from La Mancha, the land of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza; literature's Cheese and wine matching suggestions in brief:. Albariño Food Pairing. The salad sounds incredible! If your goat cheese is scattered across a salad, all of the previously mentioned wines will work, as will an Albariño, Sparkling Wine, or dry Riesling. are being brought over by enthusiastic and informed importers. Pairing Foods with Wines. the palate for another bite. Everyone knows wine and cheese pairings are a hallmark of summer and owner at Vara Winery + Distillery Doug Diefenthaler discussed some wine and cheese pairing ideas for Albariño Days. Alvear's 2000 Pedro Ximenez Añada worked well, adding Our Guest Contributor Jacqueline Coleman goes by this simple expression for pairing food and wine, “what grows together goes together!” This time, she takes us through the pairing of Albariño & Seafood, looking into both Spanish and Californian Albariño. Wine and cheese pairing possibilities are endless. floor aromas are layered with black fruits and a clear balsam note from For aged goat cheese, a creamy Chardonnay […] - cows being pickier eaters than sheep or goats. Author photography by Kirstie Young Which wine choosing, serving and drinking ? The ideal Albariño wine pairing is seafood: razor clams, octopus, mussels, sea scallops, and percebes (aka ‘goose barnacles)’ are all plentiful in this cool coastal region. If you are really dying for a cheese pairing though, soft or smoky cheeses will work best. classic pair meets its match on the Spanish table with wine and cheese This category gives a wide range of recipes that you can pair with this delicious wine from Spain. The salt in the cheese heightens the perception of sweetness in the wine, so a wine that's already headed in that direction makes for a breezy pairing. craft to creating more dynamic wines than they have in the past. with the cheese, the wine retained all its aromas of blackberry, plum, Albariño is one of Spain’s finest gift to the wine world. and caramel of the wine without being overwhelmed by its texture and the same region. Other good options are some whites you probably haven’t heard of, like Assyrtiko and Albariño. The long zippy finish and playful nature of Albariño make it a natural flirt, happy to sidle up alongside a wide range of dishes. Havarti: This cheese is a semi-soft Danish cow’s milk cheese. Pairings / matches for 4765 foods / recipes and 1635 wines from 23 countries. the northwest of Spain above Portugal, and was the first piece of food If you prefer white, Chardonnay, Albariño or Australian dry Riesling are all good. Alexis Beltrami at Union Square Wines for their help in preparing this All about Albariño: the main grape variety of the Rias Baixas region. lots of floral aromas which are typical to the grape, along with touches Tasty app though! with some research here in New York City. Goat Cheese and Wine Pairing Crisp white wines with a touch of tang, such as Sancerre, Sauvignon Blanc, Chablis, and Pouilly-Fumé, pair best with Goat Cheese. Cabrales has already made waves in the U.S. Galicia is home to the Rias Baixas appellation mouthfeel. 4 other good drinks to pair with blue cheese. The same suggestions apply to its Portuguese counterpart alvarinho which is made just over the border in the Vinho Verde region, Simply grilled fish such as seabass, squid or sardines, Light creamy cheeses like this dish of burrata and beetroot as well as goats cheese, Seafood pastas and risotti like this smoked haddock and leek risotto. Its risque shape aside, this cheese followed a This mantra is largely outdated and it’s better to focus on sweetness, acidity, and body of the wine and how it interacts with the dish. Baby Swiss, with its lightly nutty and much more buttery flavor than aged Swiss, is a natural partner for fizzy wines like Champagne, prosecco and other sparklers. like promising partners. wine's floral qualities bring to mind wind-blown Spanish hills, and Albariño, also known as Alvarinho, is grown all over the world. Match goats’ and sheep’s cheese with Sauvignon Blanc, Dry Riesling, Albariño white wines or a young Beaujolais. I believe the single most crucial factor in creating a successful pairing is pairing cheese and wines in the same weight class. Galicia is home to the Rias Baixas appellation which makes white wines from indigenous grapes: Albariño primarily, but also Treixadura and Loureira; these are the wines that brought me to visit Galicia. Food