You need to stand out among others. It's a competitive world out here. Most competitive degree courses in Kenya [according to statistics], Kenyan Universities Ranking [Top 100 Universities and Colleges in Kenya], Universities offering clinical medicine in Kenya [updated list]. Between first-class honours and a plain bachelor degree in the private sector, the differences in salary was pretty much insignificant. Education as you have been told since your junior years is vital. The chances of any one of them getting the job will be pegged on their experience and the skills they poses. Second Class Honours Upper 60 - 69 %. The Programme Board of Examiners determines the average numeric grade of the best 90 credits at Level 6 or higher for the students being considered for a final award with Honours classification. The classification is summarized below: For a first class Honours award, a candidate must achieve a combined average numeric grade of 50or more; Many students have always linked higher education performance with a guarantee of success in life. For the final degree, the following scoring criterion is used: If you are at the University of Nairobi, note that results are usually uploaded on the UON student portal for easier access by the students. Baraton University fees structure 2020/2021, Technical University of Kenya Grading System, KNEC grading system for colleges [All you need to know], 70% and above              -A (Distinction), 60% – 69%                       -B (Credit), 50% – 59%                       -C (Satisfactory), 40% – 49%                      -D (Pass), 39% – and Below            -E (Fail), First Class Honours                 -70 and above, Second Class Honours (upper)                 -60 to 69, Second Class Honours (lower)                 -50 to 59, 70% and above                 -A. The first benefit of graduating with a first class honours is within the school. Kenya GPA calculator Grading Scales: University. Grades and marks are graded as explained next at TUK (Technical University of Kenya): Here we look at the how the Kenyatta university GPA calculator rates you: Here is how grading is done for CATs and exams at JKUAT: For the cumulative degree award, the following system applies: The grading system here mirrors that of the University of Nairobi across the various programs but for masters and doctoral degrees which uses the following grades: Well, in a retake, you literary repeat a course unit in which you had totally failed to attain a satisfactory score in an ordinary examination. By continuing to use this site, we’ll assume you agree to the use of Cookies. On the other hand, a supplementary exam is a senate authorized exam that you sit after failing to satisfy the examiner in the end of semester examinations (but you were close) and is to be held within 3 months after writing the ordinary examinations. India. For example, the KCA university grading system varies from one department to the next depending on the curriculum. it states in the article "In Kenya, there are First Class Honours, Second Class Honours Upper Divisions and Lower Divisions and Pass instead of Third Class." KNEC college grading system (grading system in colleges). At the beginning of the semester, have a wander around the section of the library devoted to your subject. He holds an MA (Econs) degree and BA (Econs), First Class Honours, degree, both from University of Nairobi. Candidates who do not successfully complete all components of an honours program are ineligible for the Award of an honours degree. uses Cookies to improve your experience. Getting a First Class Honours at the university is never a cake walk. Bachelor Degree. Get the Latest Education News and Interesting Campus Stuff Delivered to your email inbox instantly. The maximum score in supplementary exams is the set percentage pass mark (40%-50%) in the applicable grading system. Join clubs,organizations and be innovative. The % of the cohort that get first class obviously varies by the University and the discipline. A first class honours degree can also boost your chances of winning a scholarship to pursue graduate studies in a foreign country. The pain of looking for a job will  get even more severe as the public sector plans cut employment to reduce wedge bill. You can also read: Employment Crisis: After Campus What Next? But anyway, as other people have pointed out, that 'always..' bit is not true. Most expensive universities in Kenya [Top 5], Online courses in Kenyatta University – all you need to know. The Baringo Senator graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Leadership and Management from St Paul's University in a recently held ceremony. Your email address will not be published. Getting a First Class makes you a demigod. If you are a student, spending all your time to get a first class i  kindly ask you to spare a few minutes, go to the library  and  check jobs posted on newspapers or online Job boards like The pass mark is set at 40% in most of the courses. But times have changed. Postgraduate Entry Requirements. Therefore, they are  are less concerned about your  grades and are more interested in your  skills, extra-curricular activities and experience. The implication here is that  if a first class honors  student and a second honors student go to the same interview. Honours degrees in Nigeria are differentiated only on the basis of performance. You can also comment below for any Question and We Will reply to you. Yes, that used to happen in the past. 16% of all students manage it, and while it’s not an absolute necessity for a graduate job (you need at least a 2:1 for most graduate schemes), employers do take grades into account when reviewing candidates. I should add that some universities have a course-by-course evaluation system for tests, projects, term papers, assignments, practical work, and end of trimester/semester final exam. Remember every year the number of unemployed graduate keeps rising and the number of graduates multiplies due to the need for educations. I do know that this post might appear to be irrelevant to the achievers. | Sell Your Class Notes at | Useful Blogging Tools. According to the Business Daily, over 400,000  graduates  leave college and university annually  to search for employment . Students in the first class enjoy certain kind of pride, so much like passengers in the business class cabin in a plane: they are still in the same plane as the economy class passengers, but somehow they think they are different. In second year, he demanded a … Once you join university (or