That’s why we’ve written this article, we wanted to make the process of buying the best spinning rod for bass as seamless as possible. Initially, it was widely believed that using larger bodies and exaggerated … Thanks. Just curious what rod length, action and power you all are using for your Keitech swimbaits? Due to the lightweight size of these baits, spinning tackle is Latimer’s preferred gear. Best Rods for Topwater Fishing Baits. Reel: 13 Fishing Concept C 6.6:1. It’s easy to mount a new reel to a spinning rod, but it’s important that you use the proper type: one with an open-face bail (the reel is not enclosed; you can see the fishing line). Trout Spinning Rod Buying Guide. One of the all time best softplastic swimbaits is the Keitech Easy Shiner. Although any decent casting or spinning rod can throw small swimbaits, once you start hunting large bass with big swimbaits a normal crankbait or baitcasting rod may not be up to the job. That should give you enough length to get your finesse lure into the right spots and sensitive enough to know when you’ve landed a strike. Does that make sense? Line: 17-pound Seaguar AbrazX Fluorocarbon. Best Ultralight Rod Under $50: Ugly Stik Elite Ft the shelf I would look at the Cabelas store banded musky rods. These rods are ideal for detecting subtle strikes and … Spinning Rod Reviews #1 Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod. “Some guys prefer to fish them on baitcasters, but I like the smooth drag and using lighter line, so I like to use spinning tackle,” he shares. Lure: Strike King Tour Grade Skipping Jig. Sort by Sort by ... Best Selling; Join The List Sign up now and reel in the deals! Crankbait rods are perfect for small swimbaits, but once you start getting in to baits that are eight inches or longer it’s like trying to cast a brick with an ultra-lite. Best Bass Rod for Medium/Small Swimbaits. As with our previous section on larger swimbaits, will will have similar obsticle sot overcome. Depending on the size of the head you choose they can be fishing on anything from a light spinning rod to a heavy jig rod. On top of that, Ugly Stik has one of the best names in the industry and has been making fool-proof rods for a long time. Go with a 6 1/2 foot rod in either spinning or baitcast style, depending on the size of topwater baits you're tossing. This rod was really designed for smaller swimbaits. I've narrowed down my picks for the current top ultralight spinning rods on the market to three: Best Under $50, Best Value, and Best Overall. Medium sized swimbaits are going to be familiar to most of us. The Best Swimbait Rod will have a medium to heavy power rating with a fast action Best Small Swimbaits for HUGE Bass! These rods have difficulties that will take some time to master, compared to spinning rods fully. Hold your rod tip up and S-Waver is a surface lure, allow the bait to slowly sink and the S-Action continues under water. You will find a difference in what’s recommended as the best quality spinning rod for bass compared to common freshwater spinning rods. A general casting rod is probably the first type of baitcaster setup that you should purchase over time you can make more specialized combo's that match the type of lure you are using. They have a huge selection of rods, but the moderate-fast to fast options are the best for panfish and other smaller species of fish. On really small waters or if you are casting in a confined space then you could drop down to a rod length of 6'6" anything smaller is rarely used for baitcasting rods. Updated with fresh new cosmetics and offered in a more robust range of Ike-selected models, the Abu Garcia IKE Finesse Series Spinning Rods have been finely tuned by finesse fishing standout, Michael Iaconelli to give anglers the very best in sensitivity based performance. I was reading that Mike McClelland was throwing the small swimbait on a 73 MH crankbait rod. The top rated spinning rod for bass changes shape, price, and specs all depending upon the user and their needs. I'm using a 6'6" MF rod for lighter jerkbaits, topwater poppers, and smaller walking baits, rated from 1/4-5/8oz. Fluorocarbon is the most popular line choice for swimbaits. Spinning Rods Rod Accessories Reels All Reels Casting Reels ... Home Paddle Tails & Small Soft Swimbaits. They make a few that fit your specs and again, the blanks are the same for casting and spinning. I have an LDC spinning rod built on the MH blank that fits what you're looking for. The swimbait revolution can be dated back to the 1980s. This swimbait is awesome because the tail will will wobble perfectly without barely any movement on the retrieve. I’m a bank angler that’s fishes my neighborhood ponds. Why it's a favorite: Like a swimbait rod, I always have a jig rod ready.You