As the Australian Bishops’ Delegate for Youth, Bishop Anthony has continued to give national vision to a growing number of initiatives. We look forward to doing this together.”, Monica Doumit, Coordinator Catholic Talk: “Our Archbishop-elect Anthony Fisher has a particular gift for clearly articulating the beauty of the Catholic faith and its relationship to the challenges and opportunities we face today in a charitable and compelling manner. Cancel at any time to avoid future The Archbishop-elect’s strong interest in evangelisation, young people and in pastoral planning gives us confidence in a continued focus on the outreaching, missionary Church which Pope Francis is promoting. From last night when the news was first released that the current Bishop of Parramatta, the Most Rev Anthony Fisher had been selected by His Holiness Pope Francis to become the ninth Archbishop of Sydney, an overwhelming number of messages of support, tributes and congratulations to our new Archbishop-elect have been received by the Archdiocese. (For purposes of this post, I’ve removed the names of my parish and parish priest.) The Society worked closely with Archbishop-elect Anthony on the World Youth Day Celebrations in 2008. Associate Professor and Dean of Arts and Sciences at the University of Notre Dame, Dr Steven Lovell-Jones: “Bishop Anthony’s appointment as Archbishop-elect of the Sydney Archdiocese is wonderful, particularly for Notre Dame and his role in formation and the maintenance of the intellectual traditions of the university. I am also delighted that all the wonderful initiatives and energy Cardinal Pell put into the Archdiocese will have a ring of continuity. Occasionally, the Bishop’s office will suggest an alternative speaker or guest to represent the bishop and to speak on his behalf, such as the Assistant to the Bishop, the District Superintendent, or a Conference Director. The same word is also translated elder, pastor, or overseer. The recent news about xxxxxxxx has concerned me for these reasons xxxxxxx. Submit news to our tip line. CatholicCare Sydney has always benefited from the support of the Archdiocese, which has been grounded in the close relationship we have had with the Archbishop. Sister Annette Cunliffe, RSC Congregational Leader of the Sisters of Charity: “I would like to assure Archbishop-elect Anthony of our prayerful support and am grateful that he is a man of prayer and one who understands religious life and the culture of the Sydney Archdiocese. Bernard Toutounji, Director Catholic Youth Services: “We are overjoyed to welcome Bishop Anthony Fisher back to Sydney but this time as our new Archbishop. I am delighted to know he is returning to us in this pre-eminent role. [Address] When his appointment as the next Archbishop of Sydney was announced, he tweeted asking for our prayers that he may be a good shepherd for the people of Sydney. He is taking control of an average American diocese. When the time comes to choose a new bishop for a particular diocese, the bishops of the province have the opportunity once again for input, but now it is much more specific. Catholic Health Australia Stewardship Board Chair, Rowena McNally: “The Archbishop-elect has a long history of association with Catholic health services starting with his birth at the Mater Hospital, North Sydney. McCarrick catastrophe, until the vice of homosexuality within the episcopate is resolved, nothing will change. 1. A bishop should be exemplary in hospitality, self-control, kindness, and generosity. You say what is on your mind. I, {****}, a member of [*PARISH NAME AND LOCATION*], ask you, Bishop Grahmann, to confirm me as a member of the Roman Catholic Church. To that end, the following are my demands: A public admission and acknowledgement by you that the root of this problem is a crisis of homosexuality in the priesthood and the episcopacy. McCarrick Resigns From College of Cardinals, Pro-Life Actress Slams Bishops’ Inaction on Priest Sex Abuse Crisis, War on the Priesthood: The End of the Road, Pope Reorganizes Vatican Financial Assets. 3339 Massachusetts Ave NW He also brings with him an ability to perfectly relate to all people, from all walks of life and all ages. He is definitely a man motivated to bring the heart of Christ to all people, especially young people. Sydney’s first Archbishop, John Bede Polding was a Benedictine and the city’s second Archbishop was also a Benedictine. We have really seen the fruits of his labour in recent years, as we have had the largest number of men in decades ordained to the Priesthood in Sydney. mr meldrew. Calling him brother almost desecrates his role. Until our demands are met, our funding of your various and assorted campaigns will stop. You must feel great satisfaction in knowing that you are already helping her grow spiritually by participating in this important event. I also served with the Archbishop-elect as an Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney and am both personally and professionally aware of the Archbishop Anthony’s many talents, gifts and experience which make him an excellent choice for this very demanding position. Get briefed on today's top stories with Michael Voris. See this page for a list of addresses for dioceses. We also want to assure Archbishop Anthony of our prayers. Closing: Thank Bishop Miehm for the time he took to read your letter. Peace