Rintaro visits Yanabayashi Shrine to appoint Luka Urushibara as LabMem #006 and gives him the LabMem badge, then visits Mayqueen to appoint Faris as LabMem #007 and gives her the LabMem badge as well. Achetez neuf ou d'occasion Name Afterward, Kurisu came to his rescue, only to be stuck in the same situation as him due to the car running out of fuel. For reference, 145 is considered the genius level of intelligence. His hair is more neatly combed, likely to follow university standards. Romaji: Characteristics Commentaires (0) Aucun commentaire pour l'instant, soyez le premier à en rédiger un ! Retrouvez toutes les news et les vidéos de la série TV Steins;Gate. But then he comes to a realization, that Reading Steiner, exists in every single human. Nationalité : japonaise Sexe :B Groupe Sanguin : ? Mayuri note d'ailleurs une ressemblance entre ". Bitte habt Verständnis, es ist meine erste Steins;Gate Fanfiktion, also nimmt auf eventuelle Fehler Rücksicht. Stuck in the middle of a deserted highway with no one in sight, Okabe then confesses his love to Kurisu. As Rintaro sends a text message about the incident to his friend, Itaru "Daru" Hashida, he experiences a strange phenomenon and the people around him disappear, with no one else noticing anything had changed. 18 years old[1] Male est une "magicienne folle" autoproclamée de, Durant les événements du film d'animation, "Okarin", son surnom, est très probablement une contraction de "Okabe" et de "Rintaro". Il affirma que son état était très similaire à l'impression ressentie lors de l'activation de ce dernier. C'est en l'an 2025 qu'il décide finalement d'envoyer un D-Mail à son lui de 2010, lui expliquant la marche à suivre pour ouvrir une porte vers la ligne d'univers du Steins Gate. After stumbling upon Moeka, a shy woman that only communicates by her phone on the street of Akihabara, Okabe learns about the IBN 5100, an old and exceedingly rare PC that may be in Akihabara. S'enregistrer Connexion : Le … EUR 5,99 + EUR 1,00 Versand . Rintaro founded the "Future Gadget Laboratory", a small research institution situated above a CRT store. As a result of going through dozens of time-leaps, he becomes rather cynical, depressed and frantic. Rintaro then confesses his love for her. Vous devez être membre pour ajouter un commentaire, inscrivez-vous! The series is a sequel to the 2011 anime series Steins;Gate, and is the final iteration of the Steins;Gate 0 story. However, he openly displays his affections for Kurisu near the end of the story, regardless of the route chosen. The story centers around Rintaro Okabe and his friends at the Future Gadget Lab, as they accidentally discover a way to change the past using their microwave. ), often nicknamed Okarin (オカリン) or Hououin Kyouma (鳳凰院凶真), is a self-proclaimed mad scientist and the main protagonist of the Steins;Gate series. Jujutsu Kaisen Fudemame Acrylic Keychain Charm Gacha Complete Set of 8. In 2015 December, "it was the choice of the voters (and the choice of Steins;Gate) that. He learns that the experiments only work at a specific time of the day (10am to 6pm). Steins;Gate He was then left with a dying Kurisu in his hands. Mayuri est la première, après Rintaro, à intégrer le Labo. He has his short black hair swept back and has brown irises, with a small amount of stubble on his chin and cheeks. He then gives Moeka back her phone, and offer her to help him to find FB, as he thinks that only FB's mail can cancel Moeka's D-mail. Shortly after agreeing to let Kurisu join his lab (due to her curiosity about the experiment that Okabe and Daru are doing with the Phone Microwave), Okabe soon realizes that the Phone Microwave is actually a time machine. Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en 1 jour ou en magasin avec -5% de réduction . Rintarou Okabe is the main protagonist of the visual novel and anime series Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate 0, and thecentral protagonist ofSteins;Gate: The Movie − Load Region of Déjà Vu.He is a self-proclaimed mad scientist who calls himself Hououin Kyouma which he claims is his true name. Nom : Rintaro Prénom(s) : Okabe Surnom(s) : Okarin, Hououin kyouma Age : 18 Anniversaire : ? Des aiguilles disponibles en quatre couleurs différentes. The person turns out to be Kurisu. The last D-mail he must cancel to get back to the world line where he has the IBN 5100 is Moeka's D-mail. This time, Rintaro waits outside of the house (FB will definitely die due to world line convergence). When Kurisu asks him why he didn't crack the first D-mail, he tells her the truth about her death. Hououin Kyouma (鳳凰院凶真) Bienvenu sur le premier Forum RPG de Steins;Gate : Accueil Rechercher . The theme extends to the ending of the anime where Okabe Rintaro’s trust in Kiryu Moeka as a lab member is ultimately rewarded with her joining his side at the end of Steins;Gate 0 which complemented the theme of forgiveness in the original Steins;Gate; the visual novel of Steins;Gate 0 unfortunately doesn’t carry this theme like it’s anime counterpart. However, he isn't hesitant to lend a helping hand to people whom he'd never met, as shown in his first encounter with Luka. 's 2015 video game of the same name, and is part of the Science Adventure franchise. Handgemachte Wandkunst Poster sind Geschenk für Home Decor Wandkunstdruck Poster; GEEIGNET FÜR VERSCHIEDENE UMGEBUNGEN: Dieses lebendige und … The time machine's repairs were incomplete, causing Suzuha to get amnesia and lost all of her memories when she went back to 1975. An example is when he blamed himself for stopping Suzuha from leaving during the night of the storm, which resulted in the loss of her memory and her failure in finding the IBN 5100, despite Suzuha's insistence that the entire ordeal was her fault for not going straight back to 1975 and instead stopping in 2010 to find her father. Rintaro Okabe (岡部 倫太郎, Okabe Rintarō), also known by the alias Hououin Kyouma (鳳凰院 凶真, Hōōin Kyōma), is the main protagonist of Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate 0. Good Smile Steins; Gate: Rintaro Okabe (Kyouma Hououin Version) Nendoroid Action Figure 5.0 out of 5 stars 19. He has dark socks and wears green slippers when inside the lab. Blood Type: et Nitroplus. In diesem Beitrag möchte ich euer Wissen zu Steins;Gate gerne etwas auffrischen und darüber sprechen, wie und wo man Steins;Gate… Ganzen Beitrag lesen > Okabe also has Daru hack into SERN to find out some info related to the time machine. During the year 2036 in the Beta Attractor Field, Mayuri becomes Kagari Shiina's adoptive mother. Suzuha travels from the year 2036 to 1975 to obtain the IBN 5100, but stops midway at 2010 to find her father, Barrel Titor, who is currently in Akihabara. Après avoir récupéré de ses blessures, Rintaro fait fabriquer des badges pour chaque membre du labo qu'il avait recruté dans les autres lignes temporelles, tout en en gardant un pour Suzuha qui naîtra dans 7 ans. But Okabe then tasers her and leaves her lying in the pool of his blood, before saying "farewell" to Kurisu and talk about his past self (the next 3 weeks will only be a mere 3 weeks to others, but, for you, it was the time you spent with Kurisu). After hearing the story from Rintaro about Amane Suzuha, Mr. Braun uses his gun to commit suicide. Steins Gate-Intégrale + Film-Edition Collector Limitée [Blu-Ray] + DVD. Characters: My biggest gripe with the show is that no character delivers anything worth hearing in 20 episodes of the series. To save Mayuri, he has to move to another Attractor field and to do that, he needs the IBN 5100 to erase the first D-mail he has ever sent from SERN's database. The Reading Steineris a term referring to Rintaro Okabe's ability to, after switching world lines, retain his memory of events that have occurred (from his point of view) before the switch. Therefore he refuses hacking SERN to delete the first D-mail. Taking place several weeks after the final scene in Steins;Gate (October 2010), it follows Okabe–and the rest of the lab members–going to Las Vegas. Sauf mention contraire, le contenu de la communauté est disponible sous licence. The first is the OVA episode Egoistic Poriomania. Steins;??? He would soon stumble upon John Titor, a time-traveling character famous for his discussions of the world in the year 2036, and this sparked his interest in knowing more about John Titor and his ideas about time travel. Steins;Gate 0 (Japanese: シュタインズ・ゲート ゼロ, Hepburn: Shutainzu Gēto Zero) is an anime television series created by White Fox that continues the story of 5pb. He is a self-proclaimed mad scientist, who likes to assume the nickname \"Kyouma Hououin\" (鳳凰院凶真, Hououin Kyouma), and often uses this to introduce himself to others. After some difficulties, Rintaro succeeds to cancel Feyris's and Luka's D-mail (which turns Akihabara back to "normal" (a city of Moe culture) and Luka was born