This is DeWalt 20V; it is advertised with the maximum voltage. Your email address will not be published. The Milwaukee 2702-20 is sold as a bare tool with no batteries or accessories included while the Dewalt DCD791D2 kit has the drill, the batteries, the charger, a belt hook all encased in a handy toolbox. Lannabulls, One thing that you may need to consider when buying a cordless power tool and its battery is the available capacity options. I have all cordless dewalt 18v XRP's right now so I was thinking I should keep them all the same. IMO, this falls into the same category as whining that a 2x4 only measures 1.5”x3”, or truck manufacturers claiming towing capacities of “up to 12,500 lbs” only applying to regular cab 2wd trucks with the lowest gear ratios, rather than how 95% of the trucks sold are configured. But if all your 18V tools are available in the 20V Max lineup, and your buddy is willing to but the whole 18V lot from you... Many/most of the 20V versions do feature improved ergonomics, features, or specs. But, why are they the same? DeWalt still sells 20v Max tools alongside 18v XRP tools here in the US, so it helps consumers to differentiate the two systems. However, I'm not sure I should go with the 20V Max, or 20V Max XR. Kind of, but not as bad as you think. A cell is actually a smaller battery. Perhaps the only other drill that could challeng… Please hit the LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE.Feel free to check us out on our other social Media platformes!!! Why sell with different names? Batteries have some factors to monitor with their electronic components. The DCS334 Jigsaw has arrived, and it’s engineered for the XR battery platform, offering a lot of new upgrades over the 331. THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED “AS IS” AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR REMOVAL AT ANY TIME. You will see that the 18V battery and the 20V battery have 18-volt of voltage power. IDO » Community » Forums » Fishing Forums » General Discussion Forum » Dewalt XRP vs. non-XRP Drill. Thanks a lot for your help. Required fields are marked *. they have a 20v tool and buy the 18v battery then complain when it doesn't fit. Conclusion Go for the bigger number for a bigger power, right? The batteries should use nominal voltage and watt-hours of capacity. However I am referring to the "new" slide pack XR batteries litium, all my Dewalt tools have XR slide pack batteries, not the old stick ncad one. It features two (2) USB charging ports for charging compatible devices as well as a LED Indicator. • Included accessories, such as storage bags, bits, sanding bands, cut-off wheels, etc. It includes one (1) DCB204 20V MAX Premium XR Lithium Ion Battery Pack. The new Premium XR lithium-ion batteries are expected to retail for $109 (2.0 Ah DCB203), $129 (4.0 Ah DCB204), $149 (2.0 Ah DCB203 2-pack), and $199 (4.0 Ah DCB204 2-pack) and are available … If you take a look at their specs, you will see that they mostly have higher amp-hour ratings. Then, through the free DeWalt Tool Connect mobile app, you can do a variety of things to the battery, such as monitoring the charge level, enabling/disabling the battery, and control how long the battery can be used by someone else. If you use the nominal voltage, 3.6V x 5 cells = 18V. A manufacturer could choose to lose potential customers going against market convention saying 10.8V, but no one does. A greater torque means a greater power, which is needed when drilling through hard materials. Display as a link instead, × × DeWalt 20V MAX Atomic Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Compact Drill/Impact Combo Kit . Companies are allowed to advertise products with the maximum voltage ratings. The 2.0 amp hours in each cell don’t combine in any way, so the battery is a 20V Max, 2.0 amp hour battery – also known as DeWalt’s compact battery. Then again, there are still a few reasons to consider DeWalt 20V Max over DeWalt 18V, as you’ll see below. Despite the similarities, DeWalt 18V vs 20V still have a few differences that are not related to their power. 