be with you The bishop of the diocese typically performs the rite of confirmation. Address them as "Most Reverend" followed by their full name. He is not someone who pretends to know it all. Join us LIVE for Post-Election Special tonight at 6:30 PM ET. A response to the Plenary Discernment papers, Fr Josh Miechels: good ideas and a few howlers in Plenary…, Sydney churches revert to 4-square-metre rule, Bishop Macbeth-Green launches “groundbreaking” RE program, Archbishop welcomes CDF statement on COVID vaccines. To help the Bishop meet his responsibility, candidates are asked to write a letter to him. Sydney needs someone like Archbishop Anthony who is a man of compassion and devoted to those in need who humbly accepts the challenges of leading the Church of Sydney at this time in history.”, Fr Michael de Stoop, Director of Vocations for the Archdiocese of Sydney, Father Michael De Stoop, Director of Vocations for the Archdiocese of Sydney: “It’s such a blessing to have Bishop Anthony Fisher return to shepherd the flock in Sydney. In the New Testament, bishop is a translation of the Greek word episkapos. When writing to a bishop, you’ll want to use the most formal mode of address. Dear Bishop Long, On behalf of all the Catholics gathered in CAPSA we would like to say how delighted we are that you have been named Bishop of the Parramatta Diocese, and to offer you our prayers and support in your demanding new responsibility. In addition to being auxiliary bishop from 2003-2010 he was the Chair of the Sydney Archdiocesan Catholic Schools Board and as the current Chair of the NSW Catholic Education Commission, I am acutely aware of how important he believes our schools are in formation of committed faith-filled young Catholic men and women. To be so intellectually gifted and at the same time working from a centre of charity and love is a combination that makes him an extraordinary person and will make him, I believe, a great loved Archbishop of Sydney. Washington, DC 20008, Most Reverend (Bishop’s name) All of these words refer to the same role of the leader of a local church. Father Kevin Saunders, OP Provincial of the Dominican Friars: “The only other Dominican appointed to a diocese in Australia was Robert Williams Spence, Archbishop of Adelaide from 1915 until 1934. I would like to receive the sacrament because I want to become an active member and participant in the Catholic Church. And we pray that many young men and women will be inspired by his example.”, Martin Teulan, National Director Catholic Mission (Australia): “Catholic Mission warmly congratulates Bishop Anthony on his appointment as Archbishop of Sydney. C. This has affected me in these areas: (Pick one or two and relate it to your life.) His commitment to evangelisation is reflected in his Episcopal motto, “Speaking the Truth in Love”. Sample Letter to your Bishop Bookmark/Search this post Below is a sample letter we hope you will adapt, adding your personal opinions and concerns, when you write to your Bishop to express your concern about the priest shortage and its potential effect on Catholic sacramental life. 1. We at the Vocation Centre will be praying for Archbishop-elect Anthony Fisher as he strives to be a good shepherd “after the heart of Jesus Christ”! He well understands the many challenges that confront the Church today and his recent words concerning the importance of ensuring that the abuse scandals are never repeated and that those who have been profoundly hurt will be a key priority is very consistent with his approach to injustice. I want to start my Bishop letter as, Dear, Dear Brother so and so -----, would it be correct. Whether you’re a technical recruiter who lives and breathes Boolean strings or a novice hiring leader just getting to grips with the ins and outs of screening and onboarding candidates, a Tell the Bishop what your faith means to you, why it's important and how you will continue it as you grow into adulthood. George Weigel: Where is the Vatican as Chinese faithful suffer? cc: Abp. Reflecting his 60th jubilee, Br Mark Ryan said he's been exactly where God wanted him. He is also passionate about maintaining strong connections between parishes, families and schools. This must be addressed if we are to move forward in social harmony and cohesion.”. This letter has a prescribed order and must provide specific information, such as her confirmation name. The abuse perpetrated by men such as McCarrick has caused unconscionable spiritual, financial and emotional damage, and we laity will no longer allow this to continue. Archdiocese of Sydney. He is intelligent and a brilliant organiser. © The Catholic Weekly 2020 | All Rights Reserved | ABN 60 471 267 587, Messages of Congratulations & Support for Archbishop-elect Anthony Fisher, ‘Ad Patris domvm’: Famed Carmelite Latinist dies at 81, Pope removes finance, property management from Secretariat of State, With 400,000 dead, leaders plead for South Sudan peace, Maronites launch Christmas Appeal to aid tragic suffering of Lebanon, Tony Cranney: Don’t just have faith, grow and share it. The new bishop is young and energetic, fully orthodox, and filled with apostolic zeal. Monthly: $10 a month The "updated" sheet is faxed/mailed to HQ (sorry, don't have the address or number on me, although they are on the sheet). But ordination, unlike graduation for example, is not something