Or street tracker, scrambler, or any custom motorcycle, for that matter. Sensible isn't a word you'd normally use to describe a custom motorcycle. At the Virago Cafe we specialize in the cool inverted fork conversions you see on cafe racers everywhere. We perform fork swaps, rear end swingarm swaps, custom seats & upholstery including upswept frame loops, aftermarket LED lights, Motogadgets m.units & m.relays If we have, please comment below for other riders who are looking for ideas on how to build a cafe racer. Custom handmade seat. Great examples of these bikes stand out no matter what other bikes surround them. Please click here if you would like to see more pictures of this bike in action. The Virago Cafe and Custom Creations can help you build the one of a kind bike project you've been dreaming of. These bikes also feature a distinctive set of ergonomics that includes low, narrow handlebars. ... *Plug n play sa keeway 152 or any non inverted fork na motor Front and rear fenders... Front fender - 800 Rear Fender (Tire Hugger) - 900. The best may be the XS series. Typically smaller than stock. The modification process of this BMW K1. This is an imaginary angle that runs from the top of the fuel tank to the tip of the cowl behind your rear seat. Works Performance shock, Adj. You do not want any side-to-side sway: up and down movement should be free, but side-to-side (axial play) should be minimal. It can also come with a hefty dose of style and desirability. Not only is the look 2nd none the performance gains will blow your mind. BMW from year 1988 with 97,000 km, transformed in a café racer with a modern and sporty look thanks to an inverted fork from a CBR 1000 with Galfer petal discs. The seat may overlap the rear centerline, but only a little. CafeRacerWebshop | The largest selection of Café Racer parts in Europe!. Moving the battery (and other items such as the rectifier etc.) That is why our parts list will start after that point. An original Suzuki GSZR inverted fork was placed. The throttle from an R1/R6 for example isn’t going to be a straight match – it’s often a single cable on some older bikes (the Virago for example) and a double on the R1/R6 – again not super complicated but it takes a little ingenuity to get that set up. Fit only 1” handlebar with internal diameter 21,5 mm, fit the right side for brake, and … The cafe racer has it origins in a British subculture of the 1950s that enjoyed the look of the Grand Prix road racers of the era. The handlebar is a Renthal Ultra Low; the grips are Bitwell; and both the speedometer and the light control are Motogadget M-unit. It is not the typical converted BMW K100, it is a unique custom motorcycle transformed from start to finish; in which no detail has been left behind…A brutal and unique BMW. Some builders opt for the CB350, but the lower power may not be what you want. It’s not super complicated but just be prepared to spend some time planning that out. Required fields are marked *. Brand new Yamaha inverted forks. This design shares the other’s dual disc brakes and inverted fork, but the rear has a more traditional swingarm suspended by dual shocks. The front mudguard was custom made. The inverted forks do a nice job of absorbing the bumps, while still keeping the ride sporty. Many builders opt for pipe-wrap, though this has been falling out of style in recent years. Those Vincents are scary to buy! The main part of a build’s visual weight will be the engine. To give the build undisputed café racer credibility, the Duke CB500 gets thoroughly modern suspension. If you are starting your own project (cafe racer,scrambler,brat, tracker) or if you are rebuilding your bike, You are on right place ! The W650 is a dream to build out. Follow this link if you would like to keep looking at other BMWs created by Cafe Racer Dreams. Cafe Racers, Scramblers, Trackers, and Bratstyle. This particular Honda CX500 cafe racer was built by a friendly guy named Gary based in Decorah, Iowa. This allows us to marry the classic look of old cruisers with the modern day high performance parts from today's race bike just like they rolled off the showroom floor that way. If the angles flow together properly, the two pieces will look as if they were cut from a single piece of metal at some point. Cb 750 Cafe Racer Inazuma Cafe Racer Custom Cafe Racer Cafe Racer Build Honda 750 Honda Bikes Cafe Bike Cafe Racer Motorcycle Tracker Motorcycle. This engine will run forever. Unlike the flat track design, the cafe racer has passenger pegs for two-up riding. Often, builders replace their bulky stock tanks with slimmer units, either fiberglass aftermarket units