10.8V nominal is a clunky number given the cognitive depth of the average American. Lithium batteries are damaged if they are discharged too far so the pack shuts off to prevent this from happening. }); Inside the battery, no matter if it is rated 18v or 20v, there are always 5 batteries 3.5v each, ( 3.5x5 =17.5) 18v , exp for "entry level" 1.5 - 2a battery. When you start to use the tool the cell voltage quickly drops to 3.6 volts and stays pretty close to that value until the cell has supplied most of it's charge. The 20 volt crap is basically the tool version of "But ours goes to 11". Batteries will measure 20v at 100% charge no load. I'm in Australia so our marketing uses 18V. The power and performance of the tool is affected by other specs, such as the motor and design. Not exactly! Your example about difference in battery consumption between high and low draw tool, a drill and a grinder as exp, made me understand fully. What about my second question, I have a couple of original dewalt chargers, both 10v to 18v, have you ever tried to  charge a 20v battery with a charger 18v maximum rated? Aside from upgrading each of their power tools with better-looking form factors and motors, DeWalt also created upgraded battery lithium-ion battery packs that can fit and power different sets of tools. Porter Cable and Black and Decker each took yet another direction, updating their batteries and tools and maintaining the slide-on packs while eliminating the possibility of interchangeability. • DeWalt 20V Connect 2.0AH Another top-rated Dewalt battery charger, the DCB102BP can charge up to two Dewalt (12V – 20V) Li-Ion batteries at the same time. Some markets require actual voltage in marketing instead of nominal. The difference between the the is that the XR is more powerfull than the regular 20V. The DeWalt, Milwaukee, and Ridgid tools I now own make the old 1.3Ah batteries and unwieldy brushed tools seem archaic at best. It should be more durable in the long run, as Li-ion batteries are free from battery memory issues and self-discharge. Basically that works for every brands that has adopted "the 20v battery Strategy", I mentioned dewalt just cause its the brand that I use , 20v nominal batteries are practically  18v. How to choose between DeWalt 18V vs 20V Dewalt is maintaining the 18V lineup but will probably eventually convert everything to the 20V Max lineup. It should charge fine however I am asking you guys with much more experience than me. }); Lowe's has an impact and drill with two batteries and a charger for 169.99 but its the regular 18v version and not the XRP. Basically, they can't lie and deceive to sell more gear. Exactly the same, so no difference in charging, all works fine. However, a NiCad battery is not very durable, as it may develop battery memory issues and self-discharge. $('.ptp-plan').matchHeight(false); There are far fewer options in DeWalt 18V. However, DeWalt 20V is generally still more recommended because the line has more capacity options. After watching Milwaukee completely bomb their first attempt at jumping to a non-backwards compatible Lithium platform (V Series) and royally pissing off everybody in the process, they were rightfully reluctant to mess with what they had. These features combined create a system that delivers more cordless applications, more runtime and more … 12volt batteries might be an opening shot. The 20V MAX* line of tools combines Lithium Ion Batteries, superior ergonomics, and in the XR® series, brushless motors and high capacity battery packs. The company claims that the battery has 25% more runtime than regular NiCad batteries in the market. Your email address will not be published. Since I have the existing DeWalt batteries and charger, going with a DeWalt Impact Driver is a no brainer. For example: you can find a 20v Max 2ah battery and you can find a 20v Max XR 2ah battery. In terms of your chargers there is stick pack chargers and slide pack chargers and they are not compatible. Dewalt XRP vs. non-XRP Drill. Have you never tried ? $('.ptp-price').matchHeight(false); Dewalt XR battery compatibility. There are a few manufacturers that play with the naming convention when indicating battery voltages. Now I know why......... Basically for my new DeWalt hammer drill 20v dcd996 from USA, bought in eBay, I am going to use 18v battery cause again here the 20v are not sold. It is around 4.0 volts a cell or even a little higher. LOCATION: The Home Depot (Please use this Affiliate link) ATOMIC XR. A FLEXVOLT battery is usually larger (higher Amp Hour) than a regular DEWALT battery so it will take longer. Inside the battery, no matter if it is rated 18v  or 20v, there are always 5 batteries 3.5v each, ( 3.5x5 =17.5) 18v , exp for "entry level" 1.5 - 2a battery. • DeWalt 20V Connect 5.0AH The 2.0 Ah battery will be included in all DeWalt compact brushless tool kits, including combo kits, and the 4.0 Ah battery will