that someone achieves. As a number of prominent Catholics have pointed out quite clearly in the wake of the Cdl. The Diocese of Mercia was founded in 656, with the first bishop, Diuma, based at Repton. I am writing to inform you that I am withholding all funds from the diocese until you address the serious evil of homosexuality within the ranks of not just the priesthood, but most importantly, the episcopate. Bishop Anthony combines an amazing intellect with Dominican charism which is a very powerful and beautiful combination. Earlier this year Rabbi Lawrence was appointed Senior Rabbi at the Finchley United Synagogue and now his friend has been appointed Archbishop-elect of Sydney. He combines a strong academic background with a pastor’s zeal for the Kingdom of Christ. Not to understand this or take it seriously is not worth thinking about. ”, Bernard Boerma, CEO CatholicCare Sydney: “I am delighted to join the Catholic community of Sydney in welcoming the Most Rev Anthony Fisher OP as the new Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney. 4. Apostolic Nunciature of the Holy See 10 years ago. He will be a wise and pastoral shepherd to the people of Sydney and the wider Church community in NSW. In 2011 for his service to the Church in Australia as well as worldwide, the University was proud to honour him with the degree of Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa. That any matter that would fall under the jurisdiction of civil authorities be shared with them as well. Copied! Submit news to our tip line, if you have acted on it since your ordination, if you have knowingly ordained men to the priesthood who have same-sex attraction, if you have, in any way, participated in covering up for homosexual priests or retaliating against any individuals who have credibly reported lewd behavior by homosexual clerics, for the good of Holy Mother Church, you must now come clean if you have been duplicitous in any way. B. A bishop is an administrator, not a god or miracle worker. option selection above at the current full price on the date of each renewal, until you cancel. We are also looking forward to holding a ‘Welcome to Sydney gathering’ with Sydney’s new Archbishop and our long time good friend.”, Dr Dan White, Executive Director of Sydney Catholic Schools, Dr Dan White, Executive Director of Sydney Catholic Schools: “I am absolutely thrilled with the news Archbishop Anthony has been chosen by His Holiness to lead our Sydney Catholic Community at an important time for our Church. A Letter of Congratulation to Bishop Vincent Long. Relevance. As Coordinator of this massive event, his style of leadership very much one of service and those who worked with him found him to be very loving and caring with a passion to lead young people to Christ and I know all young people across Sydney will be very excited to have him as their new Archbishop.”, Thomas Waugh, Director of the Catholic Adult Education Centre, Lidcombe: “The appointment of Archbishop-elect Anthony Fisher constitutes a wonderful moment of grace for the Archdiocese of Sydney. Bishop Farr gives priority to preaching and teaching in congregations that celebrate new ministry initiatives and expansions. It is with gladness in my heart that I write to you today to congratulate you on behalf of the World Council of Churches on your appointment as the first leading Bishop of the Church of Norway. Appointed Bishop by St John Paul II, he exemplifies and combines distinctive charisms of the Popes of our time: John Paul’s mission to the youth, Benedict’s wisdom and Francis’ love of God’s people.”, Archbishop of Hobart, Most Rev Julian Porteous. You also He is a world leader in bioethics which goes without saying. Otherwise, why write at all? I know, it’s the first word that comes to mind. He is also an outstanding example of a modern bishop. Any such priest who to date has been the subject of such reprisal must be publicly restored and exonerated. We want to assure Archbishop-elect Anthony who is the first Dominican Archbishop of Sydney that our prayers are very much with him and for his new responsibilities. Please Reply. Bishop of (Diocese name) He has been very successful in promoting active youth engagement in the Church by many ethnic communities. The Archbishop-elect has done phenomenal work for the building up of Catholic Youth, particularly with World Youth Day 2008, but also in his day to say role as a shepherd of souls. He will use his many gifts with generosity and faithfulness to serve God and to lead his people in the Sydney Archdiocese and beyond. Express thanks for what his ministry has meant to you. Avoid flattery. He has been an Adjunct Professor of Bioethics and Moral Theology at Notre Dame since 2007 and a member of the Advisory Board of the School of Philosophy and Technology. Avoid fawning. Instead, the money I would have given to the diocese will go to more honorable and worthy institutions and apostolates within the Church, as opposed to, e.g., the enormous sums of money being paid to attorneys to clean up after your and your brother bishops’ failings, as well as paid for settlement fees to victims of clerical homosexual predation and associated cover-ups. Please write your letter to Bishop Kevin W. Vann; Remember, this is a letter, so all of the sentences should be complete thoughts and not just a list of ansers to the above questions. 