 000 corms planted but says the yields vary dramatically and have been as low as 2g. Our aim is to supply the highest quality products that you would not find on the franchise stores to South African customers at … Crocus is a genus in the family Iridaceae. 5 Bulbs - R 260.00 - 52.00 per bulb - 8% Saving, 10 Bulbs - R 480.00 - 48.00 per bulb - 15% Saving, 20 Bulbs - R 900.00 - 45.00 per bulb - 21% Saving, 50 Bulbs - R 2 100.00 - 42.00 per bulb - 26% Saving, 100 Bulbs - R 3 800.00 - 38.00 per bulb - 33% Saving, 500 Bulbs - R 17 000.00 - 34.00 per bulb - 40% Saving, Should you have any queries please email : seeds@seedsforafrica.co.za. Add both the liquid and the stigmas to your recipe. Seeds for Africa. The bulbs can be left in the ground for 6 consecutive years and your best harvest for saffron will be reached in the second year after planting. Crocus sativus Bulbs bought from a Saffron producer like La Paradisière will allow you to produce Saffron. Buy It Now. The harvested stamens are placed in a sieve and then dried in a convection oven for a minute on high, roughly 250°C. Find here details of companies selling Saffron Bulbs, for your purchase requirements. Please note that due to the resurgence in Covid-19 cases in our area that for the protection of both our staff and our customers that this service has been suspended until further notice. ... Sale! If you wonder where you can buy Saffron in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban or anywhere in South Africa at the best price; you are at a right place. There are close to 2000 South African bulbous plant species and most of these are easy to grow. In fact, better too dry than too wet for saffron, stresses Renske. 1.a. Saffron filaments add a semi-sweet, honey-like and floral taste to your dishes. Renske says that she picks the flowers as soon as the stamens are mature. A crocus sativus flower bears three stigmas, each the distal end of a … 1. Amaryllis Sonatini – Assorted 3 bulbs per pack R 110.00. Together with the styles stalks that connect the stigmas to their host plant the dried stigmas are used in cooking as a seasoning and colouring agent. Find high quality Bulbs Saffron … Add to a mild seafood curry or creamy mussel sauce. This rare, fall blooming crocus is more commonly called the Saffron Bulb or Saffron Crocus! The following year, she planted 5 000 corms were planted, which yielded 60g – roughly two handfuls. The future Harvesting Saffron Bulbs Crocus Sativus Saffron Flower Best Organic Spice Healthy Plant Top. Here on our website you will find all the information about the benefits of saffron as a herb, as well as all you need to know about growing saffron. But farming Saffron is also a work in progress for me.” All the saffron Renske grows is bought by a Namibian restaurant owner for its high quality, though she does keep some for her own use. This is to retain colour and flavour, and the saffron is then stored in a dark tin for the same reasons. This article was originally published in the 30 August 2013 issue of Farmers Weekly. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about saffron bulb? ... and are adapted to a Mediterranean-type climate. “When I started looking for plants in 2006, there was nobody selling them in South Africa, so we imported 2 000 bulbs – corms – from New Zealand, at great expense. There are 196 saffron bulb for sale on Etsy, and they cost $12.20 on average. Crocus is a genus in the family Iridaceae.

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