be included in all DeWalt premium individual brushless tool kits.. 12V peak voltage at no load became the convention pretty much everyone in the US market uses. As the effect, an18V DeWalt power tool isn’t always weaker (or stronger) than a 20V DeWalt power tool. The 20V max description is misleading and inaccurate as the battery pack will NEVER deliver 20 volts to the tool under any load.It’s marketing bullshit. batteries. The following discussion will give you more information about: The differences are come too far between them, while the XR has the best Li-ion battery features than the Atomic. By arranging the cells in a series, the voltage can add up, while the battery pack will still have a decent watt-hours capacity. This is the reverse of what happens with Dewalt going against the market convention and calling their batteries 20V instead of the nominal 18V that they like most competitors actually are. Clear editor. – Which power tool line that is generally more recommended, They are the same Part of the intelligent XR Lithium Ion Series designed for efficiency and making applications faster; Powerful & Highly efficient Dewalt PM47 fan-cooled motor with replaceable brushes. The 20V Max designation was selected prima to distinguish the new line from the old one and Dewalt was fairly forthright about that at the time. jQuery(document).ready(function($) { • DeWalt 20V Compact 3.0AH The batteies are are made to fit both the 20V max and the 20 XR. • DeWalt 18V DC9096 is a NiCad battery. A large part of people who are shopping for cordless power tools actually have little to no knowledge about the minor details in the product specifications. Tools in Action Railroad Conductor, Tool Junkie, Stud Muffin (lol). The fully discharged voltage value is 3.0V (some are 2.8), but 3.2V is often used for safety to protect the cell from too deep of a discharge. Notably, XR batteries still require the same maintenance and precautions as other batteries to keep them working properly. I don't understand why so many people get so worked up over the "20V" name. Each cell has a nominal voltage of 3.6V and a maximum voltage of 4.0V. Use my 10v to 18v charger to charge all my dewalt batteries from 10v to 20v. It was necessary to call it something different both to promote the new line as well as prevent consumers from buying something that was incompatible with what they already had and being angry about that. The new Dewalt lithium battery packs are rated using the max voltage. Incredible, we know. One reason for the change in nomenclature (for some companies) was to indicate new battery systems, often with higher capacity batteries. If you head to the official website, you can find some DeWalt 20V batteries that are equipped with Bluetooth. for the batteries. Buyers always want to get the most out of their money. Milwaukee vs. DEWALT Cordless Tools. Since they have such a big presence in Home Depot it causes less confusion when a homeowner is buying a battery. There is also an inventory management solution that will allow companies to manage and communicate the whereabouts of their equipment. 5 x4=20. These batteries have a higher ampere hour (Ah) than DEWALT’s regular batteries of the same voltage. ... and walk out with a new battery. Somehow, the company hasn’t put as much effort into the development of the DeWalt 18V line as they do with the DeWalt 20V line. The DCB208 20V MAX 8Ah XR lithium ion battery provides the highest capacity within the DEWALT 20V MAX* XR lineup. Well, you can use the Bluetooth to connect your mobile phone. Purchasing the needed accessories for your power tools separately can be quite expensive once the prices add up. – Why 18V and 20V batteries actually have similar voltage power If the Amp Hour rating of the batteries are the same, it will be up to the quality and technology in the charger to speed up the charging process.   