away Chat . Both the RX and FX provide an exciting ride. We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below. In the end both are great bikes. With the CRF250RX, you’ve got to keep the engine spun-up to ensure you don’t flame-out and stall at the most inopportune of times. Yamaha was laser-focused on delivering the best mass centralization possible which is evident by the rearward slanted engine and under seat fuel tank. Archived. Lever feel on the Honda is slightly more moto-like, whereas the Yamaha has more of a progressive feel throughout the lever pull. Having heaps of torque down low makes riding the YZ250FX a bit easier than the Honda. After making some adjustments to both bikes’ preload, we had them both sitting in what we felt was a very balanced state. The Honda CRF250RX and the Yamaha YZ250FX are both closed-course competition off-road bikes, meaning they are made for racing. Both handle tight trail work with ease, though the Yamaha gets the upper hand thanks to its stronger bottom end. Both have a handlebar-mounted switch that lets you switch between engine maps. Little did Rocky know that his life & times would be so inextricably linked with motorcycles. The Honda delivers a more plush, comfortable ride while the Yamaha’s suspenders feel more set up for racing, and it’s clear when railing through a set of corners. Dirt Bike Magazine - Best selling off road motorcycle magazine. I don't have a very large budget and I want to get something that will last. In peak horsepower, the Honda has a decisive advantage. August 30, 2019. The Yamaha, even with the bars back all the way, felt roomy, which may help it to be suited to slightly larger folks. Rode my 19 YZ250F for the first time yesterday (coming from a 17 YZF) and wow does the thing ever turn. Seat style and shape were noticeably different between the two bikes. Rocky the Roadrunner showed up one day and made the Rancho his home. We also like the Yamaha’s six-speed. Some of the CRF250RX key features that Honda would like you to know are: Large-capacity, 2.2 gallon resin fuel tank . 2019 Honda CRF250RX Long-Term Review. The YZ250FX’s six-speed makes it a more versatile bike. 2021 CRF250RX FEATURES - Honda If you’re looking for a high-performance trail/enduro machine built to win, then you’ve come to the right place. There are aftermarket options for each up to just over three gallons, should you decide you need more capacity. They both provide the more thrilling performance-focused ride of their motocross brethren while having the necessary off-road accouterment. Overall, I would say the Honda is an easier trail bike to live with. Brakes on both machines got them slowed down quickly and predictably. Our guest tester demonstrating the ease with which the Yamaha’s torque lofts the front end. For two machines in the same class and aimed at the same target, the Honda and Yamaha are about as starkly contrasted in their character as they are in color. Yamaha has had its YZ250FX on the market since 2015 while the Honda CRF250RX entered the field in 2019. Click here for a full test of the 2020 Yamaha YZ250FX. But now, Yamaha and Honda have entered the fray with the YZ250FX and CRF250RX. First gear is just about perfect for tight stuff. It’s a natural fit for this Honda – the frame and triple clamp come compatible with it, and the front number plate perfectly hides it. Helmet: Alpinestars Supertech S-M10 $649.95 Jersey: Alpinestars Venture R $49.95 Pants: Alpinestars Venture R $149.95 Gloves: Alpinestars Techstar $44.95 Goggles: 100% Racecraft $75.00 Armor: Alpinestars Bionic Pro $239.95 Knee Braces: Asterisk Ultra Cell $759.05 Boots: Alpinestars Tech 10 $599.95. Yz250f vs crf250r. This, combined with other features such as the centralized low fuel tank, Yamaha claims, helps with mass centralization. And this year, it gets the same ... Gables Motorsports Wesley Chapel Wesley Chapel, FL - 2,376 mi. The Yamaha has a low-end motor; the Honda is a screamer. On any smallish four-stroke you have to use a lot of clutch off-road, and the Yamaha’s clutch has a super-light pull and consistent feel. Without so much as rolling the bars forward or back, the RX fit me perfectly. These new, competition-oriented 250 thumpers are appealing to riders of all ages, riding styles, and terrain preferences. That’s why there’s always room for one more in the garage. The Honda’s is stiff and heats up quickly. Where once you could choose from a wide range of genuinely capable trail bikes from the four big Japanese manufacturers, now the sector has become a fierce battleground of incredible enduro machines, all of them made in Europe. Re: WR250f VS CRF250X. 2021 CRF250RX OVERVIEW - Honda If you’re looking for a high-performance trail/enduro machine built to win, then you’ve come to the right place. It doesn’t have to be big to be an Adventure. Yamaha even dared to go head-to-head against KTM’s omnipotent 250XC two-stroke with its YZ250X. The Honda uses a close-ratio five-speed transmission, while the Yamaha has a six-speed wide-ratio trans. Starting at $9,799.00 Based on the championship-winning YZ250F and boasting a wide range of cross-country features, the 2020 YZ250FX is a true "out-of-the-box" hare scramble/cross-country competition machine. Fast forward to today, and we have a number of manufacturers extending this platform into a crop of very versatile off-road weapons. The Yamaha transmission is equally smooth, delivering solid shifts but at a wider spread through its six gears making it more suitable for desert racing or hare scrambles. And in the beginning, these newcomers were designed as direct replacements for 125cc 2-strokes, which limited their appeal to a fairly narrow spectrum of younger, track-oriented buyers. Honda, like a few other manufacturers out there, is upping their model output with motocross bikes, off-road race bikes, trail oriented bikes, and street legal bikes. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Bottom line, we felt that the Honda’s spring rates would likely need to be bumped-up for anyone over 175 pounds. The Honda’s first gear is a little tall for tight trails.

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