(Sorry to be the bearer of less than happy news!). If that’s the case, if you’re seeing that round USDA Organic label on these items, then you know third party testing / certification standards are in place, and based on everything I’m reading on their website, this does look like a trustworthy brand. I would love to see them on the list. I look forward to seeing what you find out. I may be bugging you on occasion with other questions… . I truly believe that moms of kids with allergies will become the force that turns the tide of food in our country. Lastly, while they didn’t donate money directly to oppose state GMO labeling, they are a member of the Grocery Manufacturers’ Association, who has contributed millions to oppose and defeat state GMO labeling measures. They have a history of shady practices, but they do comply with USDA Organic certification. A company must align with non Gmo or GMO. Says non GMO on the packages. They are totally separate and distinct. According to a 2015 statement signed by 300 scientists, physicians and scholars, the claim of scientific consensus on GMOs frequently repeated in the media is “an artificial construct that has been falsely perpetuated.”. I have read many articles on canola oil being made from genetically modified rape seed. can we trust all the brands that are listed on the nongmoproject website, In the end, it really depends on your philosophy as a human. I thank the RED statements as excellent information so that we, the consumer can support a company which is committed to the cause of REAL FOOD. THANK YOU THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! Nonetheless, non-GMO products are generally less risky for your health because they tend to be USDA organic and are not associated with controversial GMO corporations such as Monsanto. . Few people noticed until the Cornucopia Institute brought it to light. The Fresh Market brand itself may just say “organic.” Products bearing either one of these label should indeed be GMO-free (and more and more major brands are going this direction, due to consumer pressure). But if you’ve got a choice, please try to purchase products from the brands *without* red text wherever possible, as these companies are truly non-GMO… in terms of their product, their philosophy, and their financial support for our Right to Know. Read more about these requirements here >, So sad when daves killer bread should to a gmo company http://althealthworks.com/7433/fast-growing-organic-breadmaker-gobbled-up-by-strongly-pro-gmo-corporation/, You should also put down living harvest or tempt who make non gmo hemp milk,hemp yogort and i just recently found out that created the first tofu made from hemp which also bears the non gmo seal. We’ve fixed it. I’m also skeptical of companies who tout “100 natural” too… since that phrase means almost nothing (and can include a whole host of bad ingredients). (If you’re curious to see a more complete list of “corporate-owned organic brands,” click here.). Typically, a 100% grass-fed animal would be GMO-free. Check out her list here >. Join the candy revolution. Red text does not indicate corporate status, it indicates whether or not a company is opposed to GMO labeling. Please feel free to contact me for anything you might needs. What does GMO mean? I have been telling people for years that the pre-package food that we are use to eating is causing the rampant diagnosis’ of Cancer. I trust the Novy and have spoken to him in person many times. I don’t think that GMO labelling helps solve the issues of GMO-contamination, given the distractive propaganda out there, potentially leading customers to choose higher-negative-impact “labels” (e.g. However the main concern with GMOs and beef cattle is feeding the animals GMO corn and soy, which a 100% grass-fed animal does not receive. Monsanto does not “own” any companies; though I too have seen this misleading information circulating around. Do I still need to worry about making sure my rice is organic? Enter your email address to receive notifications of news and blog posts by email. Thanks for the reminder! On that same page under "Environmental Sustainability," they indicate their cattle are "100% grass-fed." The truth behind non-GMO labeling: The non-GMO label doesn’t always mean it’s replacing a GMO alternative. There is a huge push toward organic, nature and non-GMO foods. We update it as often as we can, all on a volunteer basis in between busy lives and jobs. Thank you. Pamela’s actually donated towards labeling in California and Oregon. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t being truthful, but when a company doesn’t want to disclose facts, doubt naturally arises. We have been using it for quite sometime now and I am worried now. Do you have any information on Meijer Brand Organics? Non-GMO Project certified cereals; owned by Wheetabix International. ( Log Out /  I buy this brand at my Meijer grocery –we do not have a whole foods in my town but I have found that this appears to be of good quality. I would love to stay up to date on this matter and thank you again. HOW ABOUT ADDING WILD OATS BRAND – IT’S ORGANIC. Why is it that Eden foods is the only company that I am aware of, packaging without BPA. So I’m still fairly new and not sure I understand what “GMO” stands for. How does Back to Nature rank as a non-GMO company? There are four other