0 0. billing. An invitation to welcome our new Bishop The diocese is invited to welcome its new bishop, the Rt Revd Paul Williams, at two special services being held shortly after his inauguration. Congratulations on your daughter's baptism. Have a news tip? I need to write a letter to the Bishop at the church I am getting married in but I have no idea how to start the greeting! Cardinal George Pell, the former Archbishop of Sydney. agree that your subscription will automatically renew monthly, quarterly or annually based upon your subscription Before the person can be confirmed, however, she must write a letter to the bishop that expresses her desire to be confirmed and explains how she came to Christ. That all homosexual men (or sympathizers) who are recruitment or vocations directors, seminary formators or rectors be dismissed immediately. Example letters to congratulate someone on a religious occasion. I join the staff and students of the University Chaplaincies in congratulating him and offering prayers for his ministry”. Owing to his exceptional abilities, Bishop Anthony has been extensively involved in religious education and catechesis at all levels and continues to hold a number of significant positions in the field of education. Professor Greg Craven, Vice Chancellor of the Australian Catholic University, Professor Greg Craven, Vice Chancellor of the Australian Catholic University: “The Archbishop-elect has proven himself to be a man of intellect, prayer, fidelity and pastoral zeal to the people he has ministered to in his time as priest and bishop. As luck would have it, my new Bishop is also one of my closest friends in the ward. Daniel Hill, Convenor University Chaplaincies for the Archdiocese of Sydney: I am delighted that Pope Francis has appointed Bishop Anthony Fisher as Archbishop of Sydney. Heidi S. Swinton, “You Found Me, Bishop!” Friend, January 2014. With conflicts across the world, the laws of the human heart and the human family are being broken. The bishop will also often present a small relic of a saint to place in or on the altar as part of the consecration of a new church. On his first Sunday as Bishop, he passed out a survey for members of the ward to complete. I'm at a loss and I've not even started! Dear Bishop (Name), I am writing to inform you that I am withholding all funds from the diocese until you address the serious evil of homosexuality within … You are not signed in as a Premium user; we rely on Premium users to support our news reporting. A singles ward is vastly different from a family ward. Cardinal George Pell, the former Archbishop of Sydney whom Pope Francis appointed Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy at the Vatican in February this year sent his wishes and blessings to his successor. Along with his many gifts, he has great rapport with people of all ages, and in particular young people. They are also a reflection on both you and on St. John Paul II Parish, so please write what is in your heart and You are welcome to use this as a template for your own letters. What advice would you give to a new bishop? Christophe Pierre, Papal Nuncio to the United States. When a bishop is replaced, the old form is taken and the old info is crossed out and the new information is written on the paper. In addition to his Doctorate of Philosophy in Bioethics and time as a lecturer at ACU and as Founding Director of the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and the Family, he was a member of Pontifical Academy for Life, the body that advises the Church on Bioethics. Artist Notes: This very special card is a distinctive and lovely way to congratulate a Priest who has recently received the honor of being ordinated as a Bishop. Those who currently are ordained need to be barred from any public ministry. That an independent reporting system be established immediately for any adult victims (18+ years of age, especially seminarians) of sexual molestation or harassment or who have been subject to any sort of sexual advance by any member of the clergy, regardless of rank. With his intelligence and compassion, I believe he will work collegially with the other bishops who have so generously and wisely led the Archdiocese since Cardinal Pell’s departure for Rome, and with the priests and people of Sydney. From employment contracts to termination letters, our bank of free HR forms and recruiter templates has everything you need to hire, fire, and more. Rather, one is called to … Your teacher should have instructed you. Furthermore, in his own vocation, he is an inspiring example to young people of what “life to the full” as a religious and a priest looks like. A new form is mailed to the stake with this new info on it. These were the men whom Bishop Anthony helped when he was the Director of Vocations! He has great insight into vocations ministry on account of the love he has for his own vocation, together with the experience he had as the Director of Vocations when he was the auxiliary bishop of Sydney. Bonnie Sprinkel, “A Friend in the Bishop,” Ensign, June 2012 We have known each other over many years and he has a great capacity to learn from others. Church etiquette dictates that you should use the form “Most Reverend,” followed by the bishop’s first name and last name. No man with any degree of same-sex attraction should be ordained, much less a consecrated