or OEM tanks from other models. This line gives a cafe racer a no-nonsense look that speaks of strength and speed. #3 Clearance: The modern forks can lower the engine clearance height. Early riders were about fifty-fifty as to whether they would add race fairings or go without. Then there is the CB400 Hawk Hondamatic. Then there is there are the Yamaha SR400 and SR500–both of which are single-cylinder “thumpers.” These bikes offer a nostalgic bent…kickstart only. LED Fork Light 120 degree viewing angle for wider visibility Fit just about any fork size (even inverted forks) With double sided adhesive tape on back along with a built in Zip Tie for added strength Voltage: DC 12V Size: 9 3/4" x 3/8" Color: Amber It was lightweight to begin with and parts are easy to lay hands on. Donor forks sourced from 600-750cc sport bike. After that, move to the swingarm bushing. Now that we have gushed like school girls over the Honda CB series, here is a list of other bikes that have large aftermarkets and reliable engines. In other words, how easy is the bike on the eye. You may need your rear shocks, and possibly your forks, but you cannot go about it half-cocked. The café racer take on retro bikes is more popular than ever – and with good reason. It sounds like a minor detail, but it can define your build’s character, making it seem more robust and aggressive. The term ”cafe racer” was originally meant to be derogatory, making fun of the rider as a ”motorcyclist who played at being an Isle of Man road racer, but is someone who owned a racy machine but merely parked it near his table at the local outdoor cafe,” according to freelance writer Wallace Wyss. 1985 BMW K100 Cafe Racer Build. That has led to an explosion of builds around the world However, buying a cafe racer that someone else has built can be too expensive for the average rider, and doesn’t really fit with the “built not bought” mentality. The problem is the expense of some of the more popular bikes in the group. The first idea was to make a BMW cafe racer, but quickly Fran decided to change the concept and make something less seen and very radical. Many cafe bikes run shortened fenders or none at all. This includes the cylinder/crank/gearbox, basically everything in the front section of the subframe. This may not be a problem for most setups but it’s worth considering. CB550 Cafe Racer with Benjie's parts. Donor bikes are inexpensive and parts are easy to find. Yamaha XT motorcycles were very popular in their time. While you are hanging out around the swingarm, have a look at the pivot shaft. There are dozens of bikes from the 1970s, 80s, and early 90s that make great donor bikes for a cafe build. Any number of companies make these units. He’s done a hell of a lot of work on the bike and has even gone so far as to fit the rear monoshock from a 2009 Yamaha R1, he balanced this out by adding the inverted front forks from a Hyosung GT600R giving the bike the handling characteristics of a much more modern motorcycle. I also swapped on some new R6 levers … Luckily, the Japanese came to the rescue as early as the 1970s. The first feature on ‘How to Build a Café Racer’ struck a chord. These items should be kept in mind when buying a donor bike and parts. Please like the video and subscribe. You can use an OEM part, but a solid bronze needle roller bearing kit might be better, depending on your budget. The foundation mainly deals with the base structure of a bike — the general aesthetic pleasantness, if you will. This gives the bike a more modern look which contrasts with the classic tank and custom leather seat. For starters, the bike received a pair of fully-adjustable 50 mm (1.97 inches) inverted forks at the front, ... BMW k1100lt de angelis elaborazioni la dini custom Bespoke Cafe Racer. We have All sorts of Classic Parts for your Custom Bike. Some older bikes (Suzuki for example) had stupid gadgets like self-canceling indicators – plan on ripping items like that out or at least be ready for some teeth grinding trying to make that work with modern controls. This increases the aggressive look of a cafe racer. Different set of gauges. From a design standpoint, there are many things that you should consider before you start building a cafe racer. But as this BMW R100RS from Cafe Racer Dreams proves, sensible doesn't have to mean stale. All mechanics have been powder coated and blacked out. The cut-off points of your cafe racer can be clearly defined as the centerline of each wheel. We have to help each other out! Like Royal Enfield’s Continental GT 650, the Triumph Thruxton is another archetypal café racer model that possesses all of the