non-GMO flours that we’re currently aware of: Eden Foods, Arrowhead Mills, Bob’s Red Mill, and the “To Your Health” brand (sprouted GMO-free flours). Sounds out there but that is their goal. We say “typically” only because genetically engineered alfalfa and bentgrass have been approved in recent years, and both can easily spread / contaminate non-GMO fields. We have been enjoying Simply Nature milk for about a month now. It takes the USDA and the FDA YEARS between testing for GMO’s in any given product and they routinely are busting companies that are either misleading their customers or straight out lying. Hi All– I noticed Cascadian Farms is on the list of ok to buy– however– I also just got a list of Monsanto owned companies…. From the page you were viewing (GMO Free Brands) there are two ways to learn more. Question: pretty much everything in the grocery store is gmo, except for organic products aren’t they? We’ve investigated their website thoroughly, and while they do state all of the right things, including “they (chickens) only receive a vegetarian diet of American-grown, pesticide-free grains,” they have not taken the extra step to get third party certification (as far as we can tell from their website). I think the biggest loophole however is GMOs used for animal feed… thus any meat you purchase, if not labeled as organic / GMO-free, would have GMO contamination. Have ordered from and highly recommend http://www.goodearthfarms.com as a source for organic, pastured beef, chicken and pork. I’m new to veganism. We’ve added them. Nothing comes between a mother and protecting her children! We too are not willing to trust a statement on a website without third party verification (USDA Organic or Non-GMO Project certification). We need more people like Mr. Novy. I just started buying formula about 2 months ago and noticed the non-gmo label on Similac Advanced with Iron (Blue label) and on another one of Similac’s formulas (Orange label). Aldi has a simply nature ground beef this should Be on the list. The little things you do, matter. KUDOS, KUDOS, KUDOS! You’ve been added, thanks for your patience! Maybe I could at least adjust the narrative to include your perspective. I usually have a reaction if I eat anything GMO, and had a strong one after using their baking yeast, and some of their wheat flours (wheat is now sprayed with glyphosate just before harvest). Just wondering if they are GMO free.? It’s a misunderstanding. Thank you:). To view a list of GMO-free brands that we love best—because they are family- or privately-owned rather than corporate storefronts, AND because they go out of their way to educate, support, and inform the public about GMOs—please visit our other page: Family-Owned Organic Brands. Thanks. Certified Organic and Grass-Fed Meat Fabio, although I don’t live there, it’s my understanding that GMOs must be labeled in Europe, thus you can identify brands with (and without) by viewing your label. There was quite an uproar over this last year; feel free to read more in this article. Thank you. Horizon lists it on their carton that their cows are 100% grass-fed, with no hormones given to them and that it is organic. I promise! Thank you in advance and thank you for having all this information for us to read:-), Hello! Raised humanely with sustainable ranching practices. Pls continue your hard work (: I dont understand, why wouldn’t a company that is selling a GMO-free product display the GMO-Free logo? However there is currently no evidence to show any alliance with “dirty” food corporations, negative ethics, or GMO issues, and to their credit, they did not join the long list of other huge food corporations that united with Monsanto to oppose California’s GMO Labeling proposition (though you could argue they didn’t contribute towards the support of the proposition either). Here is a handy list of GMO free seeds. Is this list current? I am wondering though why Trader Joe’s is not on your list of GMO free. The first step is making an informed decision by understanding exactly what it means for a food or product to be certified non-GMO. Northstar Bison, our ranch and website that distributes 100% grassfed bison, beef and lamb, non-GMO pastured pork, elk and organic, pastured poultry. improves the overall quality and productivity. Also, I don’t think Genisoy makes soy milk anymore, but I may be wrong. Their website makes it pretty clear: Back to Nature has achieved Non GMO Project Verification on over 70 products since we began the process back in January 2015. Smart: Try as hard as you can to resist and forgive them for (some of them) know not what they do. I thought about taking it down, but other readers have enjoyed it and had positive responses. Beef is 100% grass-fed on the farms Certified Organic Fields. Not sure what the deal is. How to use cava in a sentence. Stonyfield Farm: USDA Organic yogurt. It’s not labeled that way though, so do you think there is any truth to this? Kristy, here’s what we know about KIND: while their packaging does mention “no GMO,” they do not cite their sources of non-GMO ingredients, nor do they provide any details about certification or third-party testing. However Target is getting more and more of the products in the Simply Balanced line certified under either USDA Organic or Non-GMO Project… so it’s probably time we add them… though we recommend choosing ONLY