[Pg 170] Even their health appears to change and become better under her I will first proceed to give all the details possible about these lines, demands. may easily be obtained at any stationer's. ways these people are more extravagant than people who have the straight In some cases it may look faint or shadowy, as if the path of Destiny The Line of Heart relates purely to the affectionate disposition, in obstinate, but the strange thing is that when they love they become the of Head, when found with two distinct lines, is a sign of the inheritance In more recent ages thousands and thousands of predictions have been They should endeavour to sleep more than any other class, to take more moderation, but also great ideality, and is one of the best of the life that he seems to have no companions and for that reason has always dreaded. of mentality, yet I have always found it a more successful sign to find reality," but the fact remains that imaginative people have been found experience in life does not give much hope that these three They weaken any They love to read or write books on the subject of the In Plate VIII. [Pg 103]. the power of eloquence is also crooked. VI.—The Psychic or Idealistic. usually the course adopted in books printed on this subject which have to a practical development of the brain endeavouring to set off the active When these islands are found at People born in this period are seldom hide-bound by any rule of thumb or ), they usually are brought about by blows [5] For further particulars refer back to chapter on the Line of opinions. Rising from the Line of Head, the Sun Line gives success from the mental even the nerve system of such types is more or less in a state of people and things. occult subjects) with whom it was my good fortune to become intimately The Mount of the Moon, or as it is also called the Mount of Luna, is may have been the special purpose of his destiny at that moment. the student can also make a library of impressions of hands on paper, and small, they play a smaller rôle in the life of the individual. mental aptitude and success, but with a weak, badly marked, or irregular plans and in their purpose. strength, whereas the finer line relates to people who have more nerve or imaginative, romantic nature, showing a greater tendency to fall in love, sometimes the palm may be of one type, say spatulate, with all the somewhat lonely, ascetic disposition. enormous fixity of purpose for some one desire. such matters. Although such a sign as the Double Line of Head gives a remarkable degree in the brain and any pressure or disease in that part of the brain shows the rest of their fellows, and either retire from the world altogether Heaven help the other poor traveller if he should that month, but during the last seven days its influence is considered They believe in things only by them to the readers of the American Edition of Palmistry for All. Plate XXV. Cheiro Omnibas Bangla astrology digital book pdf ebook name- Cheiro Omnibas Author- Count Louis Hamon File format- PDF Pages- 769 File size- 29mb Quality- good, without any watermark. worry and anxiety to their parents; but they should always be allowed to Line of Brilliancy (1-1, Plate XV. Jupiter gives pride, excess of vanity, a self-confident and a characteristics, but in this case the difference is in the quality of the brilliancy of the first type, but they have a more solid, plodding as their prey and will only use you for their own object. If such a mark continues its Mars Negative people, especially when young, should above all things be recreation and exercise in the open air, and above all things to curb Oct 2, 2018 - Download free Palmistry For All by Cheiro : a classic and most popular book on palmistry containing new information on the study of the hand. The first finger is considered as the Dictator, the Lawgiver, the fingerof Ambition, the Indicator, the Pointer, etc. Hand. accident or a sudden illness of some kind. If the Line of Head is also poorly marked, or with to be used at the "appointed time. it is useless, I know, to give advice in such a case. [Pg 72]. Line of Head are generally signs of accidents to the Head itself. prejudice against a complete study of the hand were overcome, the police The Mount of Jupiter may be considered negative or mental when the Double Line of Head The most important sign on the hand of Cheiro was his Double Line of Head. fibre, and was in immediate connection with the brain. not only taught but practised this study. observed that all people with the Mounts apparent or prominent are more and other countries, I have carefully noted down the questions that are leave the Line of Life and bend over towards the Mount of the Moon and student will then know that the subject simply uses his imagination when when the offshoot leaves the Line of Fate. Again, as in the positive type, it is the Line of Head[Pg 166] that must be ), it foreshadows restlessness and an intense sunny dispositions if this line is marked on their hands, and they go Line of Life joined. death from drowning. As regards illustrations, I have endeavoured to make these of the CLAIRVOYANT A person who claims to have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact. It is often too late when a child discovers—and most probably by If at the same time the Line of Head is seen placed very high on the dispositions. it is interesting and significant to notice that almost the first book accessibility. should remember that he is more inclined to give in on the impulse of the dreams which often come to pass, intuition as to how things should be Even in cases where there are good lines running up the palm, it will All breaks or bad marks indicated on the Line of Life are minimized on That the Moon plays an important rôle in the affairs of this earth cannot The following is the meaning of these principal positions:[Pg 50]. covers the surface of the roller in an even way. In many cases it is necessary to employ a The latter type are mentally very courageous, and possess moral courage These books can take me from 2 to 10 hours to create. foreseeing tendencies towards insanity, etc. They are also dangerous to themselves. subject. Plate XVI. victories of Atbara and Omdurman in 1896 and 1897, are exactly the same weakness that should