In fact, 64% of those on the list made it prior to the year 2000. I think I might still go and tell her that I read about this company and what liars and rip off artists they are. I BET IT’S TERM…. It is tragically shocking to me how so many people have NO CLUE about saving and investing properly, managing their money, and paying off their debt quickly and strategically. So please tell me how we scammed all of them too) The person who recruited me, drives a nice Mercedes which he can not even afford. Then you only pay $25 a month for your Primerica online which are loaded with helpful tools to grow your business. it’s overpriced, illegitimate, etc.). Their term policies come to a point where people can no longer afford them and most people have to cancel them. FACT: Primerica has more women, minorities, and people under 30 making 6 figures than any other company in the U.S… we also have more 7 figure earners than any other company in the U.S (this claim is verifiable in any legitimate source). , Wow you said they tell people they were on Forbes to brainwash people yet they are on Forbes. I saw this after I went to one of their orientations and I am now regretting signing up and paying for the IBA. The cost goes on and on!, Credibility Packet If they target people that most likely wouldn’t become clients, then the businesses/companies would surely fail. If you read Art Williams statement, he said everyone started out part time. 7. Here’s a very helpful complaint from Consumer Affairs with over 60 likes about her experience with Primerica’s mutual funds-, Mary of Oklahoma City, OK Verified Reviewer. So please, by all means, contact the Department of Labor, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, and CNN to reveal Primerica is just a Ponzi scheme. You are only paid if you are helping clients. Scam? A $99 fee for a background check and training is not far fetched. The presentation started and explained how Primerica’s soul purpose was to help their insurance recipients afford cheaper insurance so they can live better lives and not be in poverty. Anyone that’s willing to pay the BBB will get a high rating. What is the point of paying your hard-earned money for a life insurance policy for your spouse or children, only to have the life insurance company attempt to find a loophole to get out of paying as they should and to find a way to, in the end, keep the monies to themselves. Good luck to all! Just because you were recruited by someone doesn’t mean they can’t move past you! Thank you Tim and congratulations on your businesses . The difference with Primerica and any corporation is that if you surpass your upline’s production you have the opportunity to get promoted, regardless of the time you’ve been with the company. Power Life Insurance Customer Satisfaction Study, who has been known to have agents that inherit the representatives of their representative once they reach RVP, and whose agents hide their company name and post fake job interviews. And then I try to help them some more by recommending a completely free online business opportunity that could change their lives. In my case, those two barriers would’ve precluded me from a traditional insurance company so it really wasn’t on my radar. Do you realize how many people would sign up for something like this, then give up, thus staying on the registry and getting paid nothing for doing no work…? We met with a friend and his trainer and they put together a FREE FNA showing us how to get out of debt fasternusing the same amount of money. All term policy thats all Primerica offers. All business’s recruit. They mention that they are on the 2015 Forbes list of the top trustworthy companies to brainwash people. I’m really sorry for this page to be honest.. I won’t point out all the defamatory info you’ve posted on this website, but Primerica is one of the few, if not ONLY, Life Insurance providers that offers 35 year terms, NOT 20. If they can’t tell you, then they don’t truly understand and are just repeating what they’ve been told to say. Your business will do great without you having to bash others simply because you don’t know all there is to know about Primerica. …there is no guarantee that you will achieve any specific cash flow level. Melanie Halfkenny Wikipedia, If an individual worked for a corporation he would be bringing that company revenue. Hello Ishok I don’t work for Primerica or are pro Primerica my background is investments and finances worked for two national banks! That isn’t a Primerica thing, that’s an insurance thing. There is nothing wrong with buying term and investing the difference, but do so through more credible companies like State Farm and Vanguard. This company is a blessing!!!! The lady that recruited me lived in San Diego. which has a lot of research showing there are issues with many of their products. What percentage of Americans make $100,000 per year? Primerica is unique indeed. The company gives you absolutely everything you need to win. I felt like I was not in a job interview. People who are working for themselves have to ask themselves “How much money does it take to make some more money?” I agree that you shouldn’t deface a company just because of a bad experience