Midland, TX. ! Certainly you can swim an Arkie head or cast a ball head so there is a grey area when it comes to the application of different style heads. All those items feel very finesse, but turning our attention back to that head, it's not really in the shape of a football. That lighter hook will flex out on really big ones.” Hallman’s setup is very straightforward and perfectly designed to skip and feel the small jig. The ideal heavyweight for football jigs varies from ⅜ to 1 ounce, and they should have a fuller skirt and a sharp wide gap ring. … Casting,flipping,football,vibrating jigs and swimming. Do we need them all? Lot of 3 Packs Arkie Walleye U-Head Live Bait Rig 3 Pk 1/4oz. Choose the jig size, jig head color, skirt colors, and quantity. Comments Required. A football jigs pigskin-shaped head built for rolling over rocky bottoms allows it to roll over rock and debris without dropping through cracks. U-Bolt design adds action to any soft plastic and at 3/4 oz, these reach depths beyond the “typical” finesse depths. BOSS Improved Arkie Flipping Jigs feature semi-recessed hooks, a signature paint finish, large skirt cone and built in plastics keeper. H. Joined: Jul 2007. Gettind ready to order a bunch of jigs and getting confused on the different ones. Hook and jig sizes are 3/8 oz. A lot of that has to do with where I target bass in the pre-spawn, around rock, and where I target bass in the post-spawn, around brush. Go with them instead. ARKIE Crawfish Jig Trailer Bass Fishing Flip Pitch 3.5" ~ Black-Blue ~ 5 Pack. 5.Football Jig Fishing. What are all these jigs for? Arkie jigs was a brand. An old-time favorite, bucktail jigs have been catching fish for years. From the bottom, it looks more like an Arkie head or almost even the shape of a foot . Designed for those more aggressive bass, the jointed head football jig has a free moving head that produces a violent wobbling action which displaces water in a manner unmatched by a standard jig. Custom football screwlock jig: I modified this one to accept the size 0 stainless wire eyes and a free swinging hook just like the gene larew hard head jig. Ok, I have tried to do some research on here before posting this but couldnt find a definite answer. Similar to the shallow dichotomy, I prefer a football jig more in the pre-spawn and a worm more in the summer. Barlows. Swinging Football Jig. How to fish it: The football jig is the king of offshore fishing thanks to its head shape, which is designed to not tip over when dragged on bottom on ledges, points and the like. I'm not familiar with v & v brand of jigs. Product item Arkie Football Jig, which belongs in category Hair Jigs, Feather Jigs, Covered Jigs. Pro Angler. Arkie Fishing Jig PRO 2.5XL Blue Pearl Minnows 10 Pack PRM-9 NEW SEALED. These are one of the best methods for covering lots of deep water quickly. Meant for dragging along rocky bottoms, a football jigs pigskin-shaped head allows it to roll over rock and rubble without falling into the cracks. Jigs and jig heads come in a large variety of styles, colors, and sizes, often within the specific lure series let alone as a tackle category. Posts: 904. Detailed powder coat finished heads and 50-strand Hole-N-One Skirts combine to create a realistic presentation, and each jig is also equipped with a rattle band in case you want to add additional fish attracting noise. Although grass jigs take on a more streamline profile so they are able to knife through the cover easily. The Original, Made in U.S.A. Arkie Jig. This jig works real good on Lake Tawakoni, but I’ve also lost 7-pounders in two foot of water on it. I am an avid jig fisherman but do not take my word for the gospel feel free to experiment on your own. 4/0 Hook 3/4 oz 3 per pack Is one better than another? QTY. H. Joined: Jul 2007. OP. Check this out! Posts: 904. The football jig is a bottom dragging specialist, so you want to throw it in places where bass hang out on the bottom.

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