hallmarks of the genre. You can lighten your bike in several ways. That's no problem we always got at least 7 classic cruisers in stock that we are just itchin to turn into your dream bike. 120/70/ZR19 AVON Rear- 18 x 5.5 alloy rim. Lately they start to be used a lot as a customization base. These typically cost $350-1000 on ebay, and will require a custom steering stem and possibly a new top triple — both of which can be purchased from a company like Cognito Moto. If money wasn’t an issue, riders would toss a Vincent V-Twin into a Featherbed frame, building a Norvin. It’s just a pain to travel to find a good one. Custom Rearsets, stems, triples, Hubs The W650 and W800 are all solid bikes that can be converted to the cafe racer look that you want. We can build your bike from the ground up here in house with the parts we design and make for only our customers. The W800 presents a distinct challenge, especially for less-skilled builders. Some recommend inspecting the frame for cracks or damage, but we think that should be done before you buy a donor. The list has also been worked to cover a mix of budgets; the cheapest bike on this list is the air cooled Lexmoto Valiant starting at £1,599.99 going all the way up to the latest liquid cooled neo racer the Honda CB125 R which is priced at £3,989. Adj. Topping the list of donor bikes has to be the Honda CB series. Do you guy shave the same for bobbers? Many are universal fit, meaning you will have to fabricate your own mounting brackets. The opposite is true if you lower the rear. This riding posture requires rear-set footpegs and controls (rearsets). The mods consist of an inverted fork and mono-shock suspension but the distinct double yellow headlights gave rise to its name, “THE GRAY GHOST.” Initially confused for another Batman comic reference, it turns out to be the nickname of a low flying bird of prey with spooky yellow eyes. New signals fore and aft, if your state requires them. 200/55/ZR18 AVON: Engine We have trellis conversions for the R1200 and R1100 and two donor bikes in inventor for spring 2021 deliveries. Affordable and Quality products for your Classic Bike! Luckily, the name pub racer didn’t stick. If you do overhang in the rear, use an extremely low profile seat to pull the look back together. The top of the range package is an all inclusive kit that gives you a myriad of options to choose from. This may require relocating the wiring harness if it’s kept in the headlight shell. CRD #49 was commissioned by an existing client of the Madrid workshop. Most of us would rather enjoy the pride of riding a machine we ourselves built. Got a design in mind, or want us to put one together for you? At Custom Creations we have been offering complete in house upholstery on every type of vehicle, using any type of materials you desire since 1996. Bonneville Inverted Fork Conversion Triumph Forum Bike Thruxton ... Cafe racer parts cognito moto fork swap kits return of the racers work series fork conversion with cognito moto cafe racer parts cognito moto fork swap kits return of the racers work series fork conversion with cognito moto. #2 Throttle controls: Creating the throttle control system can be a little tricky depending on the bike. from their original position (which is usually the way it goes), means you’re going to have to create/modify the wiring harness to accommodate for the new locations. A cafe racer is completely defined by a flat line from front to rear, parallel to the ground or with a slightly forward rake. The seat, typically featuring a bum-stop, puts the rider farther back on the bike, assisting with the tuck-in of the rider. Above and beyond these parts, you may need: Wow, that got long in a hurry. At the Virago Cafe we specialize in the cool inverted fork conversions you see on cafe racers everywhere. Let’s have a look at each in brief detail. Clubmans are single-piece handlebars that bolt to the standard mount but drop down and forward. There are two types: clip-ons or clubman (ace) bars. Not everybody who read it agreed with the content, but when it comes to style, there are several different schools of taste. Over 10.000 spare parts in our stock for BMW K100, BMW R100, BMW R80, BMW K75, BMW R65 and the BMW r ninet.. We supply the popular brands, for example Motogadget and its Motogadget m … Cafe racers are lightweight bikes by definition. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. One more item that requires a little planning is relocation of electrics. Are you looking for Café Racer parts for your Honda, Yamaha, Moto Guzzi, Suzuki, Kawasaki or BMW cafe racer?You found the perfect place! You should replace the head bearings and races with OEM parts or a tapered steel bearing. Underpinned by the same chassis and powertrain used on the Z900 RS, the Café accentuates Kawasaki’s classic racer styling with the beautiful sporty front fairing and the black low rise handlebars. Polished black anodized finish: Rear Suspension: Monoshock swingarm, 2.5” tapered roller bearings, chromoly pivot tube. The damping system of my fork is more complex than the original Ceriani was. What’s more, many builders are opting to swap out their original forks for modern inverted forks, often donor units from a GSX-R600, 750, or 1000. Your built guide lines are perfect ! As with the cut-off points, anything above this line can make the bike look poorly planned and hard on the eyes. A secondary consideration of the visual weight is the axis of the tank parameter. Bikes like the XS400, XS650, XS750, and XS1100 make great builds. It might actually take a lottery win to build a Norvin nowadays. The height limit is the highest point of the bike above the fuel tank. Your forks should be tucked in, close to the main body of the bike. Complete rebuilt wiring harness and electrical system. The best bike in the group is probably the XS650, a parallel twin that recalls the British twins of yore. Carrying the RS Café’s retro flair furth… You will want all angles to be sharply defined and straight as an arrow. Original 1972 Cb750 bare metal brushed and sealed fuel tank. The retro vibe also influences much of the look of the front end as well, such as the large 170 mm LED headlamp, which blends old-school looks and modern designs with the chromed headlamp ring. The handlebars let the rider get lower and closer to the bike to reduce drag and wind resistance, while improving rider control. Got it ! (Hat tip to designer Charlie Trelogan for outlining these design principles on Bike EXIF.). This is one of the primary design hallmarks of any cafe build, and the ergonomics make for better handling in the corners. The aftermarket is smaller than you will find with the XS series, but the early bikes have a monoshock setup that makes for killer cafe lines. So…we decided to help the budget-minded rider out just a tad by going over the history of the cafe racer, listing the best donor bikes for a cafe racer build, then throwing in a parts section that should help you get the look you want without draining your wallet. These are completely restored machines and engines. Some builders opt for a monoshock setup, which looks incredible but requires intensive fabrication skills. Thanks! 71. That said, many builders retain the stock tank, some of which have glorious patinas. Today, you would spent far too much cabbage trying to build a Titon, Tribsa, or a Norvin. The bone line is the widest point of the bodywork. If not, please consider writing one – the info in this article is excellent for a prospective modder like myself, just not that into cafe racers. This is a great example of what Benjie's cafe racer parts can do with a Honda CB550: The modifications are minor: Benjie's tank Benjie's seat & tail CB200 gauges Buell headlight Clubman bars New rear shocks Painted & polished engine Painted & polished forks Painted frame The result is… The plastic stock unit is most likely worn out. Keep in mind, if you lengthen the rear shocks, you get better turn-in for corners. Much of an overhang upfront destroys the cafe racer look and can completely ruin an otherwise awesome build. The right bone line pulls the build together, making it feel as if everything on the bike belongs together. Kustom Tech Brass Inverted Hand Controls for 1" Bars. Kawasaki W Series offers two bikes that can be great for cafe racer builds…but mostly if you live outside of North America. By TheRacer; Posted February 16, 2020-Views 1335; ... INVERTED FORKS & SINGLE SIDED SWINGARM ? Samurai Style: Yamaha XJR1300 “Kintarō” by Sculpt Moto, Retro Thumper: Yamaha XT600 “113” by Unik Edition, Cafe Killer: Suzuki GSX-R750 by Cool Kid Customs, Back in Black: Beta 200 Street Tracker by Rodando Sur, Bob Job: Harley XG500 Bobber by Augment Motorworks. Stainless spokes. The bone line is where light will reflect off your seat, tank, and lamp; adding 3D effects to the foundation line of the build. I’m going to focus on the performance side of building a cafe racer. A lightweight fiberglass cafe racer seat is typically lighter than the stock unit, and it’s a must for the cafe look. As an alternative, you could also opt for a “brat seat,” a flat bench seat that may allow for two-up riding — not an option with a solo cafe tail. They make cheap options because many of them already have a small to