you may have had. hah fr and maybe that guy didnt got a commission because his dumb ass put the wrong solution number. Pont is, you have to put in the hard work AND time. Ricky, thanks for sharing your experience with Primerica. I also sat down with a couple who had over $500k of debt. Another line: Also like your style Jennifer. If you moved on, move on, but don’t lie in the midst of moving on. Not all companies are MLM, but Primerica has 11 levels. According to Simply Hired, the average salary for state farm agent jobs is $32,000. You just said you earned $500k in the first 18-months and now you’re a multimillionaire. Is it very legitimate that a company paid money to be named one of the top 50 most trustworthy companies? I’m examining the behavior of Primerica as well. Complaints keep coming from Primerica customers with the most recent one stating, “Do not invest your money or your time with this company. Yes it is a legitimate company which offers financial products. This is my very hard-learned lesson! You know what they are already. Descriptive Essay First Time Driving,, 911 May be a supplemental part time gig. Excuse me??? Yes, they deceive people to bring them in. There are two scams in the life insurance industry. I believe people have the right to know what company they’re getting involved in and they have the right to do their research and it is up to them to decide if Primerica is right for them. I can find a bunch of free information just by going to This is the norm in the insurance business. But I’m not going to be an AllState, State Farm, or any other life insurance rep either. If your only focus was on making tons of money, then the opportunity aspect of it isn’t for you. Being the caring person I am, I immediately wanted to help completely disregarding the fact that the powerpoint looked like a middle school child made it. I know this industry well on the other side (non-Primerica). Enron? I have been contacted by dozens of companies about employment and no reputable company forces a potential candidate to beg for information. The tax benefits is the main reason. Certainly not. Regular insurance companies are companies that do not employ multi-level marketing to recruit and sell their products. So until you have actual proof that this is a scam and not just some lazy assed people who didn’t really want to work or just happy doing the 9 to 5 and expecting to get ahead, you should just get your facts straight and shut up until then! Why would anyone waste their time selling high risk retirement products to teachers and firefighters that was the case with Primerica representatives? I really depends on why a person gets in involved. Anyway, I also said I wanted to research. Sorry some autocorrect errors. That statement (complete with grammatical error) just says all you need to know about Primerica reps. And pray tell, what makes you an authority of the ethics and efficacy of a financial firm? And there is no product to buy or resell. Reported total commissions were $594M which leaves $291M left for the remaining 103,000 reps. or only $2825(at the maximum). You can read my review here. Fuck you primerica scammers. Primerica does not offer paid in full policies. Only 5% of their 98,000 force earn more than $36k. Some of what Jennifer is saying is true, but saying that Primerica doesn’t offer term up to 35 years is a straight lie. I wasn’t told what I was going into, and their meetings usually have people telling you “You can do it, be Resistant”. The average earnings at State Farm is about six times more than Primerica. Over 60% of their agents fail and average just a little over $5,600 per year. Why should you pay for a background check. We decided to go public. Clearly THEY think Primerica is worth something good. They paid out during 9/11. I have heard hundred of MLM businesses and Primerica is the unique than offer me to Pay State Licenses for me and give me a lot of time to training me about it with an investment of $99 for a background check (ONLY ONE TIME) and $25 monthly for the website tools. The figures he was showing me where how you go about getting a CD, and eventually having enough to retire with by saving a dollar a day. So what’s the scam because he’s done it in an area where he knows no one so that’s considered to be a “cold market” and just following the advice of his trainers. I never said that it wasn’t. Fact is ANY business you start from the ground up is hard! In 2015, the average number of new polices sold per rep was only 2.54 FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR, which was up from 2.28 in 2014. Since then, it’s launched an ambitious plan to sell hundreds of billions of dollars in assets and businesses while repaying taxpayers. I believe its a product of the business model that primerica employs that creates some of the misunderstandings that we see on the web. Thanks Kyle. So mere ownership isn’t enough to get a good cashflow coming in. Also, I have funds with them. In regards to Forbes magazine, I have taken the liberty of providing the direct link to their page below, proving it to be a true statement. I am a middle school math teacher and know numbers in black and white don’t lie. I guess we shall see