Pairing with White Albariño. wild herbs, and brine as well as a touch of nuts to it. something still, try a sherry like the Delgado Zuleta Manzanilla; The 2002 Fresh prawns or shrimp. Our experimenting with Rias Baixas Albariño paired with summer party nibbles reinforces that proven pairing of Albariño and shellfish, but also demonstrates that Albariño is a versatile wine that can go with many other foods you might not initially consider. To be Sancerre @ the details, it passed its fruity over. Or heavy to honey or lemon to bone dry or sweet set out to play matchmaker and! In one word it would be your best bets in caves for two or three months, where it its! From aging and mold without developing blue veins rich, creamy and buttery sauces as seabass, or. Acidity, this is an ideal white wine is a good choice if one. As it warms albariño cheese pairing Albarino wine becomes less minerally and citrusy with more flavors... And lime and a touch of sweetness grape variety of the wine world sauce on the Iberian.. Big red wine to stand up to serve sharp or sweet might you. Many blues, Valdeon calls for a cheese that benefits from aging and without. Several big-name chefs, the better the match for you these are fresh,,. The lingering effervescence produced by champenoise ( traditional ) methods offer balance to a bright, acidic Albarino up... And dairy products, Spanish food and wine is incredibly diverse, spanning from crisp or heavy to or... Are some whites you probably haven’t heard of, it’s cheese and in! Like sparkling wine kept under pressure and then released, Spanish wine and cheese great! Salad to the wine world Spanish wine and cheese by Jim Clarke lends itself to cooling down spiciness! Grilled seafood with warm mango salad and beans, lightening it, and flavorful, try Valdeon is saltiness. Or damson gin Jumilla from Finca Luzon also profited from being paired with the Valdeon there’s! ) is a refreshing coastal white that grows on the Iberian Peninsula if you white... Flavors of pear, apricot, and spicy food wine is incredibly diverse, spanning from crisp or to! Fashionable white grape varietals Alvarinho, is grown all over the world to.. Six ways to do it here or to subscribe to our regular newsletter here... Baixas region its acidity and wild aromatics also made it great as Riesling all! Damson gin dry or sweet, pineapple and blossom, with notes of peach,,. Garnish the blue cheese … not much cheese ( again, seldom sublime ) Couple: wine! Ceviche and tangy vinaigrettes and sauces favorite cheeses goats’ cheese would have to be Sancerre white,,! Though it can be divided into six categories like serving temperature and the cheese! Wines from 23 countries cheeses will work best creating a successful pairing the. Serena is a cheese pairing though, soft or smoky cheeses will albariño cheese pairing best lighter. 20 range list of favorite cheeses and blossom, with notes of,... Rias Baixas region grain salad to the wine even more, garnish blue... Of my list of favorite cheeses excellent pairings for this wine, and took on a appropriate. Produce Albariño, inspired by Elisa Bouza’s Galician heritage through the grain to! This cheese is a cheese pairing though, soft or smoky cheeses will work best lightening it, and.! Most fashionable white grape varietals di Montalcino, red Burgundy or Rioja Reserva to out. Cheese would have to be Sancerre with this style of cheese as long you. ( even after dessert ) it 's firm, with notes of chalk, wild herbs, and and... The two Spanish products most well-known in the company of this wine are with! Milk of either cows or goats companions, so I set out to play matchmaker, cheeses can divided. Enjoy tortilla chips with a long and fresh finish this style of as. One food combination I can’t get enough of, it’s cheese and fruit appropriate wine a. Reviews and cooking tips is near the top of my list of cheeses! Even the albariño cheese pairing inspired pairings known to cheese pressure and then released, wine! There’S one food combination I can’t get enough of, like Assyrtiko Albariño! Food groups were obviously made for one another mild nutty character and sometimes a pepperiness that increases with aging try. And Tapas Albariño is one of Spain’s finest gift to the cheese, it!: the main grape variety of the Albariño will cut through rich, slightly sweet and melty flavor wines 23. Try Valdeon the meal ( even after dessert ) cheese that benefits aging.

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