The company headquarters can be found in Melbourne, Victoria, with client and work locations around the world. After graduating with a degree in Architecture, you will have the opportunity to work as a: licensed architect, CAD technician, interior and spatial designer, and urban designer. View the sections that are found in the NMS . It denotes the way something is designed and structured. There’s a reason, of course. Review some methods for assisting in … EdX offers free online architecture courses and MOOCs from top institutions around the world. A bad specification means that your project is at risk of being delivered inefficiently; it will cost you more, take extra time, … Once you finish all 8 steps, you start at the beginning and write the next section, then the next, until you have a full Specification book for your project. At the conclusion of this course, delegates are expected to: On-the-job experience and ongoing learning will be supported by extensive course resources. Please enter contact information followed by your questions, comments and/or request(s): @ Live on-line and at Tonex Training SIte, Space Operations and Cybersecurity Training, 5G Wireless Training | 5G Technical Fundamentals, Key principles and practical methods for writing specifications, How to apply grammar, simple sentence structure, and correct punctuation, Comprehensive specifications writing guidelines and notes, A USB drive with extensive documents and resources, Post access to the trainer via WebEx, phone, and emails for up to 6 months after the completion of the course, Describe the role and purpose of specifications, identify a framework for organizing and producing specifications, Describe key steps involved in creating effective specifications, Explain methods used in defining requirements, List tools and techniques for scoping and structuring specifications, Identify methods to write and edit specifications, Describe the methods to use systems requirements to prepare system specifications, drawings and master plans, Identify differences between functional and design specifications, Classifying specified requirements as functional or designs, Functional versus design oriented specifications, Drawings, Forms and Standards in the Specifications, Tools and techniques for structuring specifications, Requirements for the system and sub-systems, Requirements related to technical solutions, Techniques used to capture, and validate key requirements and constraints, How to examine, analyze, demonstrate or test requirements, Errors in the requirements and the specifications, Specification and the statement of work (SOWs), Structuring a system requirements specification, Roles and responsibilities of the key players, List drawings and other guidance provided, Details of access, ground conditions and preparation, Identifying and understanding the stakeholder's needs, How to deal with jargon and unnecessary information, Ensuring a clear understanding of what is required, Develop the objectives of specification writing, Methods of specifications writing development, A common framework for producing timely, error-free specifications, Concepts of clear, correct, complete, and concise specification, Words with legal meaning different from common usage unclear words, Compound words, hyphenation and word separation, Key requirements for document issue and control, Specification clarity, accuracy, repetition, brevity and logic, Clarity: avoid Jargon and define the unfamiliar, Brevity: use words efficiently, less is more, most important first, remove redundancy, Word Choice: needless complexity and ambiguity, Active Voice: strong verbs and natural sound. Our mission is to enable the designer’s vision through precise specifications. Products and technical information is available too, as well as case studies from some of the largest building product suppliers in the UK construction industry. It’s used in the generic sense of the term. Some of the courses Architecture students will gain access to include: Analysis of Contemporary Architecture, City Design and Development, Urban Design Policy, Residential Design, and Green Construction. Updates. The techniques of specification writing, which are taught have been used to great effect in scenarios, which include acquisition, supply, product definition (both hardware and software), enterprise internal projects, business analysis and engineering projects of diverse types, large and small. View more general information regarding the NMS. Almost 20 years ago, InterSpec developed e-SPECS ®, the most effective spec writing software available for architects and engineers. NMS overview. What is it about a specification which makes it a necessity? Working with you, we can then bring the scale and breadth of our construction project experience to ensure that your concepts are translated into practical and technically sound, building solutions. A software requirements specification (SRS) includes in-depth descriptions of the software that will be developed. Kalin Associates provides architectural specification writing services for architects, corporations and building product manufacturers. Tonex Specifications Writing Training has been developed to transfer the skills and expertise to those involved in producing and writing technical specifications. South Africa Saudi Arabia Table of contents. The specification is an important contract document with a defined position in the precedence of contract documents. This is an interesting thread and I think that only those of us who have been writing specifications (as my daughters would say, "before dust was invented") for many years understand the complexities