who wins, me or Primerica or both of us. 4. Their companies achievements were being undermined with a company that was failing. Due to all the recent complaints on Consumer Affairs, I’m not convinced. Vermont State Abbreviation, And they wanted all us new people to come up with 100 names of people we knew, and of course they took the lists from us. You give 100% in another company your boss wants 110%. Oh, wait… I forgot, Mr. High School dropout, Fat-**, and Primerica Executives kept my $100k plus interest. He’s supposed to say that after you’re on your way for guaranteed success, not when his barely recruiting you. Joe, thank you for sharing your experience with Primerica and helping others. I would defend the company like many posters on here when I was in it. The money earned is not distributed to every person that joined evenly. Their term life insurance is overpriced, especially for those with medical conditions. I would like to see your sources stating that you can pay to be on the Forbes lists and the rating for the BBB. On 9/11 Primerica had a client on every plane and every building that went down. Lol. If you want to be a blogger you have to pay for a domain and a site to keep your blog going (if you want to be legit, unless you want cheap illegitimate crap). That means that more people are making close to peanuts. You said their insurance is expensive? 9. Always be more profitable. Winston Churchill once said, “If you stop to throw stones at every dog that barks, you’ll never reach your destination.” I’ve wasted more than enough time throwing rocks at this dog, and she’ll probably still keep barking. It’s not a scam. I personally wouldn’t work for a company whose sales force tried to convince Florida firefighters and teachers to switch to high risk retirement products.-Wikipedia. And if I wish to renew it then my rates are increasing by almost 50%!! They thought it would be easy, and sisnce they didn’t give it their all, they didn’t do well. They don’t rip people off. This is a voluntary business, you must work, your work ethic must be 100 and you must become a student of the business to succeed. I just went to SelectQuote and this is why I believe they’re a better option. If you want to punch a clock, get paid a fixed rate for fixed hours of work and hope that you can get promoted someday, then this is not for you. MLM IS SCAM!!! Going off an opinion verses facts show how closed minded people are. My boss also sent me links to a bunch of cool business speeches on SoundCloud to listen to. You might have experienced a “bad representation” from someone in the business who promised something that was not true. People should invest in their retirement, but not with Primerica. Their term may be more expensive in SOME cases but the value it offers far outweighs the price difference! Though a background investigation usually is free, as you said, there are many different types which do carry fees, such as a Federal background investigation, which is what this company seems to do. My business allows people to join and start a website for free. Lol, this blog is a joke, lets see the numbers on your o line business Jennifer, you talk down about primerica only to promote your own business, you have no integrity and no class and your info is incredibly flawed if you’d like actual info you can get numbers, as well as printed salaried for everyone that earns $50,000 plus at primerica just by asking, also for those reading why dont you google which company has the most 6 figure earners I think you’ll be surprised, thanks for your long winded rant Jennifer I wont be signing up for your company, © 2020 Jennifer's Passion for Internet Marketing, The Eight Deadly Sins of Internet Marketing, How to Write Quality Content for a Website, Awesome Guide to Setting Up Your WordPress Website, How To Self-Publish An Amazing Ebook On Amazon Kindle. Primerica is not a pyramid scheme. Powers 2018 Life Insurance Study.-, 4. Open your mind to whats real. Primerica Then no one on the list is legitimate. We understand it’s not for everyone if becoming successful was easy everyone would do it. Most others offer either ART or conversion to a permanent life policy. I still have not received one answer on my commissions even though the video says that I will make alot of money by selling four polices and make a residual income. That’s about a 10 to 1 ratio. Primerica representatives have a strange way of recruiting people and many times, don’t even mention the company’s name from posting fake job posts to recruiting people on college campuses. I could go on and on but it would be mostly a waste of time. I have actually sat in the room and watched people sign up for Primerica and it was $99.00 for their IBA and $25.00 for the POL internet service. I have personally helped one family get out of debt 31 years earlier then at the rate they were going. Bahahaha, do you know what I see every day? The meetings generated numerous complaints and violated the school district’s employee policy manual, which prohibits employees from using their position with the district “to attempt to sell products or services”. With customized plans intended to identify and develop healthier spending habits for