medium displacement engine, great frames, and huge aftermarkets for the parts that you will need to swap out. The rear swing arm is a boxed section swing arm for rigidity. The Kawasaki Z series is perhaps the most popular platform for cafe builds from Big Green. "From the Ordinary, to the EXTRAordinary", © 2018 by Virago Cafe and Custom Creations      Everett,WA 98204. We are the one stop shop for all the parts and installation labor you need to complete your project. We have also improved the bikes suspension by changing its original fork for an inverted Suzuki Hayabusa 1.000cc. Some of the best bikes in the group may be the KZ400, KZ440, and the KZ650 — or Z650 in the European market. You will want to switch your handlebars to a set of clip-ons or clubman bars. Hopefully, we haven’t forgotten too many items. In this episode I'll be making the upper shock mount for the mono-shock, and I'll be turning up a bunch of spacers for the inverted front end. Yamaha has many bikes that will make great cafe racers. It was a retro-standard bike to begin with, so the look will not have to be altered too much. I would like to offer a few suggestions from my personal experience that I hope will be useful: If you plan on hooking up a set of forks from a modern bike (which, IMO you really should do): #1 Electrics: Your donor bike wiring harness isn’t going to be a straight plug-in to the controls that come with a modern set of forks. WP inverted fork. If your stock forks are straight and rust-free, then you have the option to retain them, but adding a fork spring and a dampening kit may help performance. Honda CB750 DOHC custom w/ inverted forks & single-sided swingarm. We offer in house CNC services to custom build the one of a kind parts you can't find anywhere else! That means a lot of parts swapping and work to reduce weight and the design lines, making it an extensive build. For instance, the Yamaha XS750/XS850 tanks are a popular swap on some builds, as they are long and slender with knee indentations. Whats people lookup in this blog: Too much and the bike looks rear-heavy and off balance. We offer many custom features you can't get anywhere else to ensure your projects uniqueness without having to sacrifice style for comfort. Suspension is very important. The SR400 is still in production, but retains a cafe look. You will typically have to cut the frame to install them, but the fabrication requirements are minimal. Custom built motorcycles, cafe racers, bobbers the Virago Cafe makes custom fabricates CNC parts using our lathe, mill, & flat bed water jet for bikes in house. Recommend pairing with upgraded suspension and dampening. A tank that is smaller makes the parameter look bulky. The bikes picked up the name ”cafe racer” because the Brits who built them for personal use spent quite a bit of time riding them as quickly as possible between cafes…pubs to be exact. This is a visual line that bisects the cylinder/piston area of the motor. These were minimalist bikes meant to be ridden short distances. Saved by Sergio Faedi. Such is the case with this Scrambler that Lord Drake Kustoms just made.. The only problem is that the W650 was only sold in North America for two years, so finding a donor bike can be a pain. The ignition key location was modified and a stainless steel tank cap was placed. The rear cowl removes for 2 … This line should remain uninterrupted, unless it is structurally necessary to break it up. In his case, the motorcycle presented an unfortunate state, but the client knew very well what he wanted. A right mix of heritage and cafe racers 125s from the full 1950s looking retro machines to the ultra modern equivalents. Every bike in the pre-1990 CB series is easy to work on and offers easy to swap parts from a huge aftermarket. We have designed a trellis front sub-frame to accept conventional inverted forks to replace the BMW OEM Telelever front end which gives the bike too tall of a stance for cafe. A larger tank will change the bike’s minimalist stance, countering the look needed for a cafe racer. This may include sissy bars, heavy king-queen seats, windshields, fenders, fairings, turn signal stalks, and more. The cafe racer blends the needs of a speed freak with those of a minimalist to create a near perfect motorcycle. We utilize the complete front end from super bikes like R1, GSXR, CBR, and Ninjas so that your bike now has the suspension and braking from a bike designed to do nearly 200mph. 3.5K likes. Forks are rebuilt and modifications to the triple tree are made. It works via shim stacks, in spite of a simple damping piston and rod of the old orifice constructions. comp/rebound : Wheels: Front- 19 x 3 alloy rim. Builders have also been known to use the Yamaha Virago line-up. comp/rebound. Luckily, the donor bikes are cheap. FORKS. Different headlight. Cafe Racer Parts – Cognito Moto Fork Swap Kits Depending on your desired outcome (and budget) Cognito Moto offer a variety of services and parts to make the whole process a cinch. Ratio, proportions, and lines. Many builders opt for smaller diameter units. From all forged brass construction, Retro line inverted hand controls will give a very nostalgic look to all custom projects. The earliest bikes were combinations of British bikes of the era. We utilize the complete front end from super bikes like R1, GSXR, CBR, and Ninjas so that your bike now has the suspension and braking from a bike designed to do nearly 200mph. The visual weight is where the actual bulk of the bike is going to sit. If the bodywork overlaps these points, your build will look just a tad off. The dampening and spring rates must be perfectly tuned for your bike’s and your weight, as well as taking into account the type of riding you will be doing. Cafe Racer Parts and GSX-R fork conversions for Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha including CB350 CB360 CB450 CB500 CB550 CB750 XS650. We offer features including but not limited to memory seat foam, gel toppers, heated & massager seat cushions, and even air ride seat springs! The Virago XV535, Virago XV750, and the Yamaha XV920R are solid options. Cafe racers have a layout that places a premium on shedding weight from a lightly powered motorcycle. With a cafe racer, these points are: foundation, the cut-off points, height limit, the bone-line, visual weight, the swoop, the angles, and fork distance. The straight line should sit upon two nearly even-sized wheels. As you can see, Norton built the best frames at the time. What distinguishes the Thruxton however, is its decidedly premium nature, getting Ohlins shocks, inverted Showa forks, and Brembo stoppers. The KZ650, built from 1976 to 1983, offered a strong 64 horsepower and was known as the “Son of the Z1” — the company’s legendary muscle bike. The rear shocks have remote reservoir, and the rear springs come with pre-load adjuster to adjust for proper sag. However, these bikes have become very popular, so they are the most expensive donor bike in the group. The first is to switch to remove any extraneous parts. Your email address will not be published. A very common mish-mash was called the Triton, a combination of a Triumph Bonneville engine bolted to a Norton Featherbed frame. Up front, the cowl should be cut of very close to the centerline. This writer bought one in October of this year for $1,500 in perfect condition. Builders differ on where to start your build. A good jumping off point is with the bearings. The cafe racer blends the needs of a speed freak with those of a minimalist to create a near perfect motorcycle. More budget-conscious riders would often combine the same Triumph engines with a BSA frame, creating a Tribsa. Design-wise , this is called the tank parameter and your fuel tank should be exactly the same length as this section of the bike. Parts that stick too far above the height limit interrupt the sleek look that a cafe racer must have. Stainless spokes. ... What’s more, many builders are opting to swap out their original forks for modern inverted forks, often donor units from a GSX-R600, 750, or 1000. There are many primary and secondary angles on a bike. However, if you have a relatively popular bike such as a Honda CB or Yamaha XS, you should be able to find seats made especially for your bike. Cafe Racer Parts, Taguig. All of the different angles created by the forks, shocks, and various other parts can make a bike look like a dish of spaghetti, ruining the cohesiveness of the build. When it comes to exhaust, look for small bore pipes that are as short as possible, staying in front of the rear cut-off point if possible. I got the stem back from the machine shop and mounted the new front end from the 1998 Yamaha R1 donor. The top choices in the CB series are the CB550 and CB750. This is a major upgrade. Example: Virago with R1 forks makes the bike sit a little lower than I would like – plan for that – choose your forks wisely. Your email address will not be published. This is a modern bike that has a modern look. They were manufactured between 1984 and 2003, being designed for both road and field. Don’t know if it will be a cafe racer of just an occasional ride. Clip-ons are actually two separate handlebars that bolt to each fork tube.

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