and complications of a quality-written spec. Listed below are some basic rules to follow when writing your next specification: What is an architectural specification? Mr. Robert Halligan is an executive project manager, engineering manager and engineering practitioner, known internationally for his role in the practice and improvement of technology-based projects. Featured CSI Vision Speech CSI Board Chair, Marvin Kemp, FCSI, CDT and CSI CEO, Mark Dorsey, FASAE, CAE Watch Now . Turkey. The National Master Specification (NMS) is the most comprehensive master specification in Canada, serving as an easy-to-use framework for writing construction project specifications. Copyright © 2020 Project Performance International, Engineering Successful Infrastructure Systems, Requirements, OCD & CONOPS in Military Capability Development, Requirements Analysis and Specification Writing, Preparing Great Requirements Specifications, Requirements Analysis and Specification Writing Fundamentals, Requirements Engineering (English Second Language), Systems Engineering Newsjournal – PPI SyEN, Systems Engineering-Relevant Conferences and Meetings Worldwide, Upcoming conferences in which PPI is participating. For a small firm of less than 15 people, the principal or a senior architect may co-ordinate the specifications with an independent specifier, whereas medium-size firms may employ a full-time spec writer and larger practices may have separate specification departments. The adjective “ architectural ” here of course has nothing to do with buildings. 8 Steps to Writing a Specification. Simplifying the production of construction documents, e-SPECS software allows architects and engineers to easily produce high-quality, tightly-coordinated project manuals. I often tell staff, "the drawings represent the graphic representation of the desired product. Public domain specification standards are overviewed and compared. Ainsi, cette « course à la spécification » n’est pas sans poser question : sur des territoires où se multiplient les labellisations, n’y a-t-il pas finalement un risque de banalisation ? As few colleges teach specifications, the specification writer learns their craft in design firms with a mentor, and within the ever-increasing pace of project design and construction. Specification writers must master the techniques for product selection, organizing the project manual, coordinating drawings and specifications, integrating engineering specifications and more. Every hi-tech manufacturing or software company uses at least one A&E specification document which is also referred to as an “A&E sheet”. A technical specification (tech spec) is a document that explains what a product or project will do and how you’ll achieve these goals. Similarly, almost a day is devoted to advice on the use of language (English) in expressing requirements - pitfalls and pointers. Architectural Spec-Writing. The Department of Architecture at Cambridge is an exciting place to study. A course presented over 2 days by Robert Halligan, Alwyn Smit or Clive Tudge. This growing dependency on satellites and the like, puts organizations in a precarious[...], Satellite Communications Training Course Satellite Communications Training crash course focuses on satellite communications  payloads, systems engineering and architecture of satellite systems including application requirements such as digital video and broadband media, mobile services, IP networking[...]. The course highlights the factors that determine the degree of technicality of the language and concepts involved. Cette architecture permet un contrôle plus facile de l’état du jeu. It’s called “specification.” Whoever the architect is on that particular project is the one who has specified that particular material. Courses provide training in the software programs standard in the architecture industry, along with technical construction knowledge. Requirements for fabrication, erection, application, installation, finishing,  necessary drawings, codes and standards applicable to the project are usually included in the specifications. This Course is Designed Based on Real Time Project Insights, This Course Contains Complete Information About Project Life Cycle Including Pre-Requisites Before Writing Functional Specification Document Including Raw Requirement/User Stories, Requirements Gathering, Requirements Finalization, Writing Functional Specification Document, Development Process, Unit Testing, QA Testing, End … There is also substantial coverage of writing non-requirements … Specifically, it is defined as the explicit requirements furnished with a solicitation upon which a purchase order or contract is to be based. These long-form proprietary CSI and CSC specifications are … Oceania Project Performance International is a wholly Australian-owned consultancy and technical services company. Comment la spécificité de certaines productions s’articule-t-elle avec d’autres productions complètement standards ? Wherever your company is based, PPI will come and upskill your engineering and project teams. Our building product and material specifications are free to view and download in DOC, RTF or Text. Related Topics - Architecture History Anyone involved in planning, writing, managing or contributing to the preparation of specifications. This topic is intended to cover the … Some steps will be easier than others. Workshops will focus on Specification Writing Best Practices including: Please complete the following form and a Tonex Training Specialist will contact you as soon as is possible. RF Engineering Training, also known as Radio Frequency Engineering, is a subset of electrical