Now able to create areas where no violence may occur, they are able to Heal more, Bless more and Serve even more. High Priest is the Transcendent variant of Priest. Active skills do not inflict … The persons who receive this will benefit from damage reduction for a limited amount of time. Primary stats are INT (for full support builds), STR and WIS (for battle builds). In modern WoW, it is an essential tool in optimizing your performance. Cards. Assassin Cross. - 1 point of AGI increases flee rate by 1 The Priests are one of (if not) the most important classes in Ragnarök Online. What do you do? - 1 point of DEX increases your hit rate by 1 - 3 points of LUK increases your status magical attack power by 1 Equipment on. Stat simulation from the iRO Stat Calculator. Fabre. However some non slotted mid-headgears are good for vanilla woe/pvp. Rogue. Clock. Welcome. Slotted earrings are nice for the INT bonus, as are slotted Orleans Gloves if you're looking to enhance your DEX, or a slotted Rosary. Every high-end and self-respecting DPS player uses Raidbots on some level to figure out what they should use. 2. In Ragnarok, there are generally 3 types of skills: Passive, Active, Offensive. Being a support priest is more complex than just being able to hotkey Heal – there are actually different kinds of support priests for different situations! How about raising VIT? Cards. Heal Plz: Becoming a Support Priest & the Types of Support You Can Provide, Specialization within the Support Priest Build. INT-enhancing food - especially at higher levels, the INT-boosting food can really put you over the edge in a tight spot, especially for special events. The skill is canceled if the Priest moves or uses another skill. First of all, if you're looking on how to level your priest, consider trying a TU / ME build first, followed by a stat and skill reset to switch into the support build. As an example, lets take a look at MATK - a very important component in understanding how things like healing and certain skills can be made optimal. stat formulae over at iRO wiki's archives,, INT to 99 -> VIT to 80 -> DEX to 15~20 -> Rest to DEX, INT to 80~ -> VIT to 80 -> INT to 99 -> LUK & DEX (this would be to give you a chance to get some needed HP points for a while before you dive back in), INT to 60~ -> VIT to 60 -> DEX to 99 -> Rest to VIT, Decrease AGI - Subtract a few points from either Increase AGI or Angelus if you like to add here, Assumptio - Level 5 (unless you're going for WoE Support only). Footgear - Luckily, with a great number of SP-enhancing cards for your shoes, you have plenty of options! Check out the list of top rated build PvE & PvP for Priest. Cast lots of Pneuma and Safety Wall, along with Sanctuary to heal the Emp. SP recovery items - blue potions, grape juice, and even ygg berries and seeds can come in handy, especially in the midst of battle. Base Level All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. But here’s the idea. I’ve rank-ordered them in terms of importance: Tip: Focusing on having some DEX isn’t a bad idea; I like it when needing to cast things in a pinch and it provides for a certain degree of flexibility in difficult situations. Secondly, please note that TalonRO currently runs on a pre-renewal system, meaning that the many mechanical changes made to RO through the Gravity Renewal updates won't apply here. As a 99/50 Priest, I would recommend that your stat distribution resemble the following: As a 99/70 High Priest, I would recommend that your stats now look like this: Alternatively, another great recommendation is to go for a higher DEX rate, given the availability of gear and cards on Talon that can help get you to Instant Cast (IC). Never get confused again! Strength (STR) If you have a Mistress Card, no problem! Most of all, thanks to all of the countless people who have taught me more about being a good support priest in RO over the years. High Priest. I fully expect that there are lots of people who have an even more in-depth knowledge of support priests than I do, so this guide is just a walkthrough of the basic mechanics of the class and how to build a more effective priest. The steal simulator should allow you to properly determine your chance of successfully stealing an item from a monster. Tertiary skills will be confined to special purposes, like being a WoE support priest, etc. Pecopeco. After you've become more familiar with the effects of the stat point distribution, try experimenting! Thanks to Aceviper, Azurhialine, and Minnamon for their very valuable feedback! First of all, there are many, many combinations you can choose from. iW Stat Simulator. Mid Headgear - A slotted INT middle headgear is preferred for a Priest in order to maximize MATK, SP, and to increase your healing amount. - 6 levels increases your status MDEF by 1. - 10 points of DEX increases your status physical attack power by 1 Now we can move onto the real substance of the support priest: those shiny, wonderful skills. Near as I can tell, the changes to stats and Renewal are as follows: Current Mechanics: I recommend looking at the stat formulae over at iRO wiki's archives, which will apply to the mechanics here at TalonRO. Archer. Think of it like cooking: heat will always cook food, but sometimes you need different temperatures to cook something to perfection! Does not work against Boss monsters and can't be used during the War of Emperium. Throughout this guide, I’ll include little tips and ideas along the way that I’ve personally found to be interesting or noteworthy through my own years of playing as this class. Primary skills here are true across all four sub-types of support priest, while secondary skills will be useful to just about any support priest. Similar. We'll approach the skills as being presented across three tiers: primary skills (skills so essential that no support priest would be without them), secondary skills (skills that function as considerable support providers), tertiary skills (skills that you could do without or skills that are a matter of personal preference). As a support priest, some of these matter more than others. While everyone has various strategies