a boy). Only 3 left in stock - order soon. "Steins;Gate"-in anime adaptasiyası tənqidçilər tərəfindən bəyənilmişdir. Description rédigée par Elena-Compléter / corriger cette description. T-Shirts, Poster, Sticker, Wohndeko und mehr zum Thema Steinsgate in hochwertiger Qualität von unabhängigen Künstlern und Designern aus aller Welt. Rintaro finally decides to sacrifice Kurisu and return to the original Attractor Field he was in. Comme quoi, courir après le temps est tout un art. In order to gather additional units for his college course, Rintaro attends a seminar being taught by Shouichi Makise about the fundamental theory behind creating a time machine. Japanese: As he was about to go upstairs to the Lab, he finds out that Moeka works as a Part-Timer in the CRT workshop. Anime: Suzuha was very happy, she bid farewell to the lab members and go back to 1975 to obtain the IBN 5100 to give it to Rintaro (However, because the time machine was incomplete, she can only go back to the past, so if she manages to obtain the IBN 5100, she will have to wait 35 years to give it to Rintaro). Also, the IBN 5100 is nowhere to be found due to the change of world line). Elle garde également une veste marron clair qu'elle porte sur ses bras et ses épaules, et qui flotte dans son dos. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. His social skills are so poor, in fact, that Kurisu considers the childlike Mayuri to be normal by comparison. The reason he barely calls Kurisu by her real name, but instead with the various nicknames, is because he was too embarrassed to call her by her real name. Steins;Gate est un anime profond, travaillé et vraiment prenant, ayant pour thème le voyage temporel qui, bien qu'ayant été très utilisé dans les films et séries télévisées, reste à … Immediately after sending the text, the people in the street all disappear, and the satellite he saw earlier appears to have crashed into the roof of the Radio Tower. Episode 01: Prologue of the Beginning and the End, http://www.madbracketstatus.com/2015/12/okabe-rintarou-is-top-time-traveler.html?m=1, https://steins-gate.fandom.com/wiki/Rintaro_Okabe?oldid=23080, In the Gamma World Line, Rintaro is a collaborator of SERN, member of the. Birthdate: Okabe is a melodramatic, eccentric and rarely tsundere individual. He was hospitalized for about a month due to his wound and around September 2010, he got out of the hospital, consequently obtaining 8 LabMem badges which were just finished. Good Smile Steins Gate: Kurisu Makise Figma Action Figure 4.5 out of 5 stars 81. Free shipping . Max Factory figma Steins Gate 2 set Kurisu Makise Rintaro Okabe. To his shock, SERN has been researching the time machine and already succeeded in making one. Steins Gate: Complete Series Classic" adlı Blu-ray kolleksiyası hazırda 200-dən çox tənqidçinin rəylərinə əsasən Amazon.com saytında 4,8/5 reytinq xalına malikdir. The Steins;Gate series is set in a universe where multiple events happen in a single time frame. Kurisu est une jeune femme de taille moyenne possédant de longs cheveux, qu'elle préfère garder lâchés, et des yeux de couleur violette. Active Voice Actors $129.37. Upon learning the truth, Okabe finally decides to send his D-mail and returns to the world line in which he obtained the IBN 5100. Okabe however, was too shy to even reply. Both were surprised, and Kurisu reveals that she had just acted on instinct. Rintaro then grabs his phone and runs out of the house. Also, if the D-mails can actually affect the past, then the present will be altered and only Okabe can notice the change, as other members' memories have also been altered to fit the new timeline. View, comment, download and edit steins gate Minecraft skins. There are several occasions that the anime displays what goes on in his mind, portraying him as rational and possessing great situational awareness. RELATED: Steins;Gate: 10 Reasons It's A Must-Watch Anime Series. It was likely that Okabe who was just an ordinary guy with Chunnibyou felt much more embarrased talking to someone like Kurisu. He ultimately finds it at the Yagabashi Shrine and brings it back to the lab. Rintaro Okabe (岡部 倫太郎 Okabe Rintarō? A bit saddened by the realization, he walks through a crowd of Akihabara, when someone familiar passes by him. After sending several D-mails, Okabe has changed the world line drastically (Faris' D-Mail has literally remodeled Akihabara, Luka's mail changes him from a boy to