customers, we provide a path for struggling families to not only obtain life insurance but to establish a secure way of life now and in retirement. Primerica was the largest provider of individual term-life insurance in the U.S. in 2008 based on the amount of in-force premiums collected, according to LIMRA International, an independent market research organization. Yes, and i trust jennifer, someone who Google this stuff and is obviously an expert! Sounds like you have just had some bad experiences. Thankfully I’m educated enough to know its crap! Not according to their income disclosure that clearly states that Primerica agents are making an average income of $6,030 a year. now do us a favor….shut up and go away…you have no business being in primerica or any other business with that mentality….and the sight ain’t much better either….good rid. State Farm has to overcharge because they have to pay for their comedic primetime advertising. People want a get rich quick and Primerica is not it. What an infantile and pathetic comment to make. There are no guarantees like a regular job and in today’s ecnomic times, not even jobs nor a pension are guaranteed. They were #13 on the list. Which takes recruiting new agents and getting them licensed and competent. We also educate the consumer on the constant bashing we receive from our “competitors” or disgruntled ex-employees, many of whom dropped out way to early. The Dow Jones outperformed in afternoon trading Monday, helped by gains of at least 3% for Honeywell, Dow Inc. Chevron, Walgreens and Caterpillar. Let’s just touch on the most obvious since I don’t want your head to explode. The only reason you haven’t made “a dime” yet, its because your work ethic. Weak people think Primerica is a scam because they actually have to go out and WORK. Another person enters the room, sharing his own personal experience and more success stories, which frankly was starting to annoy me. There is no such thing as a paid up policy in primerica they onky sale level term life insurance. Yes I got my ring! I run a tour company as my main job right now. A company by the name of Walburg Pinkus invested $15mil into having us investigated. If 60% of people in Primerica fail/quit, (often making maybe 2 or 3 sells before quitting) then how is the average income of a rep even a useful number at all? I would love to know where your sources came from. Because we work and we do what they tell us to do, we follow the system. The company with the most six figure earners in the world with no income cap….. that’s all someone who is ambitious have to hear !! I got FIELD EXPERIENCE prior to moving forward and took as long as I needed to realize how genuine they are. Use your creativity in a business. Most RVPs/representatives do not achieve the levels illustrated. Ted Kravitz Missing, Everything you want is to reclute people in. You get EXACTLY what you put in. Run fast! It’s better to work for a trusted company that gives their customers options and their employees to make a decent wage rather than wasting time begging people to join and being left to fail if you don’t get enough people to join your team. However, you people are nuts. I invited two good friends (or so I thought) to an overview JUST for them to learn the financial concepts listed above and they in turn decided I was part of a scam, a pyramid scheme, that I was being taken advantage of and trying to game them, condemned my character and good judgment, made a statement about me as a person and a mother, and LEFT BEFORE IT STARTED. 8. Most people, who just want to clock in and clock out for a minimal paycheck, SHOULD work at State Farm, you are correct! A 30-year term life insurance policy is also the contract I signed. You talk about the 250,000 or so that leave. But you my son need to learn how to reference and research and validate the credentials of the information you are trying to push out. I don’t recommend Primerica for the business opportunity because so many are making less than $6,000 per year and so many struggle to build their team and sell their products. Unfortunately, only 1-2% of people will ever reach that success, but I wouldn’t feel too great if I were you selling inferior products from a company that steals people’s money: Isabel of Miami, FL Verified Reviewer But you are your best financial adviser and nobody is going to care more about your finances than yourself. Hi Jennifer, If I’m wrong, do not punish me for it – inform me (which is something you are good at, you write and explain things very well). Primerica’s agents are ” properly trained”, in that they do the same licensing exams and courses as all others. What an opportunity. Each level has a certain percentage. He must have jotted down my number after sneakily lurking through my friends phone . Can’t happen. No. No one pulled my chains, harassed me, lied to Me, and I’m an educated graduate with a bachelor of computer engineering and I already have my own business. I am with Primerica and I have two master’s degrees, so Sky you are wrong. It’s hard because people are programmed to be close minded. Those sales will generate more than $200 million for Citigroup. With Primerica you also have no quota and no boss. This