Your previous content has been restored. If the youtube reviews are correct it should not be any problem about. Separately, DeWalt also offers a more comprehensive warranty package which – if things go wrong – might be useful. From what you posted above, I believe you are correct in your interpretation of the reviews on YouTube. You can monitor battery levels and their whereabouts easily, so your tools won’t get lost. It seems like an obvious choice at first. I never own high draw power tools. So, using the right battery for your electronics is a must and there is no other way. Three years ago I'd arrive with my PC tools, complete with a whopping five 1.3Ah batteries (for a total of 6.5Ah), usually exhausting them before noon. IMO, They took so long to put full effort into the 20V line that they gave up a lot of market share to Milwaukee who was by then cranking out lots of M series tools. • DeWalt 18V DC9096 is a NiCad battery. In an hour I'll be back at the project house, which has been without power since we have owned it. Mine are marked 10.8 but if I need a replacement they will say 12 volts. By Power tools are necessary equipment that makes jobs a lot easier for homeowners and professionals alike. LiPo and LiIon cells are rated at 3.6V or 3.7V nominal voltage. Now I have well over 100Ah worth of batteries (30Ah in Ridgid, 43Ah in Milwaukee, and over 74Ah in DeWalt) and can work all weekend nonstop. They’ve been producing great power tools and their Cordless Drill is just as great. The 5ah has longer charger capability, it stay charged longer and that is it, no difference in " output power", am I right? If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. This is DeWalt 18V; it is advertised with the nominal voltage. At one time the item measured the nominal. Nominal voltage is the average that the cell outputs, whereas maximum voltage is the highest that the cell can deliver. This is a huge brand with a big following. When choosing between DeWalt 18V and DeWalt 20V drills or power tools, you don’t need to worry that one battery may be more powerful than the other. The DCB208 includes Fuel Gauge LED charge indicator and a 3-year limited warranty. You can purchase a larger battery if you need to work continuously for an extended length of time. Aren't they pulling out of the EU? These batteries are a revised version of DeWALT’s already impressive battery design and are able to provide even more energy for use throughout your work day. The specs does not mentioned how many amp-hours that the DeWalt 18V batteries can hold. A 15 Cell NiCd or NiMh cell would have a nominal voltage of 18V (15 x 1.2V) and a max voltage of 21V(15 x 1.4V). Thank you for checking out our video. I have both the 1.5 Amps. DeWalt only provides the Atomic with 1.3 Ah while the XR comes with 4.0 Ah. Having such features is always a plus point. They insist that they will keep selling the 18V tools as long as there is user demand for them.But if all your 18V tools are available in the 20V Max lineup, and your buddy is willing to but the whole 18V lot from you...Many/most of the 20V versions do feature improved ergonomics, features, or specs. • DeWalt 18V DC9182 is a Li-ion battery. That sums it up as well as I have ever read. Probably that is true for USA market, here or in Europe what you just told is uncorrect. Would like to purchase an impact driver. If you use the maximum voltage, 4.0V x 5 cells = 20V. If they are the older style stem that plugs in, they are not compatible without the conversion kit. You searched for dewalt xr vs regular DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion Body Only Jigsaw. My original Ni-Cad battery still works, but it would be nice to use Lithium batteries on everything. After years of pioneering tools on a standalone basis, DeWalt has begun innovating on the interoperability of its different product lines through the Max XR system beginning 2010. Under use, the 1.4V value quickly drops to 1.3V and then follows a fairly linear rate of discharge until it reaches 1.1V and then rolls off fairly quickly to 1.0V. A battery pack like these typically consists of multiple cells that are arranged in a series. As far as some countries not having the 20v max systems, their governments just don't let marketers and manufacturers have the same liberties with language ours do. As a result, they last longer when in use. offerings. You can post now and register later. These Dewalt Max XR Lithium Ion high-capacity batteries are certainly one of the best of kind as they deliver great performance, suiting power tools. Why would the company put Bluetooth on a battery? The DeWalt 20V Max system of tools is simply an expansion of their Li-ion cell capacity from 12V in 2010 to 20V in 2011. Please correct me if what I just told is wrong. I will love to know what you tink about and be corrected if I did not fully get what that youtube reviews are saying about 18v and 20v batteries that practically are always 18v, the 20v is just a " Strategy market operation" that in some country is allowed in some other dont. Here are several things that you should consider to help you