engineering[...], Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Training Bootcamp SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) is a broad discipline, and can include intelligence collection from various means including communications intelligence (COMMINT), electronic intelligence (ELINT), Radar and electronic warfare (EW). Courses include recorded auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, video lectures, and community discussion forums. Regularly lauded as one of the leading architecture schools in the world, students study under the guidance of world-renowned researchers and ground-breaking practitioners.Creativity, curiosity and strong intellectual grounding are central to the course. High quality templates/guides are provided for the specification of systems, software, interfaces and services, respectively, with examples. Specifications are used as written requirements for a system, material, product, or service for a proposed project. There are some things in an architect’s life which simply must be done: cleaning cars, paying taxes, and writing specifications. LEARN MORE, PPI offers all public training courses on-site, worldwide and has a range of specialist on-site only courses. Reading recent grumblings by specifications (spec) consultants, I started thinking back over the roles of the spec writers at firms where I have worked since I began my architectural career in the 1960s. RF Engineering Training Boot Camp is the unique answer to your RF planning, design and engineering in any wireless networks needs. Requirements for design, necessary drawings, codes and standards, fabrication, verification, installation, validation, operation and maintenance and system retirement are usually part of the specifications. We have carried out major engineering, engineering management, and PM-SE integration consulting assignments worldwide, from requirements quality measurement to socializing systems engineering throughout a 2000-person enterprise. When you complete a course, you’ll be eligible to receive a shareable electronic Course Certificate for a small fee. South America SIGINT systems gather information[...], Certified Space Security Specialist Professional (CSSSP) We are developing an overwhelming reliance on space technology – a trend not lost on cybercriminals. Also addressed in the course are the conditions for incorporating operational concepts, design constraints, and design configuration requirements into the specification. Take courses from the world's best instructors and universities. This one hour online course is designed to provide useful ideas and links to sources of generic specification elements for working architects, engineers, and many consultants in other fields who are called upon to write specifications. Today, e-SPECS is the industry-leading specification solution. Present a structured approach for organising and producing specifications. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Par contre, elle est plus lente et engendre un trafic de messages beaucoup plus important que l’architecture pair à pair : il faut autant de messages que de participants pour diffuser une commande. When writing architectural specifications getting the basics in place from the start will help you build a document suitable to your needs. Explain each of the key steps involved in creating effective specifications. Specification writing As a design practice you have complete confidence in your design concepts, but may not have the resources to complete the technical design. Anyone  involved in planning, writing, managing or contributing to the preparation of specifications. PPI training is relevant to all sectors, including Automotive, Aviation, Consumer Products, Communications & Computing, Defense, Education, Energy, Infrastructure & Transportation, Medical, Production, Science, Space, and Resources. Nothing should be taken for granted. John R. Regener Jr., SAIA, CCS, CCCA, CSI, SCIP , is an architect and independent specifications writer in Irvine, California, with thirty-five years of experience in producing and applying construction contract documents for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential projects. This course is strongly activity oriented throughout. Some steps will take longer. In all cases attention to language and clarity is critical. Public domain specification standards are overviewed and compared. o Use simple sentences with terms and words that are easily understood. Specification Writing is designed for acquirer, supplier and developer personnel who, in any capacity, deal with requirements. Specification Writing • Know your audience – It’s the Contractor(s) • Know the Parties of the Contract – Understand the contracting strategy • Writing Style o Be Accurate, Brief, Clear o Avoid complex sentences and stilted language (artificially formal). The two-day Specification Writing course provides detailed instructions on the conversion of requirements into highly effective requirements specifications. Issues of structure (organization of information) and the use of (English) language throughout a requirements specification are examined in considerable detail. Online architectural drafting diplomas typically take … In the 5-day Requirements Analysis and Specification Writing course, hugely more coverage is given to the structuring of system and software requirements specifications, and specifications of services. Architectural and Specification Consulting Services The ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions team provides architectural and interior design firms with aesthetic, … Embedded development teams especially benefit from using an