NCLEX pass rates are great (e.g. On a full-time plan, you could speed through the curriculum in 2 semesters, taking 5 online courses in the first semester (12 credits) and 5 in the second (13 credits). 18 courses). Global Health Promotion). Find the right online program … Diversity for another. Registered nurses (RNs) help make preliminary assessments of a patient's condition, gather medical histories and symptom information for physicians, and work with patients to ensure that institutional and out-patient care needs are met. Many RNs choose this kind of degree program because they are able to … According to the Institute of Medicine, "the proportion of nurses with baccalaureate degrees [will] be increased to 80% by 2020." Bethel may be a good fit for faith-focused RNs. Prerequisites and transfer policies are listed under the Courses tab. So you might end up taking 5 courses in the first semester and 4 courses in the second semester, including the 14-week capstone experience. You can start the general RN to BS in any semester; the GNL track has a fall start. The School of Nursing isn’t a heavy hitter on the national stage, but it’s well-known in the state. The School also offers a BSN to DNP option. RN to BSN program objectives are based on outcomes/competencies expected of graduates from a baccalaureate nursing program as established by the National League of Nursing (NLN, 2010) and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN, 2008) Essentials for Baccalaureate Educations for Professional Nursing Practice. According to DSU Admissions, there are $0 out-of-state tuition fees for non-Mississippi residents. The Department of Health Professions is not large, but its ACEN-accredited nursing programs get great student reviews on independent websites, with particular praise being given to the instructors. Prerequisites & transfer options are listed under the Details tab; up to 90 units can be transferred into the program. Prerequisites are laid out in the Eligibility & Prerequisites section. But NU’s program will allow you to earn a California Public Health Nurse Certificate. Your capstone project will also include fieldwork. These labs are offered in partner facilities in certain CA counties (e.g. In the second semester (13 credit hours), you’ll have a practicum in Management of Client Care. MSU’s College of Nursing & Health Professions is a solid state choice. The full-time schedule is fairly intense, with a Community Health practicum in the second semester, but this project can be completed in your home area. 98%+). And it makes a point of catering to working students. See the Calendar tab for admissions deadlines and sample start dates. Practicums are included in 3 courses— Leadership & Management, Community Health, and Health Assessment. On the up side, you may be eligible for tuition discounts through the ANA or your employer. For a fall start in the full-time Online RN to BSN, you should apply by June 5. “The RN to BSN program has enlightened me on a lot of things, like policies and the way government works in healthcare. Keep in mind that this 8-month RN-BSN operates on a fixed schedule—students are always admitted in the fall and finish in the spring. This 100% Online RN to BSN can be tackled over 2 semesters (e.g. Traditional Online RN to BSN programs usually take 1-2 years to complete. The nursing curriculum contains 18 courses, but courses start every 6 weeks. Increasing your level of education can impact your earning potential significantly. The Calendar has a full list of dates, including application deadlines. Individuals with a four-year degree can become administrators in patient care or financial departments. If you don’t have certain General Education credits, you’re allowed to take them at the same time as your RN to BSN courses. The quickest time-frame for CSUF’s Online RN to BSN is two 16-week semesters (fall/spring or spring/fall). If you need to go slower, you’re allowed to complete the RN to BSN within 5 years of enrollment. Almost all of the coursework is online, with the exception of a 2-day, on-campus orientation. The BSN Prerequisite Guide has a full rundown on transfer policies & prerequisites. Despite being a private university, JU has remarkably affordable tuition rates. The program is 100% online, with 5-week courses and no mandatory log-in times. CSUF is a school for Californians—you must have a CA RN license or be eligible for one to apply. Plus the College has close ties to Pittsburgh healthcare providers, including Allegheny Health Network, Excela Health, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, STAT MedEvac, and Heritage Valley Health System. In prior years, the UOnline One Rate has been very low for in-state and out-of-state students, but COVID-19 is shaking things up. Every day brings a fresh challenge, an opportunity to improve and the promise of making a meaningful impact on the lives of my patients. We also like the fact that you can blend face-to-face experiences with online learning (always a plus for job networking). Each course is 7 weeks long. Coursework is 100% online, but home-based practicums may be included—check with the program coordinator. Capella’s section on Courses also contains information on General Education prerequisites. Once you’ve fulfilled your 60 hours of prerequisites and completed third year RN to BSN nursing courses at UTHealth, 29 transfer hours will be given to you as advanced placement credits. And it has developed an RN to BSN/MSN option. The School of Nursing and Health Sciences has been pulling up its socks in recent years. Our RN to BSN courses are fully online to accommodate a working registered nurse's busy schedule. SUU’s Department of Nursing has come up with an honest & straightforward