a girl. He and Itaru are both students of Tokyo Denki University, and have been friends for roughly three years, according to his words, although Itaru claims that their friendship is only just over a year old. Okabe has the characteristics of a lanky young man, with a square jaw and bony cheeks. In Steins;Gate 0, he is more professionally-dressed compared to his Steins;Gate counterpart, donning a black dress-shirt and slacks held by a black belt with a metal buckle. Steins;Gate is the second game in the Science Adventure series, and was initially released in 2009. Of course, doing so would make the other lab members lose their memories regarding the time they had shared with Suzuha, except Rintaro with his Reading Steiner. Einzigartige Steins Gate iPhone-Hüllen Von Künstlern designt und verkauft Für iPhone SE, 11, XS, X, 8 und mehr Leicht, robust oder flexibel. In the Visual Novel it continues and shows Rintaro heading into the Lab and finds Mayuri and Itaru inside, and gives them their respective LabMem Badges, while in the Anime, Mayuri was not around since she was looking for Rintaro who was released from the hospital. Rintaro Okabe If Okabe did choose Rukako, he would have a wonderful partner who adores him to the fullest. $105.43. Kurisu then hugs him even tighter and both of them fell down a flock of stairs, giving both of them a headache. In Pandemia of Artificial Machinery, he was tricked by the Amadeus System Maho into thinking that she hated old computer parts when in reality, the opposite is true. Okabe is a melodramatic, eccentric and rarely tsundere individual. In the Suzuha Ending (of the visual novel), Okabe's personality becomes exceedingly warped and twisted, as a result of being forced to choose between saving Suzuha or Mayuri. Steins;Gate centers around the exploits of Rintaro Okabe, an 18-year old self proclaimed “mad scientist” who goes by the name “Ho(cantspellitatthemoment) Kyouma” and claims he wants to beat an illusionary Orgainzation and topple the world’s ruling class! Jahr: 2011 Status: Abgeschlossen Folgen: 24 / 24 Länge: 24 Min. Orientation Se. He stops and turns around, not really believing what he'd seen. Kurisu replies to him by stating that she isn't Christina, nor his Assistant. Free shipping . Mayuri est l'amie d'enfance de Rintaro, et ce depuis qu'elle est à l'école élémentaire. A Il semblerait que Rintaro ait obtenu le Reading Steiner durant son enfance, en l'an 2000, tandis qu'il était victime d'une forte fièvre. However, he has a strong desire to see through that the future of the Lab Members does not end in peril and time-leaped 3000 times from 2036 to ensure it. His Future self dubs this mission as 'Operation Skuld'. Il prétend avoir un quotient intellectuel de 170. Il se nomme lui-même " Hôôin Kyôma " et se prétend souvent " Mad Scientist ", savant fou, mais Mayuri et Itaru le surnomment " Okarin ". Le design des personnages a été réalisé par Ryohei Fuke, aussi connu sous le surnom de Huke, alors que les gadgets l'ont été par Sh@rp. Okabe starts doing experiments with the Phone Microwave by trying to send text messages (which the group agrees to call them D-mails) to the past. In this answer, I will be answering questions relating to Steins;Gate (first season), Steins;Gate Movie (Load Region of Déjà vu) and Steins;Gate 0. Rintaro Okabe (岡部 倫太郎, Okabe Rintarō) est le fondateur du Laboratoire des Gadgets Futuristes, le Labo Mem 001, ainsi que le protagoniste principal des séries Steins;Gate et Steins;Gate 0. However, in a moment of rashness, he traveled to a truck stop in the middle of nowhere and was unable to make the return trip with only a dead-battery phone and 67 cents. Wiki Science Adventure est une communauté de FANDOM appartenant à la catégorie Jeux vidéo. Il s'est auto-proclamé scientifique fou, adoptant le nom Hououin Kyouma1 (鳳凰院 凶真, Hōōin Kyōma). Steins;Gate 0 läuft im japanischen Fernsehen und in Deutschland bei Wakanim. Steins Gate Okabe Rintaro Makise Kurisu Notebook: Journal for Teens, Weebs, Adults, and Mad Scientists (6 x 9 in.) By confronting Suzuha after time leaping, Rintaro now learns that Suzuha is, in fact, John Titor. Dans l'anime, ses cheveux sont de couleur rouge, alors que dans le visual novel, ils sont châtains. Rintaro returns to his time. He went to Moeka's apartment to find that she is in some kind of trauma because her boss, FB, seems to have abandoned her.

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