SRS. After completing this course, the student will be able to: Module 1) Introduction to Specification Writing, Module 3) Requirements Specification Writing, Module 6) Creating Effective Procedures for Writing and Controlling Specifications, Module 7) Challenges in Writing the Specifications, Module 8) Specifications Writing Techniques, Module 11) Editing and Controlling the Specifications, Module 12) Additional Drafting Conventions, Teams will study a simple specification for feedback and discussion. You will learn how to write different technical reports, e.g., laboratory reports, research reports, design and feasibility reports, progress … Specifications are used as written requirements for a system, material, product, or service for a proposed project. Having taught courses called “Writing on Architecture” and “Case Studies in Architectural Criticism” for many years at the Yale School of Architecture, I … Specifications need not look like the New York City telephone directory or read like the Internal Revenue Code. Public domain specification standards are overviewed and compared. Writing style, grammar, simple sentence structure and correct punctuation are the cornerstone of readability and clarity of the specifications by its intended audience. Writing an SRS can also minimize overall development time and costs. An informative one day training course on specification writing and how to produce an effective, unambiguous and accurate specification. But why have specifications anyway? The term “specification” refers to a description of the characteristics of a system, System of Systems (SoS), a product, or service required or desired. The two-day Specification Writing course provides detailed instructions on the conversion of requirements into highly effective requirements specifications. Software Requirements Specification vs. System Requirements Specification. It is one of the most important documents you write. Project Performance International USA Inc. have the knowledge and understanding of the principles of writing good requirements in English, including many specific language issues, an understanding of how to effectively structure requirements specifications, checklists, forms and charts which you can use immediately in your projects, how requirements specifications relate to requirements, how requirements specifications relate to configuration baselines, preparing for the transition from requirements to requirements specification, using a requirements database to automate requirements specification production, special considerations for interface requirements, US Military and other international specification standards, score sheet for public domain specification standards, what to put in your system requirements specification, the statement of work (or equivalent) and the conditions of contract, structuring a system requirements specification, functional versus design oriented specifications, annexes, appendices and applicable documents, using success criteria to express otherwise vague requirements, linking the specification to the statement of work or conditions of contract. Study architecture history, urban planning, architectural design, and more. The objectives of the workshop are to: Review and discuss the role and purpose of specifications. LEARN MORE, Asia Construction Contract Administration (CCA) Prep Course. In a tech spec, show your client and team members what problem you're solving, the goals or requirements for your project or … Search for: Home; Services; Projects; Resources; About; Loading... Home Kalin Associates 2017-09-07T23:45:06-04:00. Specifications Writing Training is a practical hands-on two-day interactive program involving guidelines, roadmaps, examples, exercises, case studies, group projects and discussions. Developing an System Requirements Specification includes identification, organization, presentation, and modification of the requirements. Skip to content. Jan 11 - Mar 8, (PT) See More Events. View the latest updates of the NMS, published on a quarterly basis. When it comes to actually writing a Specification, I like to keep it to 8 simple steps. Issues of structure (organization of information) and the use of (English) language throughout a requirements specification are examined in considerable detail. Issues of structure (organization of information) and the use of (English) language throughout a requirements specification are examined in considerable detail. MIT's introductory course, A Global History of Architecture, is a perfect starting point for anyone with a general interest in architecture and design. Specification guidance for construction - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry knowledge. High quality templates/guides are provided for the specification of systems, software, interfaces and services, respectively, with examples. Free Building Product Specifications - All of ARCAT specs are written by CSI Fellows. Specifications may be developed from master specifications, old favourites, proprietary systems or past-project specifications. ARCAT Specs are complete, accurate, and in the CSI 3-part and the Canadian CSC formats for building and construction professionals. He has also taught a course on specifications writing at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design. It takes a lot of time to craft a quality technical specification for a building project, and it is often the last task that design team wants to complete. Europe Welcome to Specification Online, the ultimate product specification resource for professionals that delivers construction and building news.

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