bishop. He has been a great friend, supporter and teacher at Notre Dame since its inception in Sydney. A public apology on your part for participating either actively by abusing these men or passively by allowing this abuse to happen by remaining publicly silent in the face of this horror. Chesterton Carol - A New Composition by 1P5's Mark Nowakowski; ... Below is the letter I wrote my bishop. Be real. Both men I believe will continue to work together in their new roles at promoting inter religious dialogue and moving to bring faiths closer together. “My Dad the Bishop,” Friend, March 2017 “Questions & Answers: How can I become comfortable enough to talk to my bishop about issues or concerns?” New Era, April 2015. I look forward to further strengthening these ties with Archbishop Anthony.”, Dr Steven Lovell-Jones, University of Notre Dame. As canon 377.3 notes, these bishops make their suggestions to the papal legate, who sends them on to Rome. He is also someone who is able to delegate and is consultative, astute and very intelligent. It was the Archbishops commitment to social justice that allowed the Society to stage the World Youth 4 Justice concert at Barrangaroo following Pope Benedict’s arrival, which was attended by over 180,000 young pilgrims. Please copy and paste the following into a Word document, fill out the relevant portions, print out and mail to your bishop. And I have certainly started ordination cards with “congratulations.”. Simcha Fisher: God wants what we already are, Friendship at Christmas – the wisdom of Chesterton, The priest our spies framed: Fr Ugo Modotti, Pope at Christmas: Jesus’s birth brings hope in troubling times, Pope advances sainthood cause of Italian judge killed by Mafia, Peter McGregor: Prayerful and Eucharistic Plenary Council Paper, Plenary ‘map’ is well in hand, says President, Peter McGregor: Comments on The Plenary Council Paper, Precisely which Church? May the Triune God give you all the strength and joy you need for … As a Catholic community we have a responsibility to promote and nurture the wellbeing of the wider and global community. MAY 16 2016 . The Archdiocese of Sydney is blessed to have Archbishop-elect Anthony Fisher as its new Archbishop who is a man who can build on the great legacy left by his predecessor, Cardinal George Pell.”, Sr Giovanni Farquer RSJ, Executive Director of the Commission for Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations, Sister Giovanni Farquer RSJ Executive Director of the Commission for Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations, Archdiocese of Sydney: “I welcome Archbishop-elect Anthony as our new Archbishop. Bishop  Anthony combines an amazing intellect with Dominican charism which is a very powerful and beautiful combination. While the Archbishop-elect will be greatly missed by the Catholic community in Parramatta, whom he has served with great diligence and leadership, his appointment as Archbishop of Sydney will be greatly welcomed by the Catholic population of Sydney. Dear Sir, Dear Bishop John, Dear Mr J Smith, Dear Father? If you are a Catholic, I would recommend calling the Bishop by his title (Bishop) or by a term given to him (Your Grace or Your Excellency). When the time comes to choose a new bishop for a particular diocese, the bishops of the province have the opportunity once again for input, but now it is much more specific. I also love to receive thank you notes and letters. The letter must be handed in at your Confirmation Interview. Your resignation effective immediately if you were a participant in any negligence of office(s) in these matters. Don't write "imma." To be so intellectually gifted and at the same time working from a centre of charity and love is a combination that makes him an extraordinary person and will make him, I believe, a great loved Archbishop of Sydney. The University will continue to pray for our new Archbishop that God’s grace may continue to work in him as he assumes his new ministry for the Church of Sydney.”, Professor Celia Hammond, Vice Chancellor of the University of Notre Dame Australia: “On behalf of the university I want to congratulate the Archbishop-elect. Thus a colonial bishop and colonial diocese was by nature quite a different thing from their counterparts back home. Growing up in Sydney, Archbishop-elect Anthony experienced firsthand a multicultural and multi-faith community and has worked closely in the Diocese of Parramatta in supporting young people of ethnic backgrounds. We know we are particularly blessed to move from the leadership of Cardinal Pell to that of Archbishop-elect Anthony. This system must also incorporate a "whistleblower" safety mechanism so that good, faithful clergy have a means of reporting lewd and lascivious behavior on the part of fellow clergy toward them or others without fear of reprisal. As canon 377.3 notes, these bishops make their suggestions to the papal legate, who sends them on to Rome. I am personally very happy at the news as well. Have a news tip? He will be greatly missed in Parramatta and warmly welcomed here in Sydney.”, Father Mark Podesta, Canon Lawyer and Director of the Tribunal of the Catholic Church, Sydney: “The first thing you should know about Archbishop Anthony is that he is truly a man who seeks to bring the heart of Christ to everyone.
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