always want to be able to pitch to a good looking piece of cover. Small swimbaits are great for catching numbers of bass! There are quite a few spincasting rods that you can choose from. And while this ability to choose is exciting, it can also be overwhelming. When targeting smallmouth, I use the smaller version: S-Waver 120, which comes in a 4 3/4", and is slow sinking. A lightweight spinning rod 6- to 7-foot long coupled with a good spinning reel and a smooth drag is your best choice when fishing swimbaits for crappie. The spinning rod bends when a fish pulls down the line. The reel on a spinning rod mounts beneath the rod, allowing you to hold it securely. The 10 Best Spincasting Rods 2020Are you planning to get started with spincasting? Curious what everyone else likes to throw the grub or small Keitech swimbait a on. To me its seems like you would want a more moderate action rod to give the fish a few seconds to get the hook. Our trout spinning rod recommendations for the most part are between 5'6" - 7' with a fast action. Though one of the best fishing rods, casting rods (matched with baitcasting reel) are not easy for starters and have limited casting distance. The best finesse fishing rods depend on what you’re going after. Light line and a spinning rod and reel works best. Best Spinning Rod for Tuna: Shimano Trevala Spinning; Best Tuna Casting Rod: ... Popping rods are specially designed for throwing poppers and swimbaits on the surface. Knight throws his small winter crankbaits on a 7-foot medium, fast-action Lew's Custom Pro spinning rod with a 3000 series Lew's Custom Pro reel carrying 8-pound Gamma copolymer line.Here's the benefits breakdown: Line: Copolymer's not as stiff as fluorocarbon in cold water and that limp nature further facilitates small bait management. A spinning reel is rarely used but if you are casting very small swimbaits then it … I don't go much above 3/8 on this rod. So if you like fishing with swimbaits, but you are not planning on using the huge swimbaits I would recommend you give this one a try. If the conditions call for smaller swimbaits I switch to a spinning rod. 10 Best Spinning Rods – Complete Buyer’s Guide for buying ... are using the Best Jerkbait Rods in brisk "jolting" movements to copy the snappy and unpredictable developments of a small or other little fish. The top spot on our list goes to the Cadence Ultralight Spinning Rod. With rain storms, flood waters, and cold snaps, Spring brings a lot of challenges for bass fishing but if you know how to turn to the finesse swimbait, a lot of the struggle can be avoided. I’ve been rigging it very simply - a 1/8 oz keel weighted 3/0 hook and a ~4 inch keitech/rage tail/etc. How to Fish Small Swimbaits for Big Bass By Ryan DeChaine • Oct 19, 2016 Elite Series pro Chris Zaldain has had great tournament success using his refined finesse swimbait system, which consists of nothing more than light line, a ball head jig and an ultra realistic 3'' paddle tail swimbait. A spinning rod has long been referred to as a “fairy wand” in the bass fishing world and has a bad—and false—reputation for only being used to target small fish. Available in 1-piece or 2-piece versions from 4.5’ to 7.5’ long there’s a rod style here that will suit anyone! Paddle Tails & Small Soft Swimbaits Filters. Plus, the thin body is a perfect baitfish imitator. If you’re finesse fishing for bass then go with a 6’ to 6’ 9” medium-light to medium action rod. With a low profile reel the line will sit pretty close to both the handle and rod blank so just be sure that if your swimbait rod has a fore grip that the reel is not too low. ... and results in slim, smaller-diameter rods. Usually, 10-12 pound test will work for mid-sized swimbaits. Selecting The Best Swimbait Rod. With this option, you can choose a wide variety of rods ranging from 4’8″ to 7″ in length. Learning how to use small swimbaits as part of your finesse fishing arsenal is a key to consistent success during the ever-changing Spring fishing season. Length Best Finesse Spinning Rod. Spend a day crankbait fishing with a spinning setup and your wrist, arms and shoulders will know all about it. In the rest of the article, we’ll go over all the important parts that make up a spinning rod, how they affect the rod performance and offer some tips and advice on what to look for and how to match it to your fishing style and preference. You can use a spinning rod with live bait and small lures. A baitcaster reel is a lot easier to use when cranking in large crankbaits. I combine the rod with a low-profile baitcaster with about a 6.3:1 mid-range retrieve speed. It's a great rod and does equal duty to my casting rods in the same range, and I fish braid on it.

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