Change of heart? But this incarnation of Hela is rewritten as Odin's daughter, making her Thor and Loki's older sister. What were you the god of again? Though she subsequently proved her point by crushing Mjølnir with only one hand and slaughtered the entire Asgardian army with ease, Hela's hubris also turned out to be her downfall - she underestimated Thor's wisdom, which ultimately led to her being destroyed by Surtur. The only time she shows mercy is when people agree to serve her or do not stand in her way. Some misguided soul has stolen the Bifrost sword. Let's begin our conquest.Hela to Skurge. Loki summons the Bifröst, which allows Hela to enter Asgard but before she does, Hela’s efforts to kill Thor and Loki ends up sending them to Sakaar. Hela thousands of years ago, Just dare to face-to-face with Odin. Goblets and garden parties? Asgard becomes a population of refugees. She has proven capable of standing toe-to-toe with Thor. Asgard is one of the "nine realms" of the World Tree Yggdrasil; its precise location is unclear, but it appears to reside in a distant dimension far removed from Earth's. ""No, I know. The actress is the first female villain to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and she’s clearly going to create a lot of problems for the god of thunder and his homeworld of Asgard. Adopted by Odin and Frigga at the end of the Asgardians' war with the Jotuns, Loki was treated as a prince of Asgard and never informed of his true heritage throughout his youth, although he was always jealous of his adoptive brother Thor. Confronted by Odin's younger children who were waiting for her, Thor and Loki, Hela then mockingly noted that Thor did not look like Odin at all. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is imprisoned on the other side of the universe and finds himself in a race against time to get back to Asgard to stop Ragnarök, the destruction of his homeworld and the end of Asgardian … She gleefully mocked at his death, and openly expressed her wish to have been able to see it herself. Proud to have it, ashamed of how he got it.Hela to Skurge, The oldest child of Odin Borson, Hela served as her father's personal executioner and the leader of the Einherjar, helping to conquer the Nine Realms through violence and war. [1], We were unstoppable. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Hence, she is capable of lifting well in excess of 100 tons. After her freedom, she immediately conquered Asgard with little effort, and Heimdall himself described her as being so power-hungry that, if she could access the Bifrost Bridge, she would conquer all of the Nine Realms and even the entire Cosmos. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Thor: Love and Thunder star says sequel is 'funny', New Guardians star linked to Thor: Love & Thunder, Thor: Love and Thunder - all you need to know, Loki on Disney+: Everything you need to know, Thor 4 bringing back another classic MCU character, Thor star has "another couple" of MCU movies left. Among the few beings powerful enough to surpass Hela's tremendous power are Odin and Surtur at full power. Peace treaties? In Norse mythology, Hela is the illegitimate daughter of Loki. Whatever game you're playing, it won't work. Mjolnir, the hammer in question has quite different stories in the comics and the MCU movies. Look at these lies. During the journey on Sakaar, we learn what happened to The Hulk (and Banner), we meet a Valkyrie, and discover that the way off or Sakaar is through “the devil’s anus.” Though Thor acknowledged Odin's paternal deficiencies, during a heart-to-heart confrontation between him and his sister, he still confessed he believed that their father's decision to imprison her instead of letting her rule was an accurate one - Hela made it clear that she would exterminate her entire nation if they stood in the way of her resuming her conquests. Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Hela arrived soon after as she expressed her surprise that Thor had survived falling out of the Bifrost Bridge during their last encounter. Well? Executioner?Skurge and Hela. Not just to execute people, but also to execute their vision. "[When] we left Loki [in Thor: The Dark World], he kind of achieved his goals, he became the king of Asgard, and he is ruling that place," he said. In Norse Mythology, as in the comics, Hela is the illegitimate daughter of Loki. But he failed to realise the threats that were just over the horizon, Hela being the biggest and most terrible one of all.". The longer Hela's on Asgard, the more powerful she grows. Surtur is a fictional Fire Giant appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.He usually appears as a villain in stories featuring the Norse hero Thor.Based on the fire giant Surtr from Norse mythology, and was adapted by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, and first appeared in Journey into Mystery #97 (October 1963). While Hela is going for the kill, Thor enters a vision where he meets his father Odin, in the field in Norway where the All-Father died. Thor: Ragnarok will be released on October 24 in the UK and November 3 in the US. During their conquests, Odin rode his steed Sleipnir while Hela was gifted with her giant wolf named Fenris and used both Mjølnir and her own Necroswords as her main choices of weaponry. And believe me, I would love for someone else to rule. With the Eternal Flame, you are reborn. I was Odin's executioner. Debuting in the Silver Age of comic books, Hela first appeared in Journey into Mystery #102 and was adapted from Norse mythology by editor/writer Stan Lee and … Hela was intended to have a cameo in the first, Hela has originally conceived as the main