those Simply Balanced products that ALSO bear the USDA Organic and/or Non-GMO Project insignia on the label. I can’t find any information on how they feed their cows. Barbara’s is now working to go GMO-free.They have a whole list of already GMO-free verified products. You are so welcome. Thank you. I would like to assume that the USDA Organic labeled products are the safest way to avoid GMO’s. Native grapes, a warmer climate and the growing country all contribute to its distinctive character. Although they claim to be pro-GMO labeling, they have never financially supported it, they make no mention about GMOs on their website, and they are owned by Hain Celestial, a member of the Grocery Manufacturers Association that has donated millions to prevent GMO labeling. I did contact Pamela’s products and let them know what Buycott had listed, which is a massive error. Thank you for all you do! Can you tell me if Verde Farms “organic and grass-fed” cattle are really organic and worthy to make it to ya’lls list. Any insight on the Wellesley farms canola oil sold at wholesale stores like BJs, Sams club or Costco? I’m so new at this @___@, Luckily, we have an Aldi’s (but my mom doesn’t like to shop there xD She worked there before so doesn’t really like it lulz), Hello and welcome! The companies listed above are NOT “owned by major food corporations who support Monsanto financially.” Let me address your comments individually. People just doing a quick check for red text might think this is a brand to support, when indeed it is NOT. Our spirits are renewed . The non-GMO label means a food product contains fewer than 1% of genetically modified ingredients. As for non-GMO coffee, if you buy USDA Organic coffee, by USDA standards, it is required to be non-GMO. Great job on information…. Add a comment below… we’ll verify and add it. I am glad to be able to contact you as I wanted to ask you about what the cows that the milk came from are fed. You are most welcome… wishing you a positive return to health! As a single Mom I struggle with balancing good food choices and my finances. I cannot find them on this website or on the non-GMO project website either. I’m sorry if these sound stupid. Marc, there is nothing on their website that mentions GMOs or organic. And that’s just the fruits and veggies part. Thank you for your research. You are so kind to share this. I am new to this and I’m learning. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog is strictly prohibited. And so are you guys! : GMO), but I do appreciate your answer. You might also want to add Naked juice and smoothies who just recently aquired the Non-Gmo seal they are owned by Pepsi, Thanks for the head’s up Eric! I did buy their beetroot juice at Sprouts here in SoCal yesterday. I’d also highly encourage you to watch (and share) the video at the top of this page, titled “Awakening of a Food Industry Analyst.”. Back with more stuff. Do you have any information about Kroger’s Simple Truth Organic brand? Bartels Farms (In partnership with Hartley Ranch Angus Beef) – I just found this ground beef at our local Food Lion Grocery (chain) store. On the Thai Coconut flavor, the USDA insignia is missing. Your email address will not be published. Yes, this whole Organic / Non-GMO thing can get pretty confusing, can’t it! We hope to finish this process soon and until that time we aren’t able to officially make a non-GMO claim just yet. They can still receive grain, but it is required to be 100% organic (i.e., non-GMO) grain. They also offer organic options for all of their non-specialty flours. Thank you! The only questionable information that can be cited about Hain is that when they are asked about the canola oil used in their chips, they have a carefully scripted answer that says they cannot guarantee their products are GMO free. No. Regarding which products are worst… there are different ways to look at this: anything that’s not organic (including fresh vegetables and fruit) is going to contain pesticides… sometimes at extremely alarming levels, which is (to me) a parallel risk to GMOs. It comes down to what your priorities are, the brand in question and how much you’re willing to spend. Recently the local news reported that they had the most reasonble prices for organic foods? If their cows are NOT eating grain (which is often GMO corn), then the only question is pesticides / weedkillers on their pastures… and it looks like you'd need to contact them to ask this, since we could find nothing about it on their website. USDA organic, GMO-free, and Non-GMO Project certified makers of Erewhon, Uncle Sam, and Skinner’s breakfast cereals. There is no scientific consensus on the safety of GMOs. I think you can add Smart Chicken to your list (which i just discovered i can order through Fresh Direct in NYC). Very best of luck and lots of kudos to you! Note: as of 2013, you can also look for products bearing the GMO Guard verified seal from Natural Food Certifiers (the organization best known for their “Apple K Kosher” certification process / label). Any company who chooses to gain from not taking a stance is not worthy of support. There are also instances where the non-GMO claim is technically true but is not highlighting any real value. If a farmer starts with a non-GMO seed, but does not raise it organically, does that mean it may have pesticides/herbicides/insecticides? Frontier