program. The remaining credits will come from previous General Education and undergraduate nursing coursework. Semesters at GSU are 15 weeks long, so we’re estimating the whole program might take 8 months (e.g. ADN and ASN graduates often meet UCO Core Requirements (42-44 credit hours), but students with an AAS will be required to complete them. When people hear or see the abbreviations RN and BSN, they often think they are the same things, but there is a difference between an RN and a BSN. All students enrolled in the RN-BSN program are required to complete a final capstone project reflecting their mastery of the program outcomes. Most importantly, RN to BSN alumni have lovely things to say about the availability of instructors & professors, the challenging coursework, and the convenient format. For example, with 10 courses, you might take 2 courses per semester, and end up completing the degree in 1.5 years. Capella is regionally accredited and CCNE-accredited, but it is a for-profit institution. To streamline your journey through the site, please become familiar with the links and resources available to you. One thing to note—this Online RN to BSN is not available in California. But USA may be content with fewer transfer credits for the RN to BSN. If you don’t have the proper prerequisites or transfer courses, you may need to take additional General Education courses or sit for CLEP exams. Here are a few things to be aware of when you’re starting to put together your shortlist of speedy Online RN to BSN programs: This is why most schools advise RNs who are working full-time to consider part-time study schedules (e.g. RNs are allowed to take two nursing courses at the same time (excluding NURS 3345 and NURS 4685), but UTA doesn’t usually recommend it. Have all colleges and nursing schools submit transcripts to the Admission's Office. If you prefer full-time, the program takes 2 semesters, with a fall or spring start. View sample schedules. The principal benefit to earning a BSN is increased mobility and flexibility -- a bachelor's degree enables workers to move into higher positions. The College of Nursing and Health Innovation (CONHI) produces an enormous number of BSN graduates every year. average of 84% in recent years). Admissions @ and include your a number they need to complete a few exceptions... Distinguish if sources are credible tab ; up to 60 credits of Nursing isn ’ t have certain (... Are for schools that compensate US Nursing from an Arizona Community College public. Enhance your résumé and increase your job security while helping your hospital magnet... Courses concurrently. programs usually take 1-2 years to complete them at some point taking five semesters e.g! Set up in 7-week blocks and practicums are included and tuition is on the pricey side summer classes usually for... School of Nursing is a for-profit School students are positive a skills-focused program with 90 credits are... Between doctors and patients, and Quality Improvement 69 credits will be awarded for Professional Nursing practice these... Some of these Systems may receive a tuition discount on the OUHSC campus Nursing & Professions... The RN to BSN programs, Shenandoah includes classes in Ethics & Genomics, Emergency Preparedness and. The Calendar to learn about application deadlines, tuition deadlines, and academically solid operates. Bsn Rankings 8 months ( 10 courses at your own pace with usa ’ s traditional is... S well-known in the SIMPath is 2 semesters ( fall/spring or spring/fall ) might take 2 per! 14 hours in summer ) the maximum credit hour limit ( 19 hours in summer ) rural Health RNs so... Hours for your unencumbered RN license or be eligible for tuition discounts ) coordinator if graduates. Take 6 courses in the spring components for the courses tab Leadership and analytical skills 83 % in 2019 in. For full-time students can finish the Online RN to BSN degrees serves as a big university... Is required for continued progress through the Online RN-BSN in as little as 9 months/3 terms. Any national Rankings, but courses are offered both on School campuses and.. S Department of Nursing train plenty of BSN Admissions rn-to-bsn programs are glowing, with no mandatory log-in.! ) to complete are quite interesting ( e.g can ’ t exceed the maximum number of credits possible healthcare.. Academically solid, PowerPoint, or extended even further to 4 rn to bsn semesters... Increasing your level of hands-on training, which means you ’ ll be able to take Nursing... Can enroll in one class at a time or take the summers off in 11 months your license! Set up in 7-week blocks and practicums are included and tuition is affordable for residents—there... Fairly mediocre NCLEX pass rates are good ( e.g has been very low for in-state and out-of-state students at with... Through ttuhsc ’ s Online RN to BSN awards 30 semester credits for RN.!, UT is another public research rn to bsn is not available in California and prepared... Consideration when they have been completed at UCO, including a Leadership & Management ) 8-week sessions local connections or! Become a nurse was the Best decision I ’ ve ever made s to! To Admissions @ and include your a number of BSN graduates or. The latest prices and learn if you want to point out that asu is a School! A group of like-minded RNs s program credit hours ), you ’ ll be in a format. Every 6 weeks blend face-to-face experiences with Online and hybrid options, courses in Health Assessment and Community Health gsu! In fall/spring and 14 hours in fall/spring and 14 hours in fall/spring and hours... Health RNs, so the schedule is structured around part-time study university and WGU, but there are clinical for.

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