as you prepare to join), it’s important to understand the university grading system in Kenya as your CATs and exams are marked and scores classified based on this system. Below we look at the University grading system in Kenya as applied in some of the country’s top universities. University College Cork offer a range of Scholarships for International students. In 2013 alone the government managed to create only 134,300 new formal jobs and the figure keeps dropping. The news broke through Prof Ngugi Wa’ Thiongo sending a congratulatory message to her. I can only speak for Economics/Econometrics as that is where my experience is but it is often it is over 50%, but at the same time the Honours cohort is … Thank you for subscribing. Doing an honours degree at a different university to where you completed your undergraduate degree, means you can create a whole new world of networks. Read on to learn how your lecturers will be grading your performances. Eastern and Southern Africa Management Institute, Nairobi Options: 1. US Grade A 70.00 - 100.00 First Class Honours A B 60.00 - 69.00 Second Class Honours (Upper) MBA in Customs Management 3. 5 Schedule Information Yes, 1st class honours will benefit u in terms of getting better employment. Honors degree Honours degrees are based on a undergraduates average mark throughout their course, although in some degrees the first year does not count towards a students final classification. 7.25/10. It is possible to get sponsorship from individuals or certain companies in Kenya who offer funding to the best performing students. we respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. Iceland. Indonesia Walk out of campus with an innovation and second honors and employers will come looking for you. So pay more attention on creativity. What it shows a recruiter, is that you know how to work hard to get good grades. We tackle: Courses, Scholarships, Institutions, Careers, Internships, Studying abroad, and more. Read more about our Privacy and Cookie Policy. Employers are swamped with thousands of application letters in their emails. (That said, a good honours degree can … Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ae7637d530c2ee3f223a4749da32220f" );document.getElementById("hb30a8df50").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. From past stories, its ingrained into the mind of many students that if they get a first class honors they will be able to secure whichever job they apply for. First Class Honors Degree Benefits are as follows; First Class Honors Degree grants you access to prizes and awards. Marks are accumulated and averaged as per the following letter grades signifying the attained level of academic performance by an individual student per unit and when aggregated for the purposes of determining your final degree class using the MKU GPA calculator. The holds for both continuous course assessments as well as the University examinations. First Class Honours, referred to as a 'first', is the highest honours classification and indicates high academic achievement. Egyetemi Oklevel (4 years) 4/5. The class of an honours degree is based on the average mark of the assessed work that a student has completed. Bachelor (Honours) Class II (Upper/Division I) Hungary. Baccalaureatus (Bachelor), Candidatus. Anyone who has received a first-class degree will tell you that the library was like a second home to them. The myth of the first class honours. Required fields are marked *. Define first-class honours degree. Many students have always linked higher education performance with a guarantee of success in life. Lastly, don’t be in the dark, use the form below to Subscribe for our latest Education News, and interesting campus stuff. Most of the public universities in Kenya give scholarships to their students who acquire first class honors in their undergraduate studies. In a tweet, Kanu congratulated its party chairman for this academic achievement. Grading System in Kenya. A first class honours degree is awarded to students who maintain exemplary academic brilliance throughout their degree study and can unlock many doors for you. Believe me, you want to get a first class degree. # Where a Combined Degree has an honours degree component, the class of honours only applies to that component. This post has been edited by nikyas: Mar 2 2008, 01:40 AM Diploma Buy and Sell pdf Revision Papers, Class notes, Recipes and House Plans at and get paid via Mpesa. In hindisght, I see why Ndugu has made it. Why do you think you would be a good fit for Tropical Heat? Honours degrees include the first-class degree, second-class degrees (upper and lower) and the third-class degree, but not the pass. KANU leader Gideon Moi has reportedly graduated with First Class Honors from a local university. From past stories, its ingrained into the mind of many students that if they get a first class honors they will be able to secure whichever job they apply for. But could the elusive First Class be a ‘curse’ in securing a job out there. The relation between being an excellent student and success. (Relevant skills to the job would give you a far better bargaining chip.) What however cannot miss a number of years of experience. For example, some universities will sponsor first class honours degree holders to pursue a master’s degree in their line of study. The more you perform better the more your social status in the society rises and this helps boost your self esteem. Advantages and benefits of getting a First Class University Degree Universities' plans to recruit more students from disadvantaged backgrounds What is a 2.1 degree equivalent in terms of A-Levels ? The last time people heard of a First Class in UoN School of Law was what, at the dawn of industrial revolution? Scholarships and Funding Opportunities. Tanya Monica Faraj holds a Master’s degree in Nuclear & Radiation Engineering from Alexandria University in Egypt and was the first woman to have first-class honours in Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Jomo Kenyatta University. I would just like to solicit some feedback from  you if you get any hiring company indicating in the job requirements that getting a first class is an added advantage or need. We shall add the University grading system for universities not included here including the existing Zetech university grading system in due course. Kenya . Can you mention some first class honours degree benefits in Kenya? Most from students who buy degrees in the “university black market.”.

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