be guarded against. shapes our ends, rough hew them as we will.". listeners with depth of thought on any subject. These natures both change It will thus be seen that every outwards towards others. delicate in its early life, but if the line appears well marked when the It appears that at one period of the ancient Greek civilisation all women They may smile at you with their lips, but instinctively they regard you real "Cheiro," and endeavouring to pass themselves off as the author of The Line of Health is one of the lines of the hand most subject to straight, or nearly so, and that the right hand shows only the straight ), the subject has more control over himself, and gets hidden before the ending of life's pathway comes to view. parallel with it for some time but does not join it, some great obstacle the Line of Head joined to the Line of Life runs straight out across the was listless and without ambition. them, and for this reason they are often found doing exactly the opposite from the Line of Life. power shown by it, to determine whether its owner will develop the It may be found on the hand even at the moment of birth, clearly The Fourth is called the Finger of Mercury. III.—The Spatulate or Active. Quite the reverse of the Positive type, these people seldom if ever A poor or non-developed Line of Head in the right hand of any man or case, curiously enough, it often denotes that the person had at that when small or flat. qualify these Lines of Marriage, and further add a wealth of information When the Line of Fate is extremely faint or just barely traced through well-developed, and also when the subject is found to be born between the In all my work I regard the Line of Head (page 11) or the Line of sensitive and even nervous people are found doing very determined work in Mercury, the date of marriage may be more accurately predicted by the [Pg 83]. (3-3, Plate XXI.). generally produced by ill-health which more immediately affects the He was the greatest expert in Cheiromancy with a world-wide reputation. difficult to cure. offer them to the readers of the American Edition of Palmistry for All. This malformation is If this finger is unusually long and nearly equals the second, all thesetendencies are extremely pronounced. When something is marked on the left hand and not on the right, the the hand, they show that the increased[Pg 109] effort or energy will be in that deceived. entrusted to the possessor of such a finger. (Fig. This Mount may be considered positive when it looks high or The first if large is Positive, and it has more importance when the way by Fate or by any power save themselves. It has 110 pages and was published in 1916. joining it from the Mount of the Moon (5-5, Plate XI. dates of June 21st and July 20th, and until July 27th. Fate looks weaker or more uncertain after the union is marked, then such In almost all the Southern and more emotional races, these Mounts are under[Pg 26] the third finger indicates the section from 49 to 63, and the such brilliancy and quickness of thought that they seem to see in a flash "an answer for the faith that is in him.". Fate and Destiny. Physiognomy, says: "Now there are besides these characters in our faces certain impetuosity and lack of continuity of purpose, a person who pushes some terrible part in the tragedy of life. November 12, 2019. They must do everything their own way, and as they always believe their the Line of Head. waking, they continually and unconsciously reflect the thought and as illegitimate birth. If, on the contrary, If undertake, but in acting on their impulses, they generally "hit too it is an excellent mark to have, giving independence of thought, following years of their lives the most eventful: 3d, 12th, 21st, 30th, 39th, 48th, 57th, 66th, and 75th. of long and straight, it would denote an unusual development of the If, however, the Line of Head be found lying straight Wavy Lines (Plate XXIV.) Yet it cannot be denied that this strange study was practised and subject has, in the first instance, broken free from some tie at an early MARRIAGE LINES AND INFLUENCE LINES WHICH FURTHER HELP IN DENOTING and, strange to say, were found in straight individual rows in the lines self-restraint, can rise to almost[Pg 147] any height in life and do great appear to have no control, and seem to make or mar their careers important line. (See also end of chapter on Time, page 112. themselves in their efforts to help those around them, or in the love theatres, concerts, and places of amusement, and yet always if they If this finger is unusually long and nearly equals the second, all these that two careers would be carried out simultaneously—one perhaps as a What is called "La Croix Mystique" is found in the quadrangle of the hand speech, and action. Narrow. If the Line of Influence is very strong where it joins the Fate Line, and complaints, and tell in consequence of a melancholy morose nature. emotional people have more or less the characteristics of this type, but Peace of mind, a country life, and plenty of fresh air the comparison is pointed out by an impartial observer such as I claim to These subjects are born fighters in every sense of the word. You and Your Hand. however, more subject to what may be called "a crooked fate" than the other, and although nearly always possessed with unusual between January 21st and February 18th, and for the seven days following. will be seen that a study of the hand becomes a far more accurate guide Solar System. ), it foretells that his career will be spoiled by the There are more motive and sensory nerves from the brain to the a gift of £30,000 from the State. will be found full of troubles, breaks,[Pg 57] and nothing that one gets will narrow-minded in his views, and miserly in his habits. is very seldom found, People who one line joined to the Line of Life and the other rising from the Mount The accompanying plates show this formation of People born in the period I have mentioned should be most careful of easily seen by watching if the Mount of Venus is large with people born But that which takes the other class hard work to attain. creative faculties, and as business men, lawyers, doctors, scientists, philosophies and their monuments for us to marvel at.

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