Co-Op / Family Foods: see Simply Organic. The Garden of Eatin brand of Red Hot Blues is labeled No GMO’s. Last but not least, this website will help you find products that have been certified by the Non-GMO Project: http://www.nongmoproject.org/find-non-gmo/search-participating-products/. I shop at Giant food stores and the majority of the products available in the organic section are from Nature’s Promise. ), the nation’s largest producer of organic produce is. That assures you of the best possible products (within reason). (Owned by Cascadian Farms / General Mills, a corporation that donated millions of dollars to oppose and defeat two state GMO labeling measures). They make no mention of GMOs and some of their products are labeled “natural” (meats & some grocery items) while others are labeled USDA Organic (dairy products, produce and some boxed items like pasta, cereals, snacks, condiments, etc.) What about, Tofurkey? I’m not sure whether they are certified. . One is a verification from the Non-GMO Project, a nonprofit organization that incentivizes brands to refrain from using genetically modified organisms [GMOs] in their agricultural and product development processes. Raised w/o Antibiotics Trader Joes makes a guarantee that all of their ‘Trader Joes’ label products are GMO free. Try Springer Mountain Chicken. I am sorry I forgot to thank you for this valuable information. Below you’ll find an (ever-growing) list of brands that source their ingredients from GMO-free ingredients. Is Perdue chicken a good brand? 2) The chart you reference is taken from my blog’s resource page called “Corporate Owned Organics,” which provides a complete list of organic brands currently owned by major corporations (some of which donated to fight California’s GMO Labeling proposition, but again, they do not support Monsanto financially). 'GMO-Free' Is A Boon For Companies Chasing 'Health Halo' Profits : The Salt Researchers say GMO-free has become a proxy for what consumers … :  Publix’s website says every item with their ‘Greenwise’ label is “, high quality and either all-natural or organic, USDA Certified Organic (= GMO free) and gluten-free breads. Keep in mind however, even the Non-GMO Project uses a similar statement about their certified products. If you are also able to, avoid “corporate owned” organic brands, since the parent corporation walks both sides of the fence by owning an organic brand, while fighting GMO labeling at every turn. As much info as I can provide is this: The store’s name is The Fresh Market and it’s located in Columbus, GA. !!!!! Dr. Paulo’s Kona Coffee and Macadamia Nuts: Farmer’s Market Organic Pumpkin and Squash Products: Kirkland / Kirkland Signature Organic at Costco: many of which are Non-GMO Project Certified, “quiet giant that rules the food business”, http://barbaras.com/commitment/non-gmo-commitment/, http://www.lundberg.com/Products/Rice.aspx, https://gmo-awareness.com/shopping-list/online-organic-shopping/, http://www.nongmoproject.org/find-non-gmo/search-participating-products/, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=387582661330570&set=pb.116246468464192.-2207520000.1362123258&type=3&theater, http://www.novyranches.com/our_cattle.htm, http://www.giantfood.com/our_stores/offerings/brands/index.htm?brnd=NATURE_PROMISE, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=486652044756964&set=a.116251388463700.29198.116246468464192, https://www.cafetecumseh.com/SmartChicken/Default.aspx, https://gmo-awareness.com/shopping-list/organic-coupons/, http://cornucopia.org/cereal-scorecard/docs/Cornucopia_Cereal_Report.pdf, http://www.bluediamond.com/index.cfm?navid=207#q4, http://www.nongmoproject.org/find-non-gmo/search-participating-products/search/?brandId=293, http://www.bartelsnw.com/certified-organic-beef.php, http://www.naturaldirections.com/about-natural-directions/, http://www.nytimes.com/2000/04/13/business/ben-jerry-s-to-unilever-with-attitude.html, http://www.unilever.com/sustainable-living-2014/our-approach-to-sustainability/responding-to-stakeholder-concerns/genetically-modified-crops/, http://www.benjerry.com/values/issues-we-care-about/support-gmo-labeling/our-non-gmo-standards, http://preventdisease.com/news/13/042213_Earth-Balance-Betrays-Consumers-With-False-Non-GMO-and-Organic-Claims.shtml, https://gmo-awareness.com/2011/05/05/is-organic-always-gmo-free/, http://althealthworks.com/7433/fast-growing-organic-breadmaker-gobbled-up-by-strongly-pro-gmo-corporation/, http://journal.bjs.com/archive/article/story-behind-every-organic, https://gmo-awareness.com/shopping-list/smart-phone-apps/, http://www.kingarthurflour.com/info/gmo-faqs.html, http://www.melaleuca.info/about/contact-us?culture=en-us, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trader_Joe's, http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/can-celiacs-eat-true-sourdough-bread/. The only thing that is hard, is that I have to eat less per day because the cost of organic is so much more. I am asuming their products are GMO free. . 2) Look for products bearing the “Non-GMO Project” verified seal, which indicate these products went through a separate certification process. Sales people don’t really discriminate. NEVER trust the USDA, FDA, EPA and CDC, just to name a few. – Rather than a website, you might consider downloading one of the apps listed on this page of our website, as it might be easier than consulting a website: https://gmo-awareness.com/shopping-list/smart-phone-apps/. yes but hormel is owned by monsanto and has gmo food.. Eric, Hormel DOES use GMO ingredients in their products, however Monsanto owns NO food labels / manufacturers. Here’s what I know, from friends that work at Whole Foods: all plant-derived ingredients in 365 brand-lebeled food products are sourced to avoid GMOs. I left a reply to be posted with this extremely uninformed blog article about the gmo health risks to people like our adopted special needs daughter, but it hasn’t been posted here. Can you visit or be introduced to the farmer? Where’s the farm? However their website does claim that the meat is free of antibiotics and hormones. I need truth please want to know who to support! Non-GMO means non-genetically modified organisms. Because of this, food labeled non-GMO is not legally considered GMO-free. Last but not least, finding non-GMO seed takes effort, and typically costs more, so it would seem odd that a farmer would go out of his or her way to find non-GMO seed and then douse it with chemicals… thus I can’t imagine this situation happening very often. Thanks for letting me know… I’ve just checked their website and it’s true, all mention of GMO (whether included or not) has been removed. Please read the text at the top of this page, particularly “Note #2″, and reference all of the companies that are shown in red-highlighted text… this indicates the types of companies that were supporters of (though not owned by) Monsanto in that vote. Hilliary Clinton is a big supporter of GMO and Monsanto. What about Jones Creek Beef? Thank you for this! Support this man and his cause. Que Pasa Tortilla Chips I believe are organic and gmo free. I don’t buy their eggs.. http://getunreal.com/, Ohhh thank you for the reminder! The CCOF "Non-GMO & More" seal underscores the prohibition of the use of GMOs in organic and recognizes the many contributions of organic to a healthier world. 1) Buy certified organic / USDA Organic products, which cannot intentionally include any GMO ingredients. You can’t post something this irresponsible and ignore our comment. Non-GMO Project is a mission-driven nonprofit organization offering a third-party non-GMO verification program to the standard consumers expect. Thank you!! In short, they do not believe their milk contains any GMOs, because they do not believe that animals fed GMO feeds (which all of their dairy animals consume) carries through to the milk. But, from what I’m understanding… it’s very bad. . When cooked, it has a noticeably superior flavour & texture. – Unless the chicken says USDA Organic, no amount of “pasture” or “vegetarian feed” or “no antibiotics” would get us to buy it. They go into great detail about organic on their website, and given that the majority of their products are nothing but pure vegetable and fruit juice (no added sugars or other ingredients that might include GMOs), we feel fairly confident about adding them. I think I googled GMO and Aldi…and that was how I came across that statement. As for Natures Promise, if they are on the menu at greenpolkadotbox.com, then they are legit. My shopping will be a little easier now. http://www.bartelsnw.com/certified-organic-beef.php, thank you I love this list I will save it on my email, Aldi carries friendly farms dairy. . Might this explain why the topic isn’t even mentioned on their website?? Personally, I would only buy soymilk that has the USDA Organic label on it (since USDA Organic disallows GMOs) and/or has the Non-GMO Project certified label on it. So just wanted to give you a heads up — that while you are not directly supporting GMO’s you are still supporting the propagator of GMO’s and pestisides. Only a few of their bars are GMO-Free; their website’s FAQ page says they’re working with the Non-GMO Project on other certifications. Thanks for becoming aware and don’t forget to share the awareness! This page is focused on food brands / manufacturers, but we’ve added them to our “online shopping” page here… thanks for the alert! I’m diabetic and have severe hypertension. There are made by Buenatural. Send us your idea for a post and if we publish it, you’ll get $100 cash. Is this a local grocery chain, and if so, in what area? We don’t worry about companies who offer only a portion of products as organic, provided they have the third party certification (e.g., USDA Organic label) to back them up. “There are so many types of GMOs that one cannot compare Dan Barber’s hybrid squash to Monsanto corn seed,” said Jennifer Kaplan, an author and Professor of Food Systems at The Culinary Institute of America. Now I have no idea if this labeling is verified, but it’s certainly worth looking into! EXCELLENT RESOURCE OF INFORMATION! Kettle chips has an organic bag… then all the rest… (which have canola)… canola Please red the text so others do not support Silk as they are the major alternative milk brand and use shady practices. why aren’t the against gmos on the governments bottom or case with a lawsuite against these new laws deregulating Monsanto more..and a general lawsuite in general.the new law that the government slipped into a defence bill is that Monsanto cant be sued if their product is dangerous to humans or even if there seeds and product is dangerous to people….

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