with regard to WoE, think of your support as being both to the Emperium as well as to your fellow guildmates. Passive skills are always "activated" although they may require the user be attacked or otherwise influenced by other environmental effects in order to go off. Champion. While your bonuses at high levels will be enough to sustain you through most things, you'll always want to have a certain compliment of items with you at all times. for your party, but make sure you've got yourself covered too. - 2 points of INT increases your status magic defense by 1, Dexterity (DEX) High Priest Skill Description - RO Mobile Eternal Love. Tip: Each class comes with its own "card set" - that is, a set of cards that when all equipped together generate great bonuses for that class. If you’re wondering how to become a support priest (or how to further optimize your existing support priest) then read on! English Français Portugues Deutsche Русский Español Turkish - 1 level increases your HIT rate by 1. Healing and providing general support here is key, and some additional equipment that helps to boost HP and monster resistance would be nice. If you discover any bugs in the skill simulator please report it to our forum here. Item Database | Monster Database | Skill Database | Map Database | Quest Database | Creation Database | Misc Database Rate Settings | Graphic Settings | Site Settings. Ragnarok Online Skill Planner. High Priest; Paladin; Scholar; Biochemist; Stalker; Champion; Rune Knight; Warlock; Ranger; Mechanic; Guilotine Cross; Arch Bishop; Royal Guard; Sorceror; Maestro; Wanderer; Geneticist; Shadow Chaser; Sura; Dancer; Gypsy; Minstrel; Get Firefox! - 4 points of DEX increases your status magic defense by 1 - 1 point of INT increases your status magic attack by 1.5 High Wizard. Once you get the hang of it, the beauty of this class is the ability to make subtle adjustments to skills, stats, and equipment so your priest is uniquely yours! Welcome! Wizard. Item set 3. Creator. - 5 points of VIT increases your status magic defense by 1, Inteligence (INT) - 1 point of INT decreases your variable cast time by 0.2%. Is having a higher heal important to you? Exorcism and Temptation Tests 2. If you're in an area where you might be tanking more often, put some points into VIT for a while. Anything left over we won't worry about putting any skill points into. Visit the Store Page. Welcome! Battlemode is a critical device for being able to use all your skills at once. A bulwark in the storm of chaos, he is more than capable of protecting his comrades when faced with even the most ferocious enemy. As a general rule, you'll want to shop for gears that perform the following basic functions: Headgear - equipment that raises your INT (and consequently, MATK), increases SP or SP recovery, and equipment that can boost your healing amount (if looking for items that correspond to increasing your heal, search the TalonRO database under Item Script Containing: "bHealPower"). Of course, carding an elemental enchanting card on top of an elemental armour is pointless. Lastly, as an alternative that I've used before, you could try out a pair of Variant Shoes as a High Priest if you can afford them. Each wave will inflict several hits of 100% Holy property magic damage. However, only 90 base VIT is required for this. Once Acolytes have undergone rigorous spiritual training and have served the Church and the community as a whole, they have the opportunity to be promoted within the ranks of the Church. There's no one correct way to play and lots of ways to make your support priest unique to you. ;). and only if you have the extra points: My general recommendation on the tertiary skills is that you probably won't be needing things like Sanctuary, Decrease AGI, or Kyrie unless you're going to be providing support in WoE or PvP - though some wouldn't even think of having anything less than Kyrie 10! The equipment here will focus on cards and gears that are mostly obtainable; the Super Quest Items (SQI) that apply here would be great to have under virtually any circumstances, but we'll assume that you aren't walking around all lean and mean with a bag full of SQIs! You'll likely not need a ton of holy water, just enough for when you need to cast Aspersio to support others who need some holy in their weapons. It shouldn't have too many bugs but skill names maybe off from the iRO skill names. Priests are the only class who can heal others, and they also have very powerful status buffs to increase leveling efficiency. For now, we need to try and gap some of the distance in our stats with sweet, sweet equipment. The following are among the most useful to a support priest: Blue Gemstones - used for Safety Wall, Resurrection, and others, Blue Gems are a support priest's best friend. Sequel of High School Simulator GirlA. Pilgrimages After completing these tests, the player will be transformed into a Priest. Save. Thief. You may be working the res. So where do I put all my stat points? This is a Stat Simulator and Planner for High Priest. Changing into a Priest from an Acolyterequires the player to complete a number of tasks: 1. The SQI applicable here would be a Brisingamen. Understanding MATK formulaically can be helpful, especially as you try and find your own ways to increase your heal if you so choose. - 4 levels increases your status MATK by 1. This functions a lot like both the PvM and MVP builds, except that your hotkeys will likely look a bit different. All kinds of feedback are most welcome - it's how we can all learn from one another. Ich habe persönlich Soul Revival gemaxt, da effekiv gesehen 80% HP richtig gut sind und einiges an Heals ersparen können. For the first 50 job points gained from being an Acolyte, I'd recommend the following: For the 70 job points coming from the High Priest, you'll have greater flexibility. I hope that I can learn even more about being a better support priest! Although you'll generally have very good SP recovery (further enhanced by skills like meditatio and magnificat as well as equipment), you might find yourself in a bind on occasion.

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