decide. DEWALT sells batteries that feature XR, which stands for extended runtime. If the drill is too big, you won’t be able to move and position the drill properly. A 2x4 is a good example. In the United States, things are a bit more flexible. On top of that, most of them will share the same 20V MAX batteries. However, according to the users, the capacity is pretty good, and the battery life of DeWalt 18V is fairly long. You probably should consider choosing a lightweight model, too, if you are not used to handling heavy power tools. Like many things in life things have to be dumbed down to the lowest denominator. • The size and weight of the drill. In Europe trade regulations require nominal voltage so it is still 10.8 V over there and there are probably no 20's either. $('.ptp-button').matchHeight(false); I begun watching reviews  cause I could not explain to myself why here or Italy 20v tools are not sold. The DeWalt 20V Max XR line of tools conforms to its XR designation which stands for “Extreme Runtime”. That explain why in Europe, and  Thailand  (i am italian living in Thailand) I can not find 20v tools and batteries , only 18v ,   Lows are different, in USA it is allowed to rate a nominal value "Max 20v", in Europe  or here in  Thailand only the effective power can be rated, not the nominal one. By increasing their voltage, users can now enjoy longer working hours than sitting time. Furthermore, each cell has a nominal voltage rating and a maximum voltage rating. Technically, yes, a 20v 2ah battery should have the same run-time and power as another 20v 2ah battery. Cause I am not a born English speaker may I miss understand what youtube reviews are saying therefore please corrrect me if what  I just said is wrong. pool13_jeff. Whether 20v Max, M18, or just plain 18v, today's tools and batteries work perfectly for me. STAY TUNED! Only when advances in technology made it next to impossible not to make a move did Dewalt finally jump to the 20V platform and they did so slowly as to not create an image of abandoning the 18V line. CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS IN THIS SITE COMES FROM AMAZON SERVICES LLC. Each battery pack contains 5 cells that are arranged in a series. If you are purchasing tools for starting a small company, getting DeWalt 20V tools with Bluetooth-enabled batteries can be a great idea. NiCd and NiMh cells are rated 1.2V nominal voltage. – How to choose between DeWalt 18V vs 20V power tools They had the attitude that if it wasn’t broke, why fix it? Some body out there has never tried it ? Now I got it, the subject is much more clear. I have an 18V charger and both 18V Aus and 20V Max US batteries. Now the voltage remains the same and the amp hours are added to create DeWalt’s 20V Max, 4.0 amp hour battery. DeWalt 18v batteries are fully compatible with the whole DeWalt XR range. A second set of five cells is then wired to the first by a parallel connection. Powered by Invision Community. Whether the price from the XR comes higher than the Atomic, but DeWalt provides a lot of features to the XR than the Atomic. The only difference in batteries is the amount of Amps. You can say that the battery pack has a total voltage power of 18V. The marketing strategy behind "20v Max" versus 18v has been known to most users of this forum for years, but it does not diminish the amount of anger it arouses in some. Now that you know DeWalt 18V battery and DeWalt 20V battery are actually the same, you are probably wondering why the company has sold these batteries in different names. The new Dewalt lithium battery packs are rated using the max voltage. The discharge voltage of each cell is 1.0V. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk, Maybe you missed this somehow but nothing in your post wasn’t already covered in HiltiWpg’s very post that you’re quoting. The insides of DeWalt 18V vs 20V battery packs are similar. LOL!! Thanks a lot,  that is what I love to ear, save some money, do not buy "max20v" charger! $('.ptp-cta').matchHeight(false); So, when they see an18V drill and a 20V drill, they will naturally think that the latter packs more power than the former. This translated could mean that if you get two XR batteries that is all you are going to need. To the OP, if the batteries are the same style (20v and 18v) with the slide in packs, they are interchangeable with chargers, etc. Getting them in the same bundle as the power tool is often more cost-efficient.

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