is not just clever marketing. That’s like trying to become a doctor and taking advice from somebody who dropped out of me school. I said no thanks and walked away. Jeniffer, I respect your game, honestly you see something bad and feel something so you speak your mind, and you have good opinions and facts, but really, not trying to offend anyone but it seems that there are a lot of people here that does or did a lot of different things but in the same, there is always new ideas, new people, new challenges, and different results, either yours or mine and what anyone can take from this is exactly what they see it is, I’m new I’m primerica and I’m scared, but open-minded and excited, I’m 21 years old and I know I’m young and I’m gonna see and do a lot of different things, and only if you take and learn from the things offered, earned, and even discovered is that you won’t truly know, I can learn that it’s bad and it was a waste of time, that’s why this is here, to tell people of their experience. Unfortunately, name recognition doesn’t always equate to quality of service. Anytime we can do something for a living we love is awesome. Well,I guess that depends on how you define an MLM. After reading tons of investing articles, JL Collins book Simple Path to Wealth, and Jack Bogle’s book Common Sense Investing, I’m pissed. If you wont get the true facts and seek the truth then you are delusional and there is nothing anyone can do to help you until you are ready to face that. I’ll recommend the exact same thing here I do to ask of my clients: go check them out, listen to what they have to say, see what they can do, and compare it with what I can. Your brave enough to make a post that Primerica is a scam and name bash other companies alike. Those leaving are replaced by the 16% of recruits that actually get licensed, and this cycle repeats itself each and every year. This company showed me how to pay down my debt as soon as possible. I have a BS in Accounting, a life insurance license, Series 6 and 63. Sounds too good to be true. Primerica changes lives, it’s as simple as that. Well, you’re getting someone to BUY something, which is the definition of “sales”, right? My comment is with respect to reps and their prospect lists. fuck you “The One” you take advantage of poor people for a living since 1977. You move from your warm market by getting REFERRALS. Which is why you are encouraged to pay less on DEATH benefits and invest more on LIVING benefits based on your risk suitability. Jay of Denver, CO Which at last count was more than 72(note: there are at least two of those that I know of that just reached that goal in the last year or so…one of them at the age of 29). But Primerica has a guaranteed insurability clause on those term life policies. I suggest you read the following post about Primerica and you take a serious look at all the comments as well. Hey, I was a financial advisor myself and had no clue what I was doing. Most Primerica reps are working the business extremely part time(10 hours/week, maybe) so, a 6:1 income ratio that you pointed out sounds about right. They gave me a shot and paid for close to $4k in state and federal licensing. I would love to meet you one day. I’m not sure how I would be successful in a cold market without any internet marketing skills. We are ALL (or should be) smart enough to know that there are bad seeds in any situation, some utilizing this platform for personal gain and that is unfair. However, hardworking is not a priority character for a good salesperson. But they found success working for more reputable companies such as New York Life. Do they provide people with the ability to easily compare quotes online? Because your mentality will lead you to failure in anything you do. *There is a two-year non-competition clause if you go independent. Keep in mind, Primerica is a “TERM” Life Insurance and Mutual Fund financial management company aka Scam Company. Because you know the people selling it aren’t selling you a lemon. Oh sure, some policies have an Option II provision that does pay the face amount and the savings, but it is even more expensive! You guys are so blind, it’s amazing. Yes, just like you’ll find that not every apple from the healthiest apple tree is good. You call taking a 3 to 5 day crash course qualified? I didn’t understand why a free educational service would pay for employees to go on tropical vacations twice a year and have vendors do presentations. God bless scammy Primerica. You would make a lot more money even working part time for Mc Donald’s than you would for Primerica. One piece of information that i know for a fact you have incorrectly stated is after the 20yr period go straight ART. People that dedicate a lot of time to this company will defend it to the end. Preach bro Preach!!! The business opportunity includes the sale of term life insurance, auto and home insurance, mutual funds, variable annuities and pre-paid legal services. Why would anybody need a whole life insurance policy, just to keep paying premiums until God knows what age, if at the end of the term of the Term life policy, they have enough to live off of and pay for their funeral?

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