villain of. As Hela took her time walking back to the Bridge, she was challenged by Thor and Valkyrie who were discussing how they could possibly hope to defeat Hela, who was clearly more powerful than any of them. When the prophetic Norns predicted that Hela would destroy Asgard, Odin exiled his grandaughter, sending her to rule the underworlds of Hel and Niffleheim. Cate Blanchett is psyched for Thor 3, and here's why, Why Thor: Ragnarok is ignoring the previous two films, Thor: Ragnarok rumour promises a very surprising cameo, Here's how Cate Blanchett will look in Thor: Ragnarok, Taika Waititi on Thor plans, Conchords and Wilderpeople, Thor: Ragnarok crash lands on Planet Hulk. However, when he learned Loki had taken Odin's place and exiled him on Earth, Thor forced L… And you are my sister, and technically have a claim to the throne. Armed with the ability to unleash unlimited weapons in astounding and deadly ways, Hela seeks vengeance against those who imprisoned her eons ago, ushering in a new era of cold brutality for Asgard and the universe at large. I've missed you all.Hela to Berserkers. You're just the worst.Thor to Hela. Our sister destroyed your hammer like a piece of glass. 3) Conquered Asgard In terms of action, Hela’s defeat of Asgard is certainly one of the most impressive in MCU to date. She stepped out of a portal-like gateway soon after and arrived in Norway on Midgard, the site of her father's death as she mused that she would have liked to see his death. She even went as far as to state that she was neither a Queen nor a monster, but the goddess of death, which in turn revealed that she was quite content to rule over a dead nation of dead soldiers completely loyal to her. The Goddess of Death Hela may be the 'villain' of Thor: Ragnarok, but actress Cate Blanchett isn't so sure fans should call her "evil" just yet. "And what we come to learn, what Thor comes to learn early on, is that there's a lot of terrible things in the cosmos that just shouldn't be that way. Marvel released the teaser trailer for ... Hela Heralds Ragnarok. Imprisoned in Hel for millennia by her father Odin, Hela was only released from her prison in the wake of his death and went to restore her power over Asgard, while simultaneously engaging in a series of encounters with her younger brothers Thor and Loki. ""It won't end there. Want to see what true power really looks like?Hela to Skurge. Look, still alive. In the comics, as implied in Kieron Gillen's Journey into Mystery #645 (2012), she was Leah of Hel, the girl who was created with ancient magic by Kid Loki, and was sent to the ancient past and left there to grow up as Hela. You can't defeat me! As the Valkyrie charged forward atop of their steeds, Hela saw them coming and prepared to fight back. Discovering the disappearance of Hofund, Hela set about punishing the people of Asgard with her Berserkers until Heimdall had finally surrendered the sword. She's stronger than both of us, she's stronger than you; you don't stand a chance!Loki to Thor, Hit her with a lightning blast. When all the people of Asgard refused to bow to her, Hela set about massacring Odin's armies and enslaving their people, while recruiting Skurge to be her own Executioner in the process. Her name’s meaning of “Hidden” surely has to do with the underworld and the dead being “hidden” or buried beneath the ground. Hela's backstory revealed that she served as Odin's strongest warrior -- Hela herself stated that she was the executioner. There, Hela presided over the … HELA The mighty Thor, last god of Asgard, how does it feel to be helpless? We can't wait to see Cate Blanchett kick some ass as Thor: Ragnarok's villain. The Elves with only a ship pummeled Asgard's defences. THOR ... As Yggdrasil decays Thor opens a portal and enters the void that was once Asgard. But he can.Hela and Thor. When she displayed her overwhelming power, she asked Hogun, who survived her initial onslaught if he was willing to change his mind. "Asgard … Even though Skurge displayed cowardice upon their first meeting, Hela decided to mentor him. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer, Hela Is A Mix Of The Classic Character and Gorr The God Butcher In 'Thor: Ragnarok', Zack Stentz on Twitter - September 7, 2020, In Norse mythology, Hela is the illegitimate daughter of. Hela Odinsdottir was the Asgardian goddess of death and former executioner of Asgard. After realizing that Ragnarök was the only way to defeat Hela, Thor sent Loki into the vault to retrieve Surtur's crown and place it on Eternal Flame. ... but one thing we didn't know is how Hela enters the picture in the ... he became the king of Asgard… A creature from a primordial and sinister era of the universe, Hela’s power is unlike anything else in the Nine Realms. In fact, she was so provoked by them that she immediately threw her swords at those false images, shattering them to reveal the truth of Odin's violent deeds. 3. Valiant effort, but you never stood a chance. 1. Hela was also extremely resentful of her imprisonment at the hands of her own father, Odin, whom she was initially loyal enough to willingly execute his will, and even help him conquer the Nine Realms, although she would eventually rebel after Odin grew to become a benevolent king. Still, it was a great honor. When it grew beyond Odin's control, she massacred everyone in the palace and tried to seize the throne. The ruler of Hel and Niflheim, the character has been a frequent foe of Thor. Hela is the first female main antagonist in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film. The moral is that a nation is never superior to the people inhabiting it.

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