it is unattractive however for a girl to just be like all open about it and talk about it in detail. I definitely recommend talking to them. Submitted by Sonnet Fitzgerald, Facebook. It made me feel bad, but as you grow up you realize that men feel uncomfortable about the subject. 46. Well Im not really sure. Understanding how periods work and learning to separate the facts about periods from the myths can go a long way in demystifying the topic. i could say issues have more suitable *particularly* for many women human beings. #1 Do not blame anything on her period! Answers To The Questions All Guys Have About Periods › Health and Wellness ... How do tampons feel inside of you? Eline Van Der Velden takes to the streets to explore how much men know about the in’s & outs of menstruation. But do cis men have periods? How do guys feel about periods and sex? How Do I Tell My Mom or Dad That I Got My First Period? Here’s our quick guide. 7. Why should a guy feel that periods are bad or dirty? This is normal at first. Girls, do you talk about your periods with guys? Periods are just gross. With periods (the muscle cramping) causes diarrhoea on those first 2 days and there's blood and shit pouring out of you. "I think girls get mixed up because of how how people dress on TV," says Matthew. How Do You Feel About Period Sex? Read on to find out! This is exactly what I’m now trying to do – talk to men about my periods. (It could be a different case for trans guys who have had bottom surgery, which I have not.) that's often continually continually been like that and lots worse. Walt Disney made a movie about periods called “The Story Of Menstruation.” 47. The overriding responses tend to be that girls get “moody” or “smell funny” during periods, and in general, they want to evade talking about the subject because it is a “girl’s problem”. The second thing that you can do is to bring her favorite snacks. Indian society does not expose much about these (at least a decade back). It's normal to feel a little shy about sharing this bit of news. Matthew's not wrong, fashion on TV is all about skimpy looks and attention-grabbers. Once you get it in you really can’t feel it, unless it isn’t inserted properly then it is uncomfortable. Whether you feel weird about this or not, period sex is a thing and in fact, some women have been known to get so bloody horny [no puns intended] when on their periods than on normal days. Irregular periods can be caused by a variety of health conditions, such as ovarian cysts, pelvic inflammatory disease, and habits like exercise and weight loss. Stretch marks are something we all have to deal with. For example, chocolate is believed to be able to help to increasing your happiness mood. They are natural and in my view a beautiful sign of a woman's fertility. Many parents feel awkward talking about periods, especially with pre-teen girls, who can seem to get easily embarrassed. … Use these tricks to de-bloat fast . Honestly, I was not aware of menstruation for a long time. You can't stop it, you just have to do damage control. Ever since I started to take interest in my gf's periods, she has even more love and respect for me and even told me that it was really nice of a guy to be so caring when a lot of guys even hate the mere mention of periods. Some trans men do feel pelvic pain even after menstruation stops. With this kind of family, they might take you out to dinner to celebrate your period! 4. You can also keep a blanket next to her in case she gets cold because her body temprature won't be stable during her period. Annoying bloat can last for days during your period—making you feel less-than-sexy in pretty much anything but sweat pants. Aside from that she will also feel that she is being taken care of by you. But remember, the fashion you see on TV are really just costumes designed for performing. Inserting it most times just results in you feeling a bit of pressure but nothing painful. So my bf and I just got back together after a 2 month breakup. You may think that her crankiness, her bad mood and her drastic mood swings are all a result of her period. Do you need help with making your girl feel better when she’s on her period? Do Periods Happen Regularly When Menstruation Starts? Most girls start their periods when they're about 12, but they can start as early as 8, so it's important to talk to girls from an early age to make sure they're prepared before the big day. Why do you feel awkward talking about periods? Talk to Other Trans Guys About It. He put a towel under me and it was the best sex we ever had. But, whenever my period comes around the 2 guys go all like "Hey you have your period today!!" To add to the war imagery on AskWomen a girl described the toilet bowl during this time as 'like World War 1 trench' In fact, your man probably has no idea that you're still interested in sex during yours. 17 Thoughts Guys Have About Stretch Marks. A lot of guys are just thankful that they’re not the ones that have to experience menstruation every month. 6. some guys are really grossed out by it and most guys understand that it's natural and it's not horrible to talk about it if you have to. It will not only make her feel special, but also comfort her thoroughly. A lot of trans guys have periods, for whatever reason. Essential info for all Y12 and Y13 students here >> start ... Are guys grossed out by periods? Most men do. Whatever you do, communication is key. Knowing that guys have their own embarrassing questions can make it easier for a woman to feel that they are not alone in thinking awkward thoughts. While I would love to think men in general understand that periods really aren't a huge deal, I have trouble believing that the majority of men are so cool with it, strictly based on the guys I've known. You may be right. Yes, we do feel like complete sh*t and everything hurts. 10. Don't feel pressure to wear revealing or tight clothes just for guys' attention. For the first few years after a girl starts her period, it may not come regularly. response when asked about it. I know these two guys that know when I get my period, because I accidently told them...well its a long story. All your queries about periods, answered here . Guys, how do feel about this? It's like your crotch is throwing up 24/7 for a week every month. Now I am 24 years old, and I … 2 hundred years in the past, women human beings have been actually taken care of as toddler machines and not the rest. A lot of guys are openly disgusted with periods, but there are some guys who give the "It's fine! Stay close to your woman during her period instead of making her feel bad about herself. By about 2–3 years after her first period, a girl's periods should be coming around once every 4–5 weeks. Summer <333 Don't make her feel unwanted. Some people think there’s absolutely nothing bad about period sex, with 6.4 percent of respondents saying they have no issue and “love period sex.” According the survey, women are two times more likely than men to be unwilling to … Advertisement. If your periods are irregular, finding the cause can cut back on worry. Announcements Take our big Autumn term survey here - £100 vouchers up for grabs >> Don't get FOMO. ... First of all, periods are healthy. 45. You can actually bring her her favorite snacks and she will feel happy about it. And a lot of them are very philosophical about it. Watch. These guys are trying period pain and they are not liking it one bit!Subscribe to MTV for more great videos and exclusives! Watch a movie with her: Those period cramps are painful as hell. Although it can make them uncomfortable and they don’t always know how to react to talking about it, they’re understanding that it can … It's natural!" 8. But what do guys really think about stretch marks? Yes, we do get very bloated. Than they ask me all these questions. A woman on her period needs to feel she's beautiful and still desirable. My boyfriend loves me so much that he doesn't care if I am on my period, it's not gross to him. Here is what those without uteruses need to know. 1. In some families, talking about body stuff might seem like no big deal. Unfortunately despite the fact that they are totally common and normal they are often a source of insecurity for many women. Sorry guys, but sex can be messy and filled with fluids without periods in the mix. When advertisements of sanitary napkins are flashed on television, parents will become really agitated. At the same time, however, they aren't completely closed-minded about it. But I was on the last day of my period and still had on a pad. Just because men aren't adept at expressing their feelings, don't for a minute think they don't feel, and feel deeply. Like women, men have hormonal shifts and changes. This can allow you to enjoy your periods more when they do occur. [Read: 25 topics you should talk about in your relationship] Whether these subjects do come up or not, you can rest assured knowing that men just tend to be a little curious. We both have abstained from sex and last night when I went over his house we both were super horny. I find it’s easier to put things in perspective when I feel like I’m not the only one experiencing something. Peace!!! How to make a girl feel better on